DIY Solid Perfume -   These are fabulous handmade gifts!! Bridesmaids gifts, valentine's day gifts, Christmas gifts!

DIY Solid Perfume – Hippy Handmade Holidays

I absolutely love to come up with great gift ideas that I can make for my favorite friends and family members year around. I delight in the looks on their faces, when they open their gifts and realize that in some way I made their gift just for them.

Homemade Clay & Beeswax Holiday Ornaments -

Homemade Clay & Beeswax Holiday Ornaments

One of my favorite holiday traditions that my mom and I would do together every year, was to make handmade and hand painted ornaments. Every year we would go to the local craft stores and get all of our supplies, then we would make an afternoon of it together, molding and shaping, painting, and glittering our […]

Hippy Natural Holiday Gift Guide for Every Hippy in Your Life

Hippy Natural Holiday Gift Guide for Every Hippy in Your Life

With Thanksgiving behind us and the holiday season officially here, I have been answering questions to many of you for ideas for great gifts to make or buy for the hippy/crunchy/natural living loved one in your lives. I decided to put together this gift guide filled with my favorite items  to both make or buy […]

Ground Yourself With Juil's  Fashionable Earthing Shoes -

Ground Yourself With Juil’s Fashionable Earthing Shoes

Even though I can’t wear heels, thanks to my numb feet, I do still have a certain love for shoes. Even better, I love shoes that not only hold  a function, but are also super cute to boot (hehehe pun totally intended).  Anyhow, after reading up on the benefits of earthing, I had been dying […]