Fall Into The Season With Fall Essential Oil Blends

Pumpkin pie lattes, cooler weather, red/orange/yellow leaves, my birthday…what do all of these things have in common? Fall time! My favorite time of year! I absolutely love it when the temperatures drop and the leaves start falling to the ground! It makes me want to fill my home with the scents of the season and enjoy pumpkin pie EVERYTHING! 

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Rosalina Essential Oil – The Kid-Safe Eucalyptus Alternative

Known as “lavender tea tree” in Australia, Rosalina essential oil is not as well known as either lavender or tea tree, but it definitely should be. Extremely gentle, this essential oil is the perfect substitute for eucalyptus in any kid-friendly vapor rub or diffuser blend. It works hard to help ease seasonal discomfort, calm coughs, and open up airways for better breathing. Carrying many of the same properties as lavender and tea tree, Rosalina is great at cleansing and healing open wounds, dermatitis, and even acne.

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Moving Can Be Stressful But The Cleaning Part Doesn’t Have To Be!

Moving seems to be one of the skills that I am BEST at. As a military brat, I practically spent my childhood moving around, and now as an adult who loves apartment life, I have found myself moving around town, almost as much. This year has been no exception. The Boyfriend, Syfy, and I made a move into a new apartment this summer and boy has it been interesting combining two households! Fortunately, I was able to lighten our load with my easy green cleaning methods throughout our new home, and today I am sharing with you my favorite ways to clean using simple non-toxic methods and essential oils!

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Treat Your Allergies Naturally Using Herbs – DIY Herbal Allergy Vape Blend

Even though spring is officially gone, my seasonal allergies are still going strong here in the great state of Texas. I swear I have an allergy to something during every season here! This season's allergies have been so frustrating that I decided it was time for me to find the best natural remedies to keep my allergies at bay throughout the year. Along the way, I stumbled upon an idea that turned out to be just what I was looking for! Vaping herbs can give you some of the same benefits as drinking them in a tea.  Continue reading “Treat Your Allergies Naturally Using Herbs – DIY Herbal Allergy Vape Blend”

My Skin Needed a Summer Vacation – A Lather Review

Summer is here and The Boyfriend, Syfy, and I have finally unpacked from our move into our new apartment! It's been a stressful two months, having to pack everything up and move right at the end of the school year, and I was in dire need of a spa treatment (and a good beer). Luckily, my friends over at Lather had just what I needed to give my skin the vacation it needed! They hooked me up with their Honey Moisture Mask w/Propolis Extract and Bamboo Lemongrass Body Smoothing duo and I supplied the beer.  I had everything that I needed to get my summertime spa up and running…the only question I had was could I convince The Boyfriend to join me at the HippyHomemaker spa? The answer…YES!  Continue reading “My Skin Needed a Summer Vacation – A Lather Review”

Essential Oil Safety Q&A With Robert Tisserand

Here on THH, essential oil safety education is my TOP priority! We have talked a lot about essential oil safety over the years and my favorite source for much of the information that I have shared with you guys is world renowned essential oil safety expert, Robert Tisserand and his book, Essential Oil Safety. Today, I have a special treat for you, Hippy Lovers! Robert Tisserand has agreed to answer our essential oil safety questions! I asked Robert the top questions you've had about safety and he came through with some great information! Continue reading “Essential Oil Safety Q&A With Robert Tisserand”

My Doctor Said I Needed More Iron – How MegaFood’s Blood Builder Made It Easy

Last year was a tough year for me and my being human and all, I found myself going through a period of time where I let a lot of things in my life go, including my nutritional care for myself. We've all been there, where we let things in our lives slide because we just don't want to deal anymore. Incidentally, when I started to crawl out of my hole, my body didn't want to join me. I was feeling lethargic and my muscles were constantly tired. When I stood up I would feel dizzy and I couldn't seem to shake the daily headaches. I was worried, so I decided to make an appointment with my doctor. Continue reading “My Doctor Said I Needed More Iron – How MegaFood's Blood Builder Made It Easy”

The Temperature’s Rising – 5 Remedies for Supporting Fevers Naturally

My generation of Xenials was raised to think that fevers were always supposed to be reduced, and most often were treated with acetametaphine or ibuprofen (Tylenol or Advil). Nowadays though, we know a lot more about the function of fevers and how best to work with them to help your body fight off viruses or infection. There are many natural remedies we can use alongside the fever, to help support the body and immune system naturally.
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Romance is in the Air – 5 Sensual DIY Essential Oil Blends for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I have been racking my brain trying to come up with ways that I can show the boyfriend that I am head over heels in love with him, without buying into the consumerist side of the holiday. We both agreed that we would make each other gifts for our first Valentine's Day together this year, and you know that I excel in the DIY area of gifting, so he's going to get a great Hippy surprise! Continue reading “Romance is in the Air – 5 Sensual DIY Essential Oil Blends for Valentine's Day”

Treat Your Love To Healthy Homemade Chocolates With a Nutritional Boost

Let’s be honest here. Chocolate is amazing. I could sit and eat chocolates until every last one is gone and everyone is wondering who ate all the chocolates. I never realized how easy it is to make my own chocolates until I found a really simple recipe in one of my mom’s chocolate cookbooks. I took that recipe and reworked it with healthier ingredients and lo and behold Hippy chocolates were created!

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