Is Your Shaving Cream Killing You?  -

Is Your Shaving Cream Killing You? DIY Smooth Hippy Shaving Cream

Over a year ago I shared with you my recipe for the shaving cream that I accidentally made when I messed up the dish soap I was trying to make. I have since reworked this recipe to make it work even better for you and your soon to be silky smooth legs! Read more »

learn to poop like a pro

You’ve Been Pooping Wrong All Along – A New Way to Poo in the Loo with a Squatty Potty Review

In my house, poop is a word that is uttered at least every other sentence, if not more often than that. With a four year old son (and a hubby) I am surrounded by boys and their poop/fart humor every where I turn. Read more »

Natural After-Sun Care -

DIY Sol Relief Spray – Natural After-Sun Care

With the fourth of July behind us, we are entering the hottest days of the summer here in Texas. It is common to spend too much time out in the sun, but what do you do to take care of that sunburn? The burning pain, the itching, and the peeling afterwards are all symptoms that most of us have experienced at one point in our lives. Read more »

DIY Flea & Tick Spray for Cats -

DIY Flea & Tick Spray for Cats – Natural Flea & Tick Prevention For Cats

Last week I shared with you some natural tips on flea and tick prevention and care for dogs, this week we are focusing on cats! I am at heart, truly a cat person. Dog’s loyalty is great and all…but cats make you work for their love and then only show slight interest, except in the middle of the night
Read more »

DIY Flea & Tick Spray - The Hippy Homemaker

DIY Natural Flea & Tick Spray – Natural Pest Control For Dogs

We are in the dead of summer and the bugs are at their fiercest! We love to take our dog Sirius (named after the constellation not Harry Potter THANK YOU VERY MUCH…can you tell that I get that a lot? lol) on hikes through the nature preserve that we live right next door to Read more »

Homemade Herbal Tooth Powder -

Homemade Remineralizing Herbal Tooth Powder – choose your flavor

Last week we talked about DIY Peppermint Mouthwash, and in that post I mentioned that we love to use a tooth powder here in our house. As promised, I am sharing our tooth powder recipe with you today! When I made my first batch of tooth powder, about 6 months back, I was looking to try something new and herbal. Read more »

DIY Natural Peppermint Mouthwash

DIY Natural Peppermint Antiseptic Mouthwash

We have been using my homemade toothpaste and tooth powder in the Hippy Household for quite awhile (I will share my tooth powder recipe next for those who are wondering!), but we were still in need of a good mouthwash that wasn’t too harsh and still was highly antiseptic. Read more »

the beauty and magic of orgonite

The Beauty and Science of Orgonite – Hippy Blogiversary featuring Lily from Nature’s Blessings & a Giveaway

Today is my TWO YEAR blogiversary! I can not believe that I have been able to write to you guys for 2 years! This journey has been so enlightening and wonderful, and I have found my true self more and more with each day that I spend as The Hippy Homemaker. Read more »

Homemade Natural Sunscreen -

Homemade Natural Sunscreen – Sol Protection for Your Skin

We are nearing summer and with that comes numerous outdoor activities and lots of sun exposure. For the most part, we don’t ever use sunscreen in our house. It’s a known fact that we need a lot more vitamin D than we are getting in these days, with people staying indoors more often than not. Read more »

Natural Herbal Hair Color

Natural Herbal Hair Color for Healthy Hair – Hippy Natural Hair Care Series Part 4

I have spent a lot of years of my life changing my hair color based on my flittering emotions and the change of seasons. I am a big proponent of self expression and coloring my hair has always been one of my favorite ways to express myself Read more »

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