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Making Kombucha with the Bohemi Babes – Episode 1

I have always wanted my own talk show! I could talk for days, if allowed! Those who know me, can attest to this lol. This is the first episode of our (Kylie from Everblossom and me)┬ánew blab show, the Bohemi Babes! If there was an episode where everything went wrong, this first episode would be […]

Don't Worry Be Happy a Stress & Anxiety Essential Oil Blend -

Don’t Worry Be Happy – A Stress & Anxiety Essential Oil Blend

The life of a mother includes a lot of thinking about other people, and only a little bit of thinking about ourselves. All of the work we do to keep our families healthy and happy can really take a tole on our own bodies. I myself have felt these stresses┬áin my life, and totally understand […]

To Grandmother's House We Go, An Adventure in Herbs for Kids - Chapter 2 Chamomile -

To Grandmother’s House We Go – Week 2 – Chamomile

I am sooooo darn sorry that this chapter took so long to get out to you guys! I was silly when I said that I could do something this awesome in one week and still survive it! I would have had this done sooner, but I was trying to take into account all of the […]

Join Me For The Week of Wellness Online Sampling Event! #WoW

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE free samples! I love them even more when they are from my favorite healthy brands! Get ready for a week that combines both of these awesome things, a whole Week of Wellness! From September 16th – September 23 you will get a chance to experience some of […]

I'll Love You to the Moon & Back A Bella Luna Toys  Review -

I’ll Love You To The Moon And Back – A Bella Luna Toys Review

Last Christmas I didn’t expect to end up buying my list of favorite natural toys and art supplies twice, but a really close blogging friend of mine found out that her home was full of toxic mold that had been making them very ill. Their Doctor told them to leave every thing they owned, ten […]

Let Your Children Play With The Garden A Toy Garden Review -

Let Your Children Play With The Garden – A Toy Garden Review

You might not know this about me, but I can not drive a vehicle because I can’t feel my legs from my knees down (more about my medical story). This makes shopping somewhat difficult for me, especially when purchasing everything we need for our homeschool classroom. Fortunately for me, I live in an era where […]