A Little Further Down The Rabbit Hole: Part 5

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I was rushing through the last post. I feel like I blocked many of my memories from that surgery because of the pain that I experienced immediately afterward. I must add an addendum to the people that came to visit me for “Thanksgiving Star Wars in the Hospital day”. Two family friends came to visit me with my family that day; Jerry Ness and Brian Schmuck. Brian brought me socks and real Cajun shrimp from Louisiana. Yes. I totally remember that he brought me Cajun shrimp as a gift because it was the TASTIEST darn shrimp that I have ever eaten. These two guys have been like Uncles to me from an early age, and it really means a lot to me that they have always shown up for me when I needed family the most.

The teacher that I will never forget; Mr. Grizzle

It was on everyone's mind that I may not be able to graduate with the class of 2002 because I was spending most of the first semester of my senior year of high school, either in the hospital or at home in bed. I absolutely refused to let this be a possibility. I had worked too hard to get this far in my Honor's and AP classes and was not willing to add yet another year to my resume'. Even though everyone tried to tell me it was completely understandable, I just couldn't see it as anything other than failure to stay another year. I had skipped Chemistry during 9th-11th grades because I was so in love with Physics that I went from general physics 10th-grade year to AP physics my 11th-grade year. Needing just one science class to graduate, I took chemistry my senior year of high school. My chemistry teacher, Mr. Grizzle, at Plano West Sr. High, was one of the coolest teachers that I had ever experienced. It would have been an easy class to get an A in if I was there the whole semester, but as it was I had only one month in that classroom. After I got home from the hospital, most of my teachers couldn't remember to put my homework in the homeschooling bin, for my homeschool teacher to drop off for me, so I began to get frustrated that I may not actually graduate. When Mr. Grizzle found this out, he personally grabbed all of my homework for me once a week and brought it to my house for me. Not only did he do this, but knowing how hard it is to pass a science class that you aren't attending, he brought ALL of the lab equipment to me and did each and every chemistry lab in my bedroom while I was laid up in bed. THAT IS THE MOST DEDICATED TEACHER THAT I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. I WOULD NOT have graduated if I had not had him as a teacher. There are no words to describe the amount of love and gratitude that I felt from that gesture. I love you, Mr. Grizzle. You are the best teacher that I ever had and I will never forget what you did for me. NEVER.

Continuing on like nothing could stop me

Things went uphill for a long time after that surgery. I had overcome a lot already, and at the age of 18, I felt invincible. After a couple years, I started wakeboarding with my Dad again and loved every minute of it. I knew in the back of my head that maybe I should still be seeing Dr. Moody to keep up with the packet of fluid on my spine and make sure that the spinal cord was not re-tethering, but I was trying so hard to ignore my medical history. I wanted to just enjoy my passions without repercussions.

I started working for Half Priced Books in 2006 right after I had turned 24. I loved working there and being around all of the books. It was a job made just for me. I ran the children's section all by myself and enjoyed every moment of it. I implemented a weekly Saturday Children's story time that I always looked forward too. In February of 2007, I met the Hippy Hubby. Being the overly outgoing person that I am, I asked him out on a date and rest is history. We got married literally a year later at the Justice of the Peace. He has proven to be the rock that I needed and has steadfastly stood by me through all of the surgeries, pain, and prospects of never walking again. He has never strayed, loved me any less, or even thought for a second that he couldn't handle being a husband to someone who may be handicapped (but of course handi-capable!). If there were ever a test to show a woman just how much a man is in love with her, it's definitely the test of physical complications. He has picked up the slack where I was not allowed, forced me to get off of my feet and back into bed, and given me the support that no one else truly could have given me, through everything that I have experienced so far. He is most definitely a keeper, that one.

I had to give thanks to those I love

I will leave this story off on such a happy note. Next time we will be covering a certain miracle and a certain prayer that shows the kind of sense of humor that God can have. I love you Hippy lovers and I am glad that you have followed this story thus far. This wasn't exactly a surgery filled “episode” but I felt I needed to give some credit where credit was due.

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