About Christina

Hi! If you have wandered over to The Hippy Homemaker, chances are you are looking for a healthier, more natural lifestyle for you and your family. You are most definitely in the right place! My name is Christina Anthis and I AM The Hippy Homemaker.

A hippy born in the wrong generation

I have always been somewhat of a hippy. As a child I hugged trees, started my own club to save the planet and pick up trash (the Save Our Planet Association also known as SOPA), and even studied and advocated to save the rainforests of the world.  Though I was a hippy for the environment, I really didn't know much about true health for my body. I naively  thought that the products sold on the market had to be safe for my body and that health came in plastic prescription bottles when I wasn't feeling well. It hadn't occurred to me the link between what I put in and on my body and my health.

A wife, mother, and so much more

Now, as a wife to Andy (aka The Hippy Hubby), and mother to Silas Thor (aka Syfy), health has become my my main focus in life. After watching a documentary called Chermerical, on Netflix, I was completely surprised by all of the toxic chemicals that our cosmetics and cleaning supplies contain. Not only are many of the ingredients used, toxic to the environment but also toxic to our own health.  This enraged me, once I realized the toll on my health, these un-natural products were taking. I took a stand and decided to change the way that we were living as a family, for both my family and my own health. I started with making our own laundry soap and from there began documenting everything as we made these changes to a truly healthier and hippier lifestyle. From all this, The Hippy Homemaker was created. 

Join me on my learning journey to health and green living

I am currently studying aromatherapy to get my certification this year (2015) and sit for the Registered Aromatherapy test. Throughout my studies I have been sharing with you what I've learned, to help spread the word about safe and healthy use of essential oils. Last year I also began my learning journey through Herbal Academy of New England, to better understand and use herbs in my life for health, beauty, and vitality. As I have been learning to heal myself and my family in a much more natural and chemical free way, I have realized the huge difference it has made on our overall health.

Over the last few years, I have been on a journey to improve our health through more natural means including aromatherapy, herbalism, and even green cleaning methods. This blog is that journey to find a more natural way of living, leaving behind all of those chemicals and eating a more whole foods filled diet. Follow my family and me on our journey to finding hippiness and health in everything that we do!

  • Susan Arbour Poulin

    I am so happy I stumbled across your site, your blog is right up my alley, and I also am studying aromatherapy, I LOVE essential oils and the natural living path. Thanks for all your wonderful work and sharing!!!

  • I was reading your article in essential oils from last summer. Thought it was great. Have you reviewed Neal’s yard products? It’s mlm but they have stores all across the uk. I’m new and it’s new to the u.s. and it’s hard to find bloggers reviews on it.