All You Need is a Basket Full of Silks and Your Imagination – A Sarah’s Silks Review

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What adult could have guessed that a basket full of silk squares in a myriad of colors could equal the best time ever for a young child? Certainly not me. When I first began my journey reading about Waldorf education and the natural toys that went with it, I must admit that I totally laughed a little at the rainbow silks being sold in the natural stores. I had read that they are extremely popular in Waldorf kindergartens and that children LOVED them for their ability to use them for all sorts of open-ended imaginative play. “Really?!?” I thought to myself. It seemed that my adult imagination couldn't see passed the simplicity of it all. Boy, was I in for a fun surprise!

The rainbow silks that we are talking about today, are from Sarah's Silks Etsy site (You can also find them on Facebook  & on their main site). I was generously given these rainbow silks to review and giveaway, but my opinions are my own! I will only share with you products that I myself love and use personally! 

All You Need is a Basket Full of Silks A Sarah's Silks Review -

Made by a mother for her green little turtle

When Sarah Lee, the creator of Sarah's Silks, thinks of how Sarah's Silks began, she remembers fondly her own children's early childhood days. It was common to hear “Mom, I am a turtle today. I NEED some green to wear.” or “I need some wings to fly today – blue ones!” Or “Logan is doing a play with me. She is the princess and I am the knight. We need some pink, purple and red colors.” Reaching for her old silk scarfs, she was pleased to see that their smooth texture wasn't declared itchy and her kids were having a great time. Soon after, she found herself dying squares of silk to support their play. Silk squares, she discovered, served as wonderful props for nearly any make-believe games kids can come up with. Thinking of all the other Waldorf families out there that are searching for natural toys to enhance open-ended play, she developed the line of silk play items you know today as Sarah's Silks! Twenty-one years later, Sarah's Silks are found in homes all across the world!

All You Need is a Basket Full of Silks A Sarah's Silks Review -

Made with natural fibers and dyed with eco non-toxic dyes

In their efforts to provide children with safe and sustainable toys, Sarah's Silks is recognized by Green America as a “Green America Approved Business”. Sarah’s Silks are woven, dyed, and hand-hemmed in a small village near Suzhou, a beautiful city long renowned for its silk culture. Silk, a natural fiber that is an ancient product of China, is always a kid's favorite choice over any other fabrics, because who doesn't like super soft over itchy and scratchy? Sarah's Silks, dyed with eco-friendly non-toxic dyes, are beautifully colored and even if spilled upon, can easily be hand-washed to get them clean. Children even enjoy being the ones to wash their silks, in the sink or bucket, because they feel different when wet. All You Need is a Basket Full of Silks A Sarah's Silks Review -

A natural prop for anything your imagination can think of

Unbeknownst to my adult brain, there are TONS of things that you can do with a silk square. At our last playdate Tuesday at my place, I decided to see what really happens when you bring out a basket full of silks and dump them out for the kiddos to play with. Thinking I would be proven right in my assumption that a silk square is no fun for anyone, I was totally surprised by what happened next. All three kids grabbed a silk and immediately started running around my apartment in joyful glee. “I'm a fire-wizard!” Syfy yelled as he ran the apartment in circles, being chased by Minnie. “I'm a purple witch!!!” She yelled back giggling with glee and swishing her magical purple cape behind her, she chased after him. The fun with silks kept going throughout the rest of the playdate, and I was thoroughly proven wrong. Even I got to join in the fun as I made myself into a faerie queen with a silken skirt, silken wings, and of course my silken veil! Some other great things that silks can become are:

  • land, lava, and/or water for your little wooden toys/dolls – Syfy likes to play with his little wooden bendy dolls using the silks as a pretend land for them to roam across and water to swim in
  • dress-up clothes – capes, wings, veils, skirts, dresses, and more! If you can dream it, you can build it!
  • fort enhancements
  • theater curtains/props
  • dance ribbons to wave in the wind while dancing
  • Super hero play
  • colorful rainbow ghost play
  • wind experiments with floating/falling

All You Need is a Basket Full of Silks A Sarah's Silks Review -

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