Clean EVERYTHING In Your Home With ONE Truly Natural Plant Based Soap – A Branch Basics Review

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Do you have a bottle of natural soap in your home that is capable of cleaning EVERYTHING, from your kitchen and bathroom to your kids and dogs? I do! I used to be the biggest fan of castile soap because I thought it was my only option as far as all-encompassing natural soaps go, but that was before I was introduced to my new favorite love, Branch Basics

Castile soap has a bad relationship with hard water

The problem with castile soap is that it doesn't work the same for everyone. If your water is even just a little bit hard, castile soap will react with it and not clean as effectively, leaving white spots and mineral deposits all over your glassware. This is also true in the shower when you are trying to shampoo with it and your water is hard. Those with hard water that wash their hair with castile soap, find their hair is heavier and feels like it has been weighed down. This has been so problematic for me when trying to create green cleaning recipes that will work for all of my readers. I was completely stoked to find out that Branch Basics works in all water types, hard or soft. I wanted to know more!

The soap and cleaning supplies that we are talking about today are made by the good ladies over at Branch Basics (You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter ). I was generously given these products and compensated for this sponsored review, but my opinions are my own! I will only share with you products that I myself love and use personally! 

Branch Basics natural plant based soap to save the day

When I first discovered Branch Basics, I contacted them, at my wits end with castile soap. I wanted a natural soap that was also safe for my kiddo if he used or touched it. I was surprised to find out that their soap meets all of my strict guidelines for cosmetics and  cleaning supplies that come into our home. Branch Basics soap is:

  • Human Safe – Not irritating to eyes, lungs, or skin. Not harmful if accidentally ingested.
  • 100% Plant & Mineral Based – Their coconut oil, enzymes and fatty acids come from edible, leafy green plants and their baking soda comes straight from the earth.
  • Free of Synthetics – No fragrance, parabens, preservatives, harmful VOC, SLS, no triclosan, BPA-free.
  • Biodegradable – Biodegradable in 30 days or less.
  • Cruelty-Free & Vegan – Not tested on animals and formulated without animal byproducts.
  • Non-GMO – They never use genetically-modified ingredients.

I couldn't believe that one soap was capable of meeting all of my strict guidelines as well as be able to safely and naturally clean everything in my home, including the people and pets. I had to try it for myself to believe it.

Clean EVERYTHING In Your Home With ONE Truly Natural Plant Based Soap -

All-In-One cleaning kit for EVERY cleaning need

If I told you that you had to clean EVERYTHING in your home, with one soap, do you think it could be done? Just like many people out there, before I made the switch over to a greener lifestyle, I purchased a spray/soap for just about every job that needed to be done. Under my kitchen sink I had bottles for just about every job you could think up, and then some. I didn't realize at the time, that essentially all of these products were just different dilutions of the same chemicals and I didn't need to buy separate cleaners for the dishes, the floors, the laundry, or even the glass. Now, I know better! With Branch Basics,  you can effectively clean everything in your home and you don't need a million different products to get the job done. When you purchase the Branch Basics Small Starter Kit, you will receive a 12 oz. bottle of their natural 100% plant based soap, 3 empty labeled spray bottles for all your cleaning needs (All-Purpose, Bathroom, and Streak-Free) as well as an 18.5 oz. foamer bottle for hand soap, shampoo, body wash, or even dog wash! Each of the bottles are labeled with the dilution ratios, to make it easy for you to refill anytime you need to, without having to remember how much to add to the bottle.

Clean EVERYTHING In Your Home With ONE Truly Natural Plant Based Soap -

Laundry rules my crazy world

At least that's how I feel about laundry. It's always piling up, and after washing and drying it, you have to actually fold it and put it away. Sometimes that's a LOT of work when you are also chasing after a kid(s) and trying to work at home as well. I've been making my own laundry soap for awhile now, but I have to admit, I doubt I will ever go back! This is so easy to use, just 1-2 tsp. of the soap, measured in the handy measuring cup that comes with it, add a dash of oxygen bleach and your laundry comes out whiter, brighter, and totally clean! This naturally gentle and human-safe soap is totally safe to use on your baby's clothing as well as cloth diaper safe.

Clean EVERYTHING In Your Home With ONE Truly Natural Plant Based Soap -

One soap for all of your kitchen's cleaning needs

I absolutely loved having Branch Basics in my kitchen. Before BB, I was using a vinegar/water solution for my all-purpose spray. After using vinegar like this for the last few years, I have gotten used to the smell, but most people who enter my home haven't. It  is a fantastic natural cleaner, but the smell is enough to turn anyone away. The first thing that I noticed about using Branch Basics all over my kitchen (and home!) was how much better my air smelled after cleaning! I love how versatile this soap was in the kitchen. I use the All-Purpose spray for ALL SORTS of things in my kitchen, including:

Dishes – It's so easy to spray your dishes with the All-Purpose spray and scrub them clean!

Counter Tops/Cabinets/Walls – During our move, I used the All-Purpose spray to effectively clean all of our counter tops, cabinets, and walls, to make them look just like they were before we moved in.

Oven/Stove – On the stove top I use the All-Purpose spray to clean up any messes from cooking. In the oven I use the bathroom spray because it's a little bit stronger and helps get the tough stuff up.

Floors – It's so easy to spray the floor with the All-Purpose spray and mop up using my micrifiber mop!

Fridge – I was dreading cleaning the fridge for our move, but the All-Purpose spray made it super easy to clean both outside and in!

Hands – Using the foaming hand pump, I wash my hands for all my handwashing needs.

Vegetables – This 100% human safe and plant-based soap, also works great at cleaning your vegetables too! I like to use the All-Purpose spray to spray for an easy quick vegetable cleaner!

Clean EVERYTHING In Your Home With ONE Truly Natural Plant Based Soap -

Get a streak-free shine on your windows and glass

With the streak-free bottle you can effectively clean your mirrors, windows, and anything else needing a streak-free clean! I managed to let a lot more light into the apartment when I cleaned the windows. I had no idea they were so dirty through the winter!

Clean EVERYTHING In Your Home With ONE Truly Natural Plant Based Soap -

Detox your bathroom and green your clean

Many of the harsh commercial bathroom cleaners on the market  are extremely toxic, both to humans and our environment. In reality, you don't need really harsh toxic cleaners to get the job done quickly and easily. I was able to clean my bathroom from top to bottom using the Bathroom spray, oxygen bleach, and baking soda. When I was finished, our bathroom was far cleaner than when we moved in. I should get a discount because of that! If you have tough mineral stains to clean out of your toilet or tub that washing soda can't whiten, the absolute toughest thing I have found to work is a Pumie Scouring Stick! It's made of pumice stone and doesn't scratch porcelain! You wouldn't believe the things you can clean off with a Pumie Scouring Stick!

Clean EVERYTHING In Your Home With ONE Truly Natural Plant Based Soap -

Keep the playroom clean & germ-free

With this move, I took a lot of time to go through all of Syfy's toys and furniture. I donated and gave away all of the items he had grown out of and packed up the rest. You know how kid's toys are. Disgusting and covered in who knows what. I decided to deep clean all of the toys before packing them up for donation or the move, and it was surprisingly easy using the All-Purpose spray! I cleaned off all of his wooden and plastic toys, furniture, and cars/trains. The addition of a few drops of my kid-friendly anti-germ blend, Medicine Woman Jr. made the spray perfect for disinfecting all the nasty germs that kids tend to spread all over the place while effectively cleaning up all the messes that had been hidden behind toys and furniture.

Clean EVERYTHING In Your Home With ONE Truly Natural Plant Based Soap -

Kids, dogs, and little hands need cleaning too!

I wasn't really sure what human-safe meant when I first read the info on Branch Basics soap. I mean, most natural soaps still sting, when you get them in your eyes, so this soap certainly had to sting a little bit. I wasn't excited at the prospect of trying it out in my own eyes, but I was willing to for the sake of research, but in the end I didn't have to. My son beat me to the punch with his own tests. Unbeknownst to me, he decided to try Branch Basics soapy water in his eyes vs. the unscented baby castile soap that we have on hand. He came running out of his bathroom screaming that one of his eyes was burning. In the end, I learned, from his personal experience, that castile soap is very painful in your eyes, but the Branch Basics soap doesn't hurt one bit. In fact, this was one lesson that was etched into his mind because for a week afterwards, at every bath, I heard about how much better BB is because it doesn't “sting your eyes”. After Syfy concluded that it truly was human-safe, we decided to use it as a shampoo for both him and the dog. They even tested it out together (because that is WAY more fun, duh!) in the same bath. Both kiddo and dog came out much cleaner, with softer hair, and no tears! I also like to keep a foamer bottle in Syfy's bathroom, just for his hair, hands, and body!

Add a little scent to your cleaning experience

Branch Basics soap is naturally unscented, but you can add your favorite essential oil blends or Branch Basics 100% food grade and human-safe Wildcrafted Scent Oils to make your house smell even better. Derived from 100% food-grade plant-based materials, their scent oils currently come in 4 different flavors: Coconut Lime, Peppermint, Lemongrass, and Lavender. I haven't tried the scent oils, but found great success using essential oils that I had on hand!

Get 25% OFF your first purchase with a coupon for Hippy lovers!

The awesome folks at Branch Basics have been so kind to offer Hippy lovers a 25% discount off of your first purchase! All you have to do is use the coupon code: PURE25 at the time of purchase!

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