Boost Your Energy This Summer With Mango Strawberry Green Tea Sorbet

It's sooooo hot outside right now, down here in Texas. Unlike the northern states, there is a point in the summer where we like to hide out in our homes because the heat threshold has hit the maximum. We're talking frying an egg on our front porch kind of hot.  That's the point during the summer when I start making all sorts of yummy frozen desserts to cool me off. This summer is no exception. Continue reading “Boost Your Energy This Summer With Mango Strawberry Green Tea Sorbet”

Starting Your Seeds Inside The Easy Way – Apartment Gardening Series

For many people around the country, spring has come extremely early. Here in the great state of Texas, I think that spring took over winter and we narrowly escaped having to experience the cold that should accompany this time of year. With all this crazy warm weather here so early, I got started on my garden extra early this year! As it turns out, I do not have acres of sprawling fields and forests. I live in an apartment and have a patio worth of space to fill up, but that is not stopping me from building a fruitful garden to feed my family! Continue reading “Starting Your Seeds Inside The Easy Way – Apartment Gardening Series”

DIY Flowerchild Immune Support* Electrolyte Pops for Kids and Adults!

It's that time of year when the kiddo is bringing home all sorts of viruses from school and I am trying my best to keep him healthy through it all. The problem is, even at my best, he is so picky that it's nearly impossible for me to find a healthy version of things that he's willing to try. One of my favorite ways to get him his vitamins and minerals while he is under the weather is with my Flowerchild Immune Support* Electrolyte pops! I combine my Flowerchild Refreshment punch, electrolyte-rich coconut water, and citrus juice, along with mineral-rich salts to make popsicles that help replenish electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals when your kiddo needs them the most!* 

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Shift Happens – Shifting Perspectives At This Year’s ShiftCon With MegaFood

Last year was my first year to attend Shiftcon, a conference for eco-friendly organic-loving bloggers and social media superstars, and I was totally hooked! After 3 days of classes on social media, blogging, and healthy everything, plus a whole entire checked bag worth of FREE goodies, and the chance to socialize IN PERSON with all of the people I work with online daily, I knew that I would be coming back year after year. This year just as amazing; except instead of sandy California beaches we got Bourbon street, Cafe' Dumond, and the jazzy music-loving people of New Orleans!  Continue reading “Shift Happens – Shifting Perspectives At This Year's ShiftCon With MegaFood”

Upgrade Your Beauty Routine With Vegan Fruit Pigmented Makeup That’s TRULY 100% PURE & Natural – A Review & Giveaway

I have been on a LONG journey trying to find makeup that I love with ingredients I don't hate. It's been very difficult because many companies out there say that their ingredients are natural, but when you go to read the ingredients list, you find a treasure trove of hidden ingredients that shouldn't be there. I've also found natural brands that I wanted to love so bad, but they just DIDN'T WORK well, at all! It's a nightmare that many of you probably already know. After years of shunning makeup and feeling like there wasn't a brand of makeup that I could stand behind, I finally stumbled upon a brand that is TRULY 100% PURE and natural, and I am totally stoked to wear makeup for all the special holiday occasions that are coming up this season!

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Boost Your Energy Naturally – 5 Maca Energy Bar Recipes For Athletes

I have never loved running. I couldn't understand why anyone would want to run unless they were being chased by a creepy clown or zombies, but it seems that I have a thing for pain. Or maybe I just like accomplishing things that sound totally outside of my comfort zone. Either way, I have decided to put aside my dislike for running and train for a 5K marathon. Who would have thought that me, of all people, could be heard saying “I want to train for and complete a marathon!” Certainly not the Hippy Hubby!

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Going Beyond My Limits – My Adventures At The First Ever REI Outessa Summit Part 2

I went to the REI Outessa Summit in hopes of making new outdoor loving girlfriends, to learn more about the outdoor sports I already love, and to find new passions to put my time and energy into. I went to this event with many hopes in mind, but I came home with so much more than I had anticipated. I came home already counting the days until next year's summit because I will totally be planning to go EVERY  year! At the end of part 1 in this two-part series, I went to bed sweaty, dirty, and extremely happy from all that I had experienced so far. I couldn't imagine how the weekend could get any better, but it totally would.

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Pumpkin Pie Turmeric Breakfast Smoothie – Vegan+Gluten-Free

Pumpkin season has arrived in the Hippy household, and I am already dreaming up all the pumpkin recipes that I want to come up with for you guys! I can't deny my pumpkin-love every fall. I like to indulge in pumpkin everything….except maybe those pumpkin Oreos. During the fall season, I am a glutton for pumpkin pie any time of day. I don't care that it's a dessert, it makes the best breakfast, but sometimes I am in a hurry and don't have time to make a pie. That's where my fantastic Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Smoothie comes into play. Not only is it delicious but it's also nutritious, so ditch the guilt and indulge your pumpkin season cravings!

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Finding My Tribe Out In The Wild – My Adventures At The First Ever REI Outessa Summit Part 1

As we pulled up to the Dallas Love Field Airport, I kissed the Hippy Hubby goodbye and loaded all of my camping gear onto my back. I was ready for a weekend of summiting mountains, kayaking, camping under the stars, and most of all making friends with other badass outdoor loving chicks at the first ever REI Outessa Summit. I stumbled clumsily towards the airport check-counter with my huge load of gear and smiled at the Southwest Airlines representative, happy to relieve myself of the massive weight that all my gear was putting on my small frame. I couldn't help but speculate how my weekend would go. Even though I had been putting my schedule of classes together for months before this event, I still spent all of my travel time looking over the hundreds of classes I could take that weekend. Before I even landed in Salt Lake City, Utah, I had once again rearranged my schedule for the weekend to fit my changing moods.  Continue reading “Finding My Tribe Out In The Wild – My Adventures At The First Ever REI Outessa Summit Part 1”

Making Mega Friends At the MegaFood Factory This Summer

I have always wanted to visit New Hampshire, but never had the chance to go, that is until this summer! Last May, I was chosen among many health and wellness bloggers to be one of the MegaFood MegaBloggers “Brand Ambassador”. I was completely stoked about this opportunity to learn even more about health and wellness and to dig deeper into a product that I was completely excited to know more about.
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