Ginger Essential Oil Is a Pregnant Woman’s BFF – A Sneak Peek In My New Book

Ginger root is probably one of my favorite herbs in my natural medicine cabinet. It's delicious tasting and extremely versatile; capable of easing nausea, relieving muscle pain, and even supporting the immune system.  When I was pregnant with Syfy nausea and vomiting were not just a morning sickness thing. I found myself nauseated nearly my entire pregnancy, but ginger essential oil was my saving grace.
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Wake Up & Go! How I Stay Energized Naturally, Without Coffee or Energy Drinks – A VokeTab Review

It happened again last week! During quiet time, the kiddo was so good about playing quietly in his room that I accidentally took a short nap on the couch while I was supposed to be getting some work done. Syfy woke me with a start, grinning from ear to ear that he had caught mommy in a narcoleptic moment. For a minute there, I groggily stared at him, wondering exactly what moment it was that had done me in, but for the life of me, I couldn't even remember falling asleep. You can't blame me. I had been up since 3 am that morning, doing my job as mom, and then working at 7 am on the blog, getting homeschool done for the day after everyone is fed, walked, pooped, etc. By the time I sit down to get my own work done, I am already exhausted from the day. All I can think while drifting off to sleep unknowingly, is how does that Super Mom down the street, keep her eyes open for the WHOLE day??? I've got to have her secret. Continue reading “Wake Up & Go! How I Stay Energized Naturally, Without Coffee or Energy Drinks – A VokeTab Review”

The Hippy Homemaker’s Holiday Gift Guide For Your Favorite Aromatherapist or Herbalist

We are in the midst of the holiday season and so many of my friends are asking me what they should get their essential oil and herb loving friends and family members! This is just about the easiest question for me to answer because these are all things I would absolutely get super stoked over if I received any of these items as gifts! Of course, you might want to just try and homemake your gifts for her, him, or the kids instead!  Continue reading “The Hippy Homemaker's Holiday Gift Guide For Your Favorite Aromatherapist or Herbalist”

Wow Him This Holiday Season With These 10 DIY Natural Gifts for Guys

There are so many great ideas for all sorts of adorable DIY Gifts for Her, but it can be a bit underwhelming out there on the world wide web, when you search for awesome DIY gift ideas for guys. In this episode of the Bohemi Babes, we are giving you our absolute favorite homemade natural gift ideas for guys, and there are way more than you thought! When I sat down to think about this episode, I had so many great ideas, I had to whittle it down to just 10 DIY Natural Gifts for Him (scroll down to find out my top ten favs!) 
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10 DIY Natural Gifts for Her That Will Make Her Holiday Season

I love the holiday season! I love the smiles on people's faces when you give them a gift that they truly are thankful for and love! I love TRYING to surprise people with my gifts, though I am so impatient that sometimes I can't help myself and give all my gifts out 1-2 weeks before Christmas even gets here. I can't help it, I just love to see happy people! This holiday season, many are choosing to take a different route and homemake all of their gifts. If that's you, then this 3 episode series is just for you! In this first episode, the Bohemi Babes are showing you just how easy it is to DIY gifts for HER! Join the fun and make some gifts with us!
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I’ll Love You To The Moon And Back – A Bella Luna Toys Review

Last Christmas I didn't expect to end up buying my list of favorite natural toys and art supplies twice, but a really close blogging friend of mine found out that her home was full of toxic mold that had been making them very ill. Their Doctor told them to leave everything they owned, ten days before Christmas. EVERYTHING. I couldn't imagine her little girl going through Christmastime having to give up their entire lives, so I talked to my mom (who helped me put together a bunch of clothes for them) and ended up shipping her everything I had purchased for Syfy from Bella Luna Toys. As I was doing this, I immediately went to their website, ordered what I needed, and before Christmas arrived, I had everything that I needed. Continue reading “I'll Love You To The Moon And Back – A Bella Luna Toys Review”

Fostering an Herbal Lifestyle Through Play – A Simple Gifts Toys Review

As an aromatherapist and herbalist, I somewhat cringe at all of the kid's doctors kits on the market. They only cater to one type of doctor, but there are many types of healers out there and I would like my child to know that not ALL medicine comes from conventional places. Don't get me wrong. Doctors have their place and I revere them for it, but our generation has become so out of touch with taking care of minor problems, that many people have been raised to go to the doctor for EVERY SINGLE THING, whether it warrants a doctor's care or not. I can understand this sentiment because I used to be one of them myself. Continue reading “Fostering an Herbal Lifestyle Through Play – A Simple Gifts Toys Review”

Feel Rugged, Smell Amazing – DIY Natural Men’s Cologne Using Essential Oils

With Father's day nearly upon us, I have been thinking about what to make the Hippy Hubby this year, and then Syfy answered it for me, “what about a dad's perfume…like your perfume?”. Hmmmm…we could make him a cologne and that's a gift he would really love! Andy usually skips the cologne these days, because most of them contain toxic ingredients that we avoid in our cosmetics here in the Hippy household. A homemade natural cologne, using essential oils, would be the perfect natural gift for Syfy and me to make the Hippy Hubby!   Continue reading “Feel Rugged, Smell Amazing – DIY Natural Men's Cologne Using Essential Oils”