Gettin’ Sticky With It – 5 Homemade Glue & Paste Recipes (Gluten-Free & Vegan recipes included) – Natural Hippy Homeschool Series

Glue is the fiber that binds our crafts together. It holds the paper together in our collages and binds our pages together in our homemade books. Glue is what holds the googly eyes onto the fearsome monsters and feathers onto our beautiful birds. Glue is one of the most important ingredients to any homeschool classroom, but did you know that you could easily make it using natural ingredients from your pantry? I definitely didn't realize it was so easy to make it myself. Continue reading

DIY Natural Herbal Ink & Feather Pen – Natural Hippy Homeschool Series

I am not sure why, but somehow I always thought that ink-making was a thing of the past. I grew up with pens that just worked automatically and never really knew where or how ink was made. I am not even sure that I cared about ink and it's history until I took it upon myself to learn how to make ink for myself. It may sound silly, but I find the idea of being able to make EVERYTHING that we need to sustain our livelihoods, without having to rely on some other source, to be really awesome. Ink is one of those things that is needed for so many purposes and is very easy to create. Saving knowledge, writing letters, and learning to read and write, all require ink (when no computers are involved!). Because of ink, we are able to grasp our history and learn from mistakes. 

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We’re Starting Kindergarten! Create Your Own Natural Hippy Homeschool

It's crazy to me, how time flies. On the day that Syfy was born, I can vaguely remember wondering to myself what it would be like to have a school age child. I thought, “Only the best for him” (like just about every mom out there). At first, I didn't realize that that meant I was going to be his Kindergarten teacher. I didn't go into parenthood planning to homeschool, it just somehow found me, and then followed me around until I finally agreed to do it.  Continue reading

DIY All-Natural Kid’s Paint That Is Even Better Than My Last Recipe

I really do love to paint. My mother was an aspiring artist in her off time and she always did fantastically fun craft projects with us when we were kids. I am a right-brained thinker, so the artsy fartsy stuff was ALWAYS what tamed my wild ways.My son did not fall far from the tree. He is just as active of a kiddo as I was, and sometimes the energy that he exudes is just beyond me! Arts and crafts are one of the ways that I am able to keep him sitting still for ANY length of time. Sometimes, not even that can stop Super Silas! Continue reading

Homemade Holiday Scented Play Dough For The Little Ones In Your Life

I love playing with play dough. I have always been one of those artsy types of people; as a child, anything that my mom would suggest, that had to do with crafting, I was on board. Now, as a mom myself, I am always turning to the arts and crafts on those rainy days, and pretty much every day in between! One of Syfy's favorite things to do is play with play dough! What kid (or adult for that matter) doesn't like to mold and sculpt their every whim into playdough?  Continue reading

Make Your Own Non-Toxic Oven Clay

When Silas was about 4 or 5 months old, his first Father's Day rolled around and I wanted to do something special for Andy. (This was spring of 2010) After a lot of contemplation on what I could do that would be an awesome keepsake forever, I thought about all of the times that my mom and I would make and paint ornaments for Christmas. I really enjoyed that as a kid and frankly, it was super cheap! So, after working on that idea for a short while, I got the idea to do something that would have Syfy's (his nickname) handprint and footprint in it. Using one the medium heart shaped Wilton cake pans, I shaped my oven clay into a heart! After baking it came the fun stuff, painting it!!! This recipe is great for making Christmas ornaments, barbie doll house accessories(I was a very creative child lol), beads, plates, cups, or anything else that your creative mind can come up with. For a more golden look, paint your creations with egg yolk before baking them.

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EASILY Make Your Own Non-Toxic Finger Paints At Home

After buying a whole array of finger paints from Hobby Lobby, for Silas, and setting them all up, I realized there was this stench coming from them. It was a terrible chemical smell! The bottles say non-toxic but they most certainly don't smell like they're non-toxic. This situation made me realize that I could just make my own here at home. The best part is, I know what's in them.

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