DIY Natural Makeup Remover Pads

I don't know about you, but I have trouble forcing myself to wash my face before bed. It's seriously a problem for me! I will forget to take makeup off my face and just fall into bed, regardless. I had to solve this problem because my face wasn't liking my lazy habits. Remembering the makeup remover pads of my teen years, I decided it was time to make my own using ingredients that I knew would be healthy for my skin and not sting my eyes.

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Start the New Year With Clear Skin – DIY Detoxifying Herbal Goddess Face Mask

It's the dawn of a new year, and I am feeling the yearly need to detoxify myself inside and out! I know I am not alone, so this year I have a whole slew of detoxifying posts to help get you through this first month of the new year. Really, though, you could choose to detoxify yourself at any point during the year! I love to try and focus on detoxification once a month!

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Save Money Making Your Own Herbal Hydrosols and Flower Waters

I have a secret ingredient that I prefer to use in place of the water in ALL of my DIY beauty products and toiletries. Hydrosols, aka flower waters! I first came across hydrosols in my essential oil studies. I had learned that they were a result of making essential oils, essentially a byproduct. I was fascinated by these gentle essential oil infused waters. Along the way, I learned a lot more about them and their many uses and varieties. I wanted to purchase every hydrosol that I came across but was sorely disappointed when I realized that I couldn't afford  to purchase all of the hydrosols that I wanted. What is a DIY loving hippy to do? Make it myself, of course! Now you can too!

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Turn Up the Rouge On Your Cheeks – DIY Foxy Face Powdered Blush

Some people have the natural ability to make a rouge color in their cheeks, just with the thought of something that embarrasses them. Others have constant pink cheeks all day, every day. While others have to supplement the rouge in their cheeks using blush. Since the dawn of makeup, women have been applying blush to their cheekbones, trying to make them look higher and more prominent than the next girls. Even Cleopatra used rouge on her cheeks, though she chose to color her cheeks using carmine (a red color that comes from an insect!) rather than beet root (the vegetable color we will use today!) Continue reading

Bring Out the Natural Glow in Your Face – DIY Foxy Facial Powder

Makeup is something I know quite well. I began using it when I was 13 years old and from there I spent plenty of time playing with colors and experimenting with different styles. I really love being able to naturally enhance my beauty, giving my face the natural glow I want to present to the world. Makeup should never really cover up, it should enhance. You can hide imperfections, but it's not about putting on a mask.  Continue reading

Keep Your Family Sunsafe This Summer – A Goddess Garden Organics Sunscreen Review

I've lived my entire life playing outside in the sunshine. I've hiked my way to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park underneath the cold sunshine. I've wakeboarded upon many of our country's lakes while the sunshine basked my skin in its glow. I've even snowboarded all over the Sierra's while the sun blasted my face with its harsh mountaintop rays. I am an outdoors addict, to say the least, and this summer I have so many more sun-filled plans for my whole family, including a backpacking/camping trip and as many Texas trails that we can hike! With all our outdoor plans, it's really important to me that my family is sun-safe during everything that we do; which is why I was really excited to finally find a natural and safe sunscreen that meets all of my strict criteria AND works! Continue reading

Reverse Skin Damage & Destroy Wrinkles with a DIY Hi-C Facial Serum

I am 31 years old, and just barely starting to think about how my skin and face will age. I am only now beginning to realize the damage that I did to my skin as a teenager and in my early 20's, and wishing I had used more sense. As we age, our collagen production starts to slow down, causing wrinkles and fine lines, but not only that, all of the cumulative damage we've done over the years, including sun damage, smoke, and harsh chemical products, can speed up the process and make it worse. It's not too late for some of us, using vitamin C, we can help to slow down the aging process and in many cases reverse some of the damage we've done to our skin! Continue reading

Unleash the Goddess in You – DIY Hair, Skin, & Nails Tea

There are many ways to beautify your skin, make your hair grow longer faster, and grow out strong beautiful nails, but they all entail healthy eating habits! One of my favorite ways to nourish my hair, skin, and nails, is through eating grass-fed gelatin.I love to make my own gummy fruit snacks, and Syfy and I munch on them ALL the time! One of my other favorite ways to get the nourishment that my hair, skin, and nails need, is through herbal teas! Continue reading

Combat Acne Effectively With The Hippy Homemaker’s Acne Attack Herbal Clay Face Mask

I don't know if you know this about me, but I am a huge fan of herbal clay face masks. As you may have read previously, my friends and I love face masks so much that we pair them with mimosa's and call it a party, just for fun! (See Mud mask and Mimosa Fridays!) I have made herbal clay face masks for all sorts of conditions, but the mask I make most commonly is this Acne Attack facemask! High-end spas sell facials with these same ingredients for $180+, but by doing it yourself, in the comfort of your own home, you will be able to make MANY more masks for WAY cheaper! Continue reading