Take Herbs On All Your Outdoor Adventures – DIY Herbal Outdoors Kit For Hiking, Camping, & Backpacking

I spent my childhood hiking, backpacking, and camping with my Dad, all over the West coast. I was the daughter that adored the outdoors and couldn’t get enough, no matter how dirty or banged up, that I got. The addiction was solidified when we first started hiking through Yosemite National Park. With every trip we took, I soaked in the redwoods and sequoias, the glacier cut boulders and the majestic waterfalls that seem to only exist in Yosemite and my dreams. These trips made me realize that I was born to enjoy the outdoors and that my future was somehow going to be connected to my passion for this amazing place. Fast forward 20 years and now I am planning how I can instill the same great love of the outdoors, in my own son.  Continue reading “Take Herbs On All Your Outdoor Adventures – DIY Herbal Outdoors Kit For Hiking, Camping, & Backpacking”

Soothe Itchy Rashes & Bug Bites DIY Anti-Itch Calamine Lotion

Hiking out in nature is pretty much one of my favorite activities in the world. I love a good adventure outdoors, but sometimes that means coming back far itchier than you left. Whether you know what to look for and avoid (with poison ivy, oak, and sumac) or not, anyone can end up with a rash before their hike is over!  Continue reading “Soothe Itchy Rashes & Bug Bites DIY Anti-Itch Calamine Lotion”

Natural Teething Remedies Using Essential Oils & Herbs

Teething babies are no fun for anyone. As they start to cut their first teeth, many babies will experience a myriad of symptoms that will make them range from minorly uncomfortable to extremely uncomfortable. A slight fever, extra drool, irritability, swollen gums, and even not wanting to eat are all symptoms that your baby is starting to cut their first teeth. No two babies are alike and each one can experience a slightly different set of symptoms.  No matter the symptoms, we all share the same feelings. We want our babies to feel better and to take away their pain! The question on the Hippy mama’s mind, is “What natural methods can I use to ease my baby’s teething discomfort?” You are not alone, that’s the same question I asked myself when my baby started teething (he’s 6 now, so we’re going through a whole new round of teething lol!)

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Banish Stretch Marks and Scars Naturally – DIY Bohemi Mama’s Belly Butter

Congratulations on your new upcoming baby! A bunch of well-meaning people will give you a lot of advice from here on out. Some of it, the stuff that resonates with you, keep in your file for later. The rest of it, the crazy stuff you would never do, just smile and nod and remember that YOU have the ultimate say in the end. You are going to be a Mom!!! Let me tell you, I was terrified of the idea of stretching my belly big enough to fit a whole baby in there. As tiny as I was, I couldn’t fathom where a baby would fit. Because of this fear, I ended up slathering a mixture of the best butters and oils that I could find, on my belly every single day of my pregnancy (or at least all the days that I remembered to before I passed out in front of the TV).  Continue reading “Banish Stretch Marks and Scars Naturally – DIY Bohemi Mama’s Belly Butter”

Soothe Dry Skin & Rashes With a DIY Coconut Milk & Oat Bath

In the middle of winter, my skin starts to dry out hardcore, and I start looking for more ways to get moisture into it. After a particularly terrible bout of poison ivy a couple years back, I didn’t have any money on hand and really wanted something soothing like an Aveeno oatmeal bath. I decided that it couldn’t be hard to make and in the end made mine way better than Aveeno’s by upgrading the ingredients in my recipe!

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Grow Your Lashes to Envious Lengths – DIY Herbal Infused Eyelash Growth Serum

Why are guys the ones with gorgeously long and thick eyelashes that every woman would kill for? I know that I am not the only envious one out there! I have lived my entire life with thin blonde-tipped eyelashes, that just don’t show up to the party without a few coats of some good mascara. While there are some eyelash serums on the market that profess miraculous results, their ingredients are less than stellar, many of which are known carcinogens. Like all of my other beauty products, this is what led me to create my own herbal infused eyelash growth serum, instead. Continue reading “Grow Your Lashes to Envious Lengths – DIY Herbal Infused Eyelash Growth Serum”

Healing Eczema Naturally – DIY Herbal Infused Eczema Eraser Balm

I have dealt with eczema for nearly all of my life. For most of that time, it was just something that I dealt with and not something that I could get rid of. I was told there was no cure, was given all sorts of creams (many of which contained toxic ingredients that had large cautions on the tubes), and endured super itchy scaly skin that left everyone staring while I was scratching voraciously. It wasn’t until  Syfy started showing signs of eczema on the backs of his arms, that I began to care about finding a natural remedy to heal up our eczema. It turns out, like everything else on this natural hippy journey, the “cure” lies in your diet.  Continue reading “Healing Eczema Naturally – DIY Herbal Infused Eczema Eraser Balm”

The Hippy Homemaker’s Holiday Gift Guide For Your Favorite Aromatherapist or Herbalist

We are in the midst of the holiday season and so many of my friends are asking me what they should get their essential oil and herb loving friends and family members! This is just about the easiest question for me to answer because these are all things I would absolutely get super stoked over if I received any of these items as gifts! Of course, you might want to just try and homemake your gifts for her, him, or the kids instead!  Continue reading “The Hippy Homemaker’s Holiday Gift Guide For Your Favorite Aromatherapist or Herbalist”

Dealing With Dry Skin Naturally – DIY Wintertime Herbal Whipped Body Butter

During the wintertime, dry skin is a problem for pretty much everyone out there, but it can be even worse for those working in jobs where they are washing their hands frequently. If you are dealing with dry, cracked skin, then you are likely feeling the pain of trying to heal during the wintertime! Both the Hippy Hubby and I have worked in the service industry, having to wash our hands frequently, doing the dishes with harsh soaps several times a shift, and cleaning with harsh cleaners every day. All this wear and tear was taking a toll on the Hippy Hubby’s hands, so I decided to make him a body butter, but I took it a step further and infused it with skin healing herbs to help heal his hands, while deeply moisturizing his skin. It turns out, this herbal infused body butter works so well, we both use it for all our skin healing needs now.
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It’s Easy to Homemake Bone Broth!

During the Fall and Winter seasons, when the temperatures drop, the leaves fall to the ground, and germs are running rampant, there is one food remedy that has graced the hearth of homes for centuries, but is only just now being studied for it’s awesomeness in helping boost immune function during an illness. In the Hippy world, it’s a well-known fact that there is nothing like a good cup of bone broth when you are feeling under the weather, and today we’re going to learn ALL about bone broth and how to EASILY make it at home!
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