Flowerchild Refreshment Tea – Healthy Homemade Herbal Kool-Aid Alternative

Standing in the middle of the grocery store isle, I am at a loss as to what to purchase as far as kid's drinks go. On one side of the spectrum, you have the MANY kid's beverages with icky ingredients while on the other side of the spectrum you have the really great organic stuff (like Little Me Tea, which IS totally awesome by the way) that costs way more than my bank account can afford on a regular basis. Continue reading “Flowerchild Refreshment Tea – Healthy Homemade Herbal Kool-Aid Alternative”

DIY Aromatherapy Shower Steamers – For Congestion, Illness, Sleep Issues, & More

Some people just don't like to take baths. I can understand that. Sometimes I get too hot and usually run the risk of dropping whatever it is I'm reading whether it be a book or a tablet. Sometimes a shower can be the perfect healing apparatus. Especially when you have your own homemade aromatherapy shower steamers on hand! Continue reading “DIY Aromatherapy Shower Steamers – For Congestion, Illness, Sleep Issues, & More”

Aunt Flo’s Cramps-B-Gone Tea & Tincture – Don’t Let Cramps Take Over Your Life

I must admit that I thought I was done with this topic. It seems I could probably fill a book with information on making this time of the month more comfortable, using natural methods. We've discussed before, the use of my salve, Aunt Flo's Soothing Salve, but today I am going to share my other natural savior from debilitating period pain, in the disguise of an herbal tea (or tincture if you that's how you roll!). Continue reading “Aunt Flo's Cramps-B-Gone Tea & Tincture – Don't Let Cramps Take Over Your Life”

DIY Natural Medicine Cabinet

As I have progressed through my educational journey with herbs and essential oils, I have begun to build my own natural medicine cabinet and also shared those recipes with you. I have organized the many natural health recipes that I have written over the last couple years so that you can find what recipe you are needing for whatever your ailments might be. As I post more health related recipes, I will update this and add in those links as well, to keep you up to date with whatever remedy you might be trying to find!  Continue reading “DIY Natural Medicine Cabinet”

Fire Cider – The Ultimate Cold & Flu Tonic That Might Just Put Hair on Your Chest

Have you heard of fire cider? Until I began delving more into herbalism, I had not! When I first read about fire cider, it was while reading through Rosemary Gladstar's book, Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health. I was fascinated, to say the least, but I was absolutely terrified of making it at first. It sounded like something that would most definitely put hair on my chest. It turns out, Fire Cider is super delicious AND super good for you! Made with highly antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral herbs, this hair-raising beverage has been used through the ages by many different cultures, to help prevent colds, clear sinuses, boost immunities, and much more. Continue reading “Fire Cider – The Ultimate Cold & Flu Tonic That Might Just Put Hair on Your Chest”

Cool Vibes Vapor Rub – An Essential Oil Vapor Rub for Coughs, Congestion, & Stuffy Noses

One of my least favorite feelings, when I am sick, is that feeling of not being able to breathe. It overwhelms me and makes it very difficult to sleep at night. When I first started learning about aromatherapy, the first essential oils that I purchased, were lavender and eucalyptus. My first chest cold came right after that, and I was so grateful to have had those essential oils on hand. I mixed  the lavender and eucalyptus with some coconut oil and applied it to my chest, back, and feet. It worked so well, I couldn't believe it could be so easy to help with congestion. After that moment I was hooked on essential oils and natural health. I really love being able to make whatever my family needs when they need it! It is so empowering! Continue reading “Cool Vibes Vapor Rub – An Essential Oil Vapor Rub for Coughs, Congestion, & Stuffy Noses”

Fire & Spice – Naturally Soothe and Heal Strep Throat Using Herbs

Somehow I had managed to go a whole (nearly by just a few days) 31 years without getting strep throat. My sister contracted it so much as a kid that she almost had to have her tonsils removed, but I never did. Before this bout strep, I thought to myself, “what's the big deal? I can handle a measly sore throat!” Boy did I underestimate the pain that is accompanied with strep throat! It's terrible! I seriously had no idea! Continue reading “Fire & Spice – Naturally Soothe and Heal Strep Throat Using Herbs”

Defend Yourself – A DIY Immune Boosting Tea & Tincture

With cold & flu season just around the corner, Ebola scaring the world, and Enterovirus D68 sweeping across the nation, I have gone into super immune-boosting mode.  These last couple winters have been amazing! I have seen first hand how a well supported immune system can hold up when everyone else around me is getting sick. With everything that I have been learning about health, nutrition and our body's immune system, I have realized that health definitely doesn't come in plastic prescription bottles. Health starts from the inside out! Continue reading “Defend Yourself – A DIY Immune Boosting Tea & Tincture”

Good Night Sleep Tight – A Sleepytime tea & tincture for a good night’s rest

You're tossing and turning and trying with all your might to keep your eyes closed and to fall asleep. A peek through your eyelashes reveals that it's just getting later at an exponentially fast rate, which if you're me, will piss you off even more. Through the mental clutter that is filling your brain, with each passing minute that you are still awake, you wish you knew of something other than the Tylenol PM that's sitting in your bathroom cabinet. It always makes you feel groggy in the morning and the last thing you need is to be late to work because you couldn't drag your butt out of bed. Continue reading “Good Night Sleep Tight – A Sleepytime tea & tincture for a good night's rest”

DIY Neti Pot Sinus Rinse Refills

Have you ever used a Neti pot? It looks like a teapot used for kids tea parties, but in fact,it's actually made for you to stick up your nose and pour salt water through your nasal passages. The Neti pot helps to cleanse and clear the nasal passages, helping to relieve sinusitis, allergies, cold symptoms, and hay fever. The warm flow of slightly salty water helps to remove trapped old mucus, dirt, and germs from your nasal passageways.  This may sound like a crazy voodoo remedy to most, but in fact, it's highly recommended by many Doctors,to those who have consistent sinus infections year-round.  Continue reading “DIY Neti Pot Sinus Rinse Refills”