Soothe a Nasty Cough With Homemade Cough Syrup

It is that time of year that coughs, colds, congestion, and runny noses are running rampant! With school back in session and the fall weather just around the corner, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself or your family with a nasty incessant cough causing everyone to lose sleep. This month, September, I […]

Cool Vibes Vapor Rub Jr – A Eucalyptus-Free Child-Safe Vapor Rub

Last year, when Robert Tisserand’s newest edition of Essential Oil Safety  hit the shelves, everyone was surprised that it was now advised not to use ANY form of eucalyptus and rosemary on children under the age of 10 and peppermint on children under the age of 6 years old because of the menthol and cineol […]

DIY Sol Relief Spray – Natural After-Sun Care

With the fourth of July behind us, we are entering the hottest days of the summer here in Texas. It is common to spend too much time out in the sun, but what do you do to take care of that sunburn? The burning pain, the itching, and peeling afterward are all symptoms that most […]

Homemade Remineralizing Herbal Tooth Powder – choose your flavor

Last week we talked about DIY Peppermint Mouthwash, and in that post, I mentioned that we love to use a tooth powder here in our house. As promised, I am sharing our tooth powder recipe with you today! When I made my first batch of tooth powder, about 6 months back, I was looking to try […]

DIY Natural Peppermint Antiseptic Mouthwash

We have been using my homemade toothpaste and tooth powder in the Hippy Household for quite awhile (I will share my tooth powder recipe next for those who are wondering!), but we were still in need of a good mouthwash that wasn’t too harsh and still was highly antiseptic. After all of my research and […]

Homemade Natural Sunscreen – Sol Protection for Your Skin

We are nearing summer and with that comes numerous outdoor activities and lots of sun exposure. For the most part, we don’t ever use sunscreen in our house. It’s a known fact that we need a lot more vitamin D than we are getting in these days, with people staying indoors more often than not. […]

Naturally Treat Ear Infections With Garlic Mullein Oil

When Syfy was only one-year-old, we switched him to whole milk as we were advised to do by our, at the time, pediatrician. Up until that point, he had not been sick before. After switching to whole milk, we began to see Silas get sick very consistently.The ear infections started rolling in along with the […]

Homemade Anti-Fungal Salve – For Ringworm, Athlete’s Foot & More

Fungal infections can be the peskiest kind of infection to get rid of because once they find a host, they like to stick around for the long haul. Though you can cure fungal infections using salves, creams, and sprays, diet is also a major factor in helping to clear a fungus from your body.A diet […]