Natural Teething Remedies Using Essential Oils & Herbs

Teething babies are no fun for anyone. As they start to cut their first teeth, many babies will experience a myriad of symptoms that will make them range from minorly uncomfortable to extremely uncomfortable. A slight fever, extra drool, irritability, swollen gums, and even not wanting to eat are all symptoms that your baby is starting to cut their first teeth. No two babies are alike and each one can experience a slightly different set of symptoms.  No matter the symptoms, we all share the same feelings. We want our babies to feel better and to take away their pain! The question on the Hippy mama's mind, is “What natural methods can I use to ease my baby's teething discomfort?” You are not alone, that's the same question I asked myself when my baby started teething (he's 6 now, so we're going through a whole new round of teething lol!)

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Soothe Dry Skin & Rashes With a DIY Coconut Milk & Oat Bath

In the middle of winter, my skin starts to dry out hardcore, and I start looking for more ways to get moisture into it. After a particularly terrible bout of poison ivy a couple years back, I didn't have any money on hand and really wanted something soothing like an Aveeno oatmeal bath. I decided that it couldn't be hard to make and in the end, I made mine way better than Aveeno's by upgrading the ingredients in my recipe!

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Healing Eczema Naturally – DIY Herbal Infused Eczema Eraser Balm

I have dealt with eczema for nearly all of my life. For most of that time, it was just something that I dealt with and not something that I could get rid of. I was told there was no cure, was given all sorts of creams (many of which contained toxic ingredients that had large cautions on the tubes), and endured super itchy scaly skin that left everyone staring while I was scratching voraciously. It wasn't until  Syfy started showing signs of eczema on the backs of his arms, that I began to care about finding a natural remedy to heal up our eczema. It turns out, like everything else on this natural hippy journey, the “cure” lies in your diet.  Continue reading

Good Night Sleep Tight – A DIY Sleepytime Essential Oil Blend for a Good Night’s Rest

Sleep is something that everyone needs, and no one gets enough of. I know from personal experience how sleep can affect everything from mental clarity and sanity to your pain levels and immune system strength. In my last sleep post, I gave you my favorite Sleepytime tea & tincture recipe, in this post we're going to learn about using aromatherapy to help you and your family sleep better. With so many great essential oils for sleep, I have put together my recipe for my favorite sleepytime essential oil blend that I like to call, Good Night Sleep Tight! This calming essential oil blend is good for more than just sleep, I even use this to control my Restless Leg Syndrome! 

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Don’t Worry Be Happy – A Stress & Anxiety Essential Oil Blend

The life of a mother includes a lot of thinking about other people, and only a little bit of thinking about ourselves. All of the work we do to keep our families healthy and happy can really take a toll on our own bodies. I myself have felt these stresses in my life, and totally understand the emotions and feelings that go along with it. While stress is a common thing in everyone's life, some have it worse than others. If you feel like it's too much, please tell someone immediately. Aromatherapy can help with those normal everyday types of stresses and anxiety, but serious cases of depression and anxiety should be dealt with in conjunction with a doctor or naturopath. 

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Get Rid of Growing Pains! Growing Pain Relief Bath & Massage Oil

As a parent, one of the most common ailments we see, are growing pains. It starts at bedtime (or even in the middle of the night), and keeps the whole house awake until they go away! It's rough seeing your child go through pain, no matter the severity. Especially in the middle of the night, when everyone in the house needs their sleep! It was around three years old that Syfy would wake up in the middle of the night crying in pain because his legs hurt. With small children, their sleep patterns are always changing as they grow, but we, as parents, tend to get used to the times when they are sleeping well. At this time, Syfy had been sleeping 12 hour nights with no issues waking up in the middle of the night. I was getting used to sleeping so well, and began to let the routine feel comfortable until the growing pains began, and my 8 hours of sleep went down to 3. I was desperate to find a natural solution that could help us all get back to those prized nights of sleep.  Continue reading

Soothe the Sting – DIY Bee Sting & Wasp Sting Relief for Adults, Kids, & Dogs

I have always been a bit afraid of being stung by bees or wasps. I love honey bees and do what I can to not hurt them. Wasps, on the other hand, terrify me to no end. Incidentally, I got my first wasp sting ever, at the same time that Syfy also received his. Spring had just begun this year, and we were out hiking in the Oak Point Nature Preserve. I must have poked a fallen nest with my walking stick because out of nowhere there were a couple wasps angrily chasing us around in circles, until we both got stung, him in the head and me just under my eye where my sunglasses don't reach (let me tell you…that swells up a lot more than other spots!). Realizing the angry wasps were guarding our way back out of the woods, I remembered my homemade Bugs-B-Gone spray was in my backpack and pulled it out. Please don't laugh too hard, but yes, I totally sprayed the air above and in front of us with that spray, effectively getting us out of the woods without being stung again. Continue reading

Bugs-B-Gone Jr. – A Kid-Safe Bug Repeling Essential Oil Blend

We have all been there, sitting at our picnic table trying to enjoy some quality family time, when all the buzzing, flying, and creepy crawlies come out to join the party. It's all fun and games until someone gets bitten! I wrote a long time ago about making your own Bugs-B-Gone spray and candle for adults, today we are learning how to make our own kid-safe Bugs-B-Gone Jr. essential oil blend! At the end of the post I give several different ways, you can use this blend to repel bugs safely with small children around! Continue reading

Calm Your Sneeze & Allergies with Allergy Annihilator – a Kid-Friendly Seasonal Allergy Essential Oil Blend

If you have ever lived in Texas, then you know the plight of the person affected by seasonal allergies. I had never really experienced seasonal allergies while I grew up in California (this Hippy is not a native Texan if you couldn't tell!), but all that changed when we moved to Dallas, Texas. At first, I didn't think it would affect me because I was feeling great while watching everyone else around me sneeze, wheeze, and complain of congestion. Two years into living in Texas and suddenly I understood what all these poor people were going through. Seasonal allergies really suck! Continue reading

DIY Medicine Woman Jr Hand Sanitizing Gel & Travel Foaming Soap

During the cold and flu season, people are always talking about washing your hands and getting rid of those germs This is easy to do when you are at home and can use the products that you choose, but out in public all that can be found is the exact stuff we are trying to avoid in our homes. It's enough to make you go crazy, always trying to avoid all of these hidden ingredients. Continue reading