Save Money Making Your Own Herbal Hydrosols and Flower Waters

I have a secret ingredient that I prefer to use in place of the water in ALL of my DIY beauty products and toiletries. Hydrosols, aka flower waters! I first came across hydrosols in my essential oil studies. I had learned that they were a result of making essential oils, essentially a byproduct. I was […]

Feel Rugged, Smell Amazing – DIY Natural Men’s Cologne Using Essential Oils

With Father’s day nearly upon us, I have been thinking about what to make the Hippy Hubby this year, and then Syfy answered it for me, “what about a dad’s perfume…like your perfume?”. Hmmmm…we¬†could make him a cologne and that’s a gift he would really love! Andy usually skips the cologne these days, because most […]

DIY Natural Beard Oil for the Hairy Hippy in Your Life

My Husband is a bearded man. He has had his beard the entire time that I have known him, and the very few times he shaved it off…he did not look right to me at all. I used to think that beards weren’t attractive, and yet now I’d miss his terribly if he shaved it […]

DIY All-Natural Hair Styling Pomade That Rocks!

When we first went down the Hippy path, one of the first things that I started learning how to make was all of our bath and beauty products. I have always loved using a medium hold pomade to give my hair texture. The Hippy Hubby has had a mohawk for a few years now and […]