Boost Your Energy This Summer With Mango Strawberry Green Tea Sorbet

It's sooooo hot outside right now, down here in Texas. Unlike the northern states, there is a point in the summer where we like to hide out in our homes because the heat threshold has hit the maximum. We're talking frying an egg on our front porch kind of hot.  That's the point during the summer when I start making all sorts of yummy frozen desserts to cool me off. This summer is no exception. Continue reading “Boost Your Energy This Summer With Mango Strawberry Green Tea Sorbet”

DIY Elderberry Orange Immune Support Gummy Snacks

Last week the kiddo came home from school more tired than usual. Within an hour of being home, he started complaining that his whole body ached and suddenly without warning his temperature shot up through the roof. With the news constantly talking about all the flu cases in my area, and my personal social media page full of friends and family members that are down for the count, I knew immediately that he had come down with the flu. Continue reading “DIY Elderberry Orange Immune Support Gummy Snacks”

Homemade Roasted Chickpeas – A Crunchy Protein Packed Snack In 7 Different Flavors

If you have yet to try roasted chickpeas, you are so totally missing out! They are like the healthy vegan version of Corn-Nuts! Do you remember Corn-Nuts like I do? I used to be addicted to the ranch flavored Corn-Nuts and the first time that I tried a bag of roasted chickpeas I had brought home from Costco, I was totally stoked to find a much healthier alternative to my childhood favorite snack. The best part? Their chock full of protein, manganese, iron, and folate! You can’t beat a healthy snack that’s salty and crunchy! Continue reading “Homemade Roasted Chickpeas – A Crunchy Protein Packed Snack In 7 Different Flavors”

Wake Me Up With a Cup of Mornin’ Sunshine Tea – a DIY Morning Boost Tea for Energy, Weight-Loss, & Detoxification

With everyone looking to find health this time of year, detox teas are all the rage, but the price of some of these teas are over the top! I scoured the grocery shelves, the internet, and even Etsy to compare prices and ingredients but nothing beats how much cheaper it is to make these teas in bulk at home! Not only that, you can tailor your teatox to fit your needs. Continue reading “Wake Me Up With a Cup of Mornin' Sunshine Tea – a DIY Morning Boost Tea for Energy, Weight-Loss, & Detoxification”

Detox Away Impurities With Dirty Lemonade (aka charcoal lemonade)

Tis' the season of detoxes, workout programs, and juice fasts and I'm over here wishing all my detox options weren't so intense. I've tried the teatoxes that made my intestines cry, the juice fasts that made me realize I can't handle the feeling of an empty stomach, and even the intense diet changes that had me craving whatever it was I'd given up for the week. While I have found helpful lessons in all of my health-seeking adventures, I can be a bit lazy and prefer much gentler methods of detoxing.  Which is why I was excited to discover charcoal lemonade, or as I like to call it; dirty lemonade!

Continue reading “Detox Away Impurities With Dirty Lemonade (aka charcoal lemonade)”

DIY Flowerchild Immune Support* Electrolyte Pops for Kids and Adults!

It's that time of year when the kiddo is bringing home all sorts of viruses from school and I am trying my best to keep him healthy through it all. The problem is, even at my best, he is so picky that it's nearly impossible for me to find a healthy version of things that he's willing to try. One of my favorite ways to get him his vitamins and minerals while he is under the weather is with my Flowerchild Immune Support* Electrolyte pops! I combine my Flowerchild Refreshment punch, electrolyte-rich coconut water, and citrus juice, along with mineral-rich salts to make popsicles that help replenish electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals when your kiddo needs them the most!* 

Continue reading “DIY Flowerchild Immune Support* Electrolyte Pops for Kids and Adults!”

Chewy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

What is better than coming back from playing at the park on a Saturday afternoon to put delicious chewy vegan chocolate chip cookies into the oven? Nothing. As the amazing smell of freshly baked cookies filled my home, I realized that we had totally had the best Saturday afternoon as a family. I had thought of the idea while showering that morning. We could make up our cookie dough before we headed out the door, that way when we got home we could bake up a batch to enjoy after all the fun we had at the park. Out of love, Syfy and I decided to share how we make our vegan chocolate chip cookies LIVE on Facebook! For his first LIVE video, he did so well! He said that he wants to make banana cookies for our next episode, so I guess we are!

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Boost Your Energy Naturally – 5 Maca Energy Bar Recipes For Athletes

I have never loved running. I couldn't understand why anyone would want to run unless they were being chased by a creepy clown or zombies, but it seems that I have a thing for pain. Or maybe I just like accomplishing things that sound totally outside of my comfort zone. Either way, I have decided to put aside my dislike for running and train for a 5K marathon. Who would have thought that me, of all people, could be heard saying “I want to train for and complete a marathon!” Certainly not the Hippy Hubby!

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Pumpkin Pie Turmeric Breakfast Smoothie – Vegan+Gluten-Free

Pumpkin season has arrived in the Hippy household, and I am already dreaming up all the pumpkin recipes that I want to come up with for you guys! I can't deny my pumpkin-love every fall. I like to indulge in pumpkin everything….except maybe those pumpkin Oreos. During the fall season, I am a glutton for pumpkin pie any time of day. I don't care that it's a dessert, it makes the best breakfast, but sometimes I am in a hurry and don't have time to make a pie. That's where my fantastic Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Smoothie comes into play. Not only is it delicious but it's also nutritious, so ditch the guilt and indulge your pumpkin season cravings!

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