Homemade Roasted Chickpeas – A Crunchy Protein Packed Snack In 7 Different Flavors

If you have yet to try roasted chickpeas, you are so totally missing out! They are like the healthy vegan version of Corn-Nuts! Do you remember Corn-Nuts as I do? I used to be addicted to the ranch flavored Corn-Nuts and the first time that I tried a bag of roasted chickpeas I had brought home from Costco, I was totally stoked to find a much healthier alternative to my childhood favorite snack. The best part? Their chock full of protein, manganese, iron, and folate! You can’t beat a healthy snack that’s salty and crunchy!

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Help Your Kids B-Centered With 3 Savory Kid-Friendly Dips For Healthy After School Snacking

After school gets out, the kiddos are ALWAYS hungry! This year Syfy is starting public school and I am looking for all kinds of healthy ways that I can sneak nutrition in with his lunches and after-school snacks. What's a better snacking tool than sneakily healthy kid-friendly dips? Syfy is such a picky eater that I decided to come up with some more of my sneaky mom recipes that don't taste like they are sneakily filled with veggies and nutrition!

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Crispy Oven “Fried” Okra – Vegan/Gluten-Free/Oil-Free

Summertime has been a blast here at the Hippy home, as we have spent a TON of time adventuring outdoors, swimming to our hearts content, and of course consuming our summer favorites. Our CSA has been overflowing with summer veggies including a  favorite of mine, okra! Who doesn't love fried okra all summer long? The only problem is, like many other health conscious people, I don't do fried food. I wasn't about to give up my love of fried okra, so I came up with this recipe last summer when I had okra practically coming out my ears.

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5 Awesome Tips for the Perfect Smoothie

It's the start of the new year and everyone is trying to keep themselves on track with their new healthy goals for 2016. Smoothies are definitely a big part of the health movement, and if you are trying to detox, go vegan, lose weight, or just plain be healthier, it's likely that smoothies on are your list to try out. I am right there with you! This year, with a renewed vigor for keeping my body healthy, I decided I was going to get serious about my smoothie making and really try harder to have breakfast every morning.

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Orange-Scented Cranberry Sauce for a Delicious Whole Foods Holiday

Thanksgiving in the US brings about staple holiday dishes that pretty much everyone serves at their family dinner, and one of those most popular traditions, is cranberry sauce! This slightly sweet and tart, jam-like condiment, is used by most Americans to slather on their turkey, dinner rolls, and more. What once used to be a fresh and easy homemade dish served at the family holiday dinner table, now is more often than not from a can instead.  Continue reading

Top Your Pies & Hot Cocoa with Dairy-Free Homemade Coconut Milk Whipped Cream

Both Syfy and I have issues with dairy and try to avoid it as much as possible these days (with the exception of really good cheese and yogurt!). I use non-dairy options instead when making all of our classic favorites! One of first things that I searched out to learn how to make, was whipped cream. I grew up in a household that believes that no hot cocoa and no pumpkin pie should ever go without at least a dollop (or more….) of whipped cream! This is law in our house and so the thought of getting rid of all of our dairy had daunted me, when I realized that also meant my beloved whipped cream. Don't be sad! There is a fantastic and super simple alternative that tastes just as great! Take it from this whipped-creamaholic that this coconut milk whipped cream is SUPER good and doesn't taste like coconut to me, at all.  Continue reading

Vegan Avocado Salsa Stuffed Potato Skins

It's a common misconception that cheese makes everything better. I know I just made a blasphemous statement there, but throughout my vegan journey, I have learned that cheese actually covers up a lot of the flavors in a dish! Think about how your mom used to smother broccoli in cheese sauce just to get you to eat your veggies. Now, as an adult learning to live a plant-based lifestyle, I find myself surprised every time I enjoy a dairy-free dish that's traditionally served with cheese. It was with the creation of these vegan avocado salsa stuffed potato skins that I first realized cheese is not needed.

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Easy Homemade Salsa & Guacamole

I LOVE salsa. I mean, I REALLY LOVE salsa. So much so, that when I make my own salsa, I make a really BIG batch and eat nothing but chips and salsa for the next few days. I like to call this “The Salsa Diet.” If you are a salsa lover like me, you will totally understand this sentiment! With a good food processor or blender, making your own salsa is a snap and tastes WAY better than the jarred salsa sold at the grocery store. If you thought you were getting only my salsa recipe today, you are in for a special treat! What's better than fresh, homemade salsa? Fresh, homemade guacamole made with the homemade salsa! It's my secret ingredient that pumps up the flavor!

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