5 Awesome Tips for the Perfect Smoothie

It's the start of the new year and everyone is trying to keep themselves on track with their new healthy goals for 2016. Smoothies are definitely a big part of the health movement, and if you are trying to detox, go vegan, lose weight, or just plain be healthier, it's likely that smoothies on are your list to try out. I am right there with you! This year, with a renewed vigor for keeping my body healthy, I decided I was going to get serious about my smoothie making and really try harder to have breakfast every morning.

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Up Your Game at Your Next BBQ with Homemade Hamburger Buns

The most important ingredient to an out of this world cheeseburger is the bun. The bun makes the burger! I have had a few burgers in my life, that were completely ruined by a shoddy bun, but not anymore! Now, when I get invited to a summer BBQ, my friends are always asking me to bring my buns. No. Not THOSE buns! My homemade hamburger buns! They are extremely easy to make, have minimal ingredients, and take very little time or effort with the use of a Kitchenaid stand mixer. These buns even have a secret ingredient that helps give them just the right burger bun texture your are looking for! You'll never buy grocery store buns again, after you learn how easy it is to make your own. Continue reading