Orange-Scented Cranberry Sauce for a Delicious Whole Foods Holiday

Thanksgiving in the US brings about staple holiday dishes that pretty much everyone serves at their family dinner, and one of those most popular traditions, is cranberry sauce! This slightly sweet and tart, jam-like condiment, is used by most Americans to slather on their turkey, dinner rolls, and more. What once used to be a fresh and easy homemade dish served at the family holiday dinner table, now is more often than not from a can instead.  Continue reading

Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo With Mushrooms

I really love Alfredo sauce. I have always been a white sauce over red sauce kind of gal. Ever since we went vegan, I have been craving a great bowl of Fettuccine Alfredo, but I really didn't know how I was going to substitute that heavy cream sauce. Incidentally, you can make an amazing “cheese” sauce using nuts! Cashews and almonds are great staples for making mac n' cheese around this house, so I figured, why not in my Alfredo sauce too? This dish was WAY WAY less fattening than a normal bowl of Fettuccine Alfredo would be. Continue reading

Vegetarian Hawaiian Sloppy Joes For Labor Day Deliciousness

The first time that I tried to make sloppy joe's vegetarian style, I used tofu. I thought that I could just stir fry the tofu the way that I used to brown ground beef. That batch of “sloppy joe's” was soooo wrong. I had no idea how to use tofu, so I hadn't properly pressed all of the juice out of it before using it. The sloppy joe's turned out totally soft and without any sort of crunch to it. It was like pouring a thick ragu' on a bun and trying to eat it. Needless to say, I have come a LONG way from that first attempt at making vegetarian sloppy joe's. Continue reading

Cheesy Vegan Lasagna

One of my favorite cheese-filled dishes that I left behind in my dairy days, was lasagna. My mom made the best lasagna when I was growing up. I was in love with all the yummy ricotta cheese she would stuff in between the noodle layers, and I couldn't get enough. I was a  lasagna addict, and when I chose to give up dairy products, I was a little bit heartbroken at the thought of giving up lasagna for good. Never fear! The Hippy Homemaker is here to show you that vegan lasagna can be just as “cheesy” and delicious as the OG lasagna. 

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Mushroom Pot Pie For The Comfort Foodist

One of my favorite veggies, isn't even a vegetable at all. They're actually a special type of fungus! Sure, when described as a fungus, mushrooms might not be as appealing to the rest of the population, but to me they are the BEST addition to any pizza, pasta, or other savory dish. In fact, I find that I prefer the “meatiness” of mushrooms to actual meat when I order at a restaurant. I love them so much, mushrooms are most often the ingredient I use to substitute meat in all of my favorite comfort food recipes. Pot pie is no exception! My absolute favorite kind of pot pie is a hearty mushroom pot pie!

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LENTIL LOAF…the better than meatloaf loaf

I am really big on comfort foods, and one of those comfort foods that my mother used to make me as a child, was meatloaf. I always loved meatloaf for what it is; a way to stuff all of your vegetables into a dish and hardly taste any of them! My grandmother (RIP) used to get my Uncle Matthew to eat his veggies (as he absolutely despised anything resembling a vegetable) by making dishes like meatloaf and stuffing them full of veggies that you couldn't taste within the dish. Over the years, I have learned that my Grandmother knew what she was doing! With my son Syfy, I find myself following in my Grandmother's footsteps, and lentil loaf is a great veggie sneaker!

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Are those chicken nuggets? NO! They’re CAJUN FRIED CAULIFLOWER NUGGETS

My dad used to tell me that he hated cauliflower because it was so “bland-tasting,” but I have always been a big lover of cauliflower. I wanted to show him that cauliflower could be super flavorful and delicious, and came up with this recipe to surprise him with these nuggets of goodness! It worked because we all ended up fighting over the last nuggets on the table! Even the kiddo, a staunch vegetable hater, loves these nuggets!

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