It’s Easy to Homemake Bone Broth!

During the Fall and Winter seasons, when the temperatures drop, the leaves fall to the ground, and germs are running rampant, there is one food remedy that has graced the hearth of homes for centuries, but is only just now being studied for it's awesomeness in helping boost immune function during an illness. In the Hippy world, it's a well-known fact that there is nothing like a good cup of bone broth when you are feeling under the weather, and today we're going to learn ALL about bone broth and how to EASILY make it at home!
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Vegan Coconut Ginger Pho Soup for the Soul

For those of you readers that follow me on Facebook, you know that my family and I have been sick for the last week. Tonight, I was finally feeling up to making something for us for dinner and all that I could think about was that I wanted some Pho. Before I went vegan, whenever I was sick, Pho was my go to soup since I am not a fan of most other really brothy soups. Continue reading “Vegan Coconut Ginger Pho Soup for the Soul”

Sweet Potato, Lentil, and Kale Soup for the Manliest of Bearded Lumberjacks…and everyone else too

I used to think that I didn't like soup. I believed, that soup was just this bland watered down stomach filler, that usually made me hungrier than every just an hour or two after eating it. Now, a year and a half into a vegetarian life-style and I have discovered my love for fragrant flavor bursting soups that are so hearty, even a manly bearded lumberjack would go home with a full stomach.  Continue reading “Sweet Potato, Lentil, and Kale Soup for the Manliest of Bearded Lumberjacks…and everyone else too”

Vegetables & Dumplings Hippy Homemaker Style

If there is one thing I just LOVED to eat, that my mother would make when I was a kid, it was Chicken n' Dumplings. There are two ways that your dumplings can turn out; light and fluffy, or dense and doughy. My dad was a big proponent of the “light and fluffy” dumpling, so if they turned out that way, there were rarely any dumplings left for the rest of us. This, made me fall in love with the dense and doughy style dumpling because if that's how they turned out, my dad wouldn't eat them at all (which meant LOTS for me!!). Continue reading “Vegetables & Dumplings Hippy Homemaker Style”

Black Bean Chili with Quinoa

Andy LOVES chili. When I make chili, he takes the entire batch to work and eats it over a weeks period of time, all by himself. I find that hilarious, as I was never big on chili before we became vegetarians. I never really liked the flavor of ground beef. It always grossed me out. (Ha!!!My senses knew from way back then to stay away from the “pink slime”!) Needless to say, Andy wanted me to find a vegetarian chili that he could fall in love with. This recipe here, is the one that he is in love with. He always asks me to make him chili, even in these HOT summer days. Continue reading “Black Bean Chili with Quinoa”