Cool Vibes Vapor Rub Jr – A Eucalyptus-Free Child-Safe Vapor Rub

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Last year, when Robert Tisserand's newest edition of Essential Oil Safety  hit the shelves, everyone was surprised that it was now advised not to use ANY form of eucalyptus and rosemary on children under the age of 10 and peppermint on children under the age of 6 years old because of the menthol and cineol content in those essential oils. My first thought was, well now I have to re-think my vapor rub! This vapor rub is my eucalyptus-free child-safe version! Using the gentler woodsy essential oils, such as fir needle and cypress, you can effectively create a vapor rub that will help break up mucus, open up the lungs for easier breathing, and help soothe a cough.

Essential Oil Safety with Babies and Children

You can learn more about essential oil safety for babies and children here.

 Cool Vibes Vapor Rub Jr. 

The fir needle essential oil in this recipe can be substituted for cypress, spruce (picea abies, picea glauca, picea mariana, picea rubens) or pine (pinus divaricata, pinus resinosa, pinus strobus, pinus sylvestris). The woodsy essential oils are all really great at helping combat congestion, coughs, and even are great expectorants! You can easily make this recipe with only the essential oils and coconut oil. In the winter time, unrefined coconut oil will harden if the temperature drops below 76 degrees, so if you do not have any beeswax on hand, do not fear! Simply melt the coconut oil, add the essential oils and allow to cool. This recipe makes 8 oz. of salve. You can pour this into four 2 oz. tins or one 8 oz. mason jar, for storage. I like to make this recipe with both olive oil and coconut oil because it utilizes the natural healing benefits of both while also making the final consistency smoother. If you only have one on hand, you can replace either of the oils with the carrier oil that you have on hand. 






  1. In a double boiler melt the coconut oil, olive oil, and beeswax.
  2. Remove from heat and add age appropriate essential oil blend and vitamin e (if using). Pour into containers to cool. Store in a cool dark place when not in use.

TO USE: Dab a small amount onto your fingers and apply to your child's chest, back, and feet to help open up airways and ease breathing. An old school remedy to help your child sleep is to rub a generous amount of vapor rub on their feet and cover them with socks, before bed. This will help your child sleep soundly through the night when they have a cough and congestion. Even my pediatrician has told me to do this! You can also use a small scoop of this in a cup of hot water to make a steam inhalant. Use as often as needed. A little bit goes a LONG way! Do not rub this on your child's face or around their nose.

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