DIY All-Natural Hair Styling Pomade That Rocks!

  • Allison Kari

    I want to see this mohawk! :)
    Do you know of any good hippified leave in conditioner/detangler? I use an organic spray for my daughter’s curly hair but just saw on the Skin Deep site that some of the ingredients could be a problem. I was thinking about something with rosemary and chamomile in it, but I haven’t started mixing anything up yet. Thanks so much, I love your blog!

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  • Troy

    CORRECTIONS, SORRY :-) I really like a pomade called “Fiber” by American Crew because it’s super thick and works very well on my fine hair. Since I prefer really thick pomades, should I skip the hand mixer step?

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  • jul

    Do you know how to make waterbase pomade? I have search it but cant’t get the anwser

    • Christina@TheHippyHomemaker

      making a water based pomade would require preservatives which most people who read my site don’t want to use or have to purchase. An oil based pomade doesn’t require any preservatives because there is no water in it! Makes it last a whole lot longer and is easier for people to make at home! Thanks so much for your question :)

  • cait

    Hey! really looking forward to making this. If i sub the coconut oil for shea butter how much should I use?

    • Christina@TheHippyHomemaker

      You can sub them for the same amount because coconut oil is considered a hard oil since it hardens at 76 degrees. In the summer you may need to add a tad bit more beeswax though!

  • marksison602

    I also made my own recipe for homemade pomade using different hair products but im not sure if its ok to use those mixtures

  • Troy

    Hi Christina I was hoping if you could help me make a pomade of my own. My goal is to make a pomade that smells like sweet potato pie. Do you think it would be alright to put sweet potatoes and cinnamon in my pomade mixture?

    • Christina@TheHippyHomemaker

      Hi Troy! HMMMM….that will be one you’re going to have to play around with. If you want to use sweet potatoes in it, you’d have to use dried/powdered sweet potatoes (water introduced to the recipe would mean you would need a preservative as well as an emulsifier)….the only thing I would be concerned about is whether or not it will stain because sweet potatoes have a high amount of beta carotene so they can stain stuff orange sometimes. You’ll want to strand test with it after you are done making it. If you have a dehydrator you can slice the sweet potatoes and then dehydrate them. After they’re done drying out, just throw them in your food processor/blender and turn them into powder. I would hypothosize that that powder could be substituted in where the arrowroot powder is in this recipe. For the essential oils, a combo of cinnamon leaf, nutmeg, and vanilla absolute would probably give you the spicy sweet scent that would come from sweet potatoe pie. You will have to tell me how it works out because I am now curious lol. I imagine that all the vitamins and minerals in sweet potatoes (if it doesn’t stain your hair) will be really good for your scalp and hair.

  • Melissa Dolgetta Owens

    Hey Christina! I made your pomade, and I’m having a few guys test it out for me. So far the feedback is that they can’t get it out of their hair in the shower. I’m guessing it’s the beeswax mostly. What do you recommend for helping wash this stuff out? Thanks so much.

    • Christina@TheHippyHomemaker

      Hi there! Beeswax breaks down in hair if you use olive oil in your hair! You would of course want to rinse it with hot water and then shampoo a couple times to get the oil out and in the end you’ll have very conditioned hair! It’s best when using beeswax based products in your hair, to use a minimum amount because if this. my husband uses my pomade every day on his mohawk and it works really well, but it does build up over time because of beeswax.

  • Susan K.

    I discovered that if you put all the ingredients in a small mason jar and use that as the container for the double boiling — there’s no clean up! I actually put the mason jar in the microwave and with 30 second increments (watch it until the beeswax is just melted), everything was combined just fine. I think it’s stated — a little goes a loooong way. I don’t have any problem washing it out of my pixie (sometimes spikey) hair cut. I skipped the arrowroot and then added lavender essential oil. This is a most excellent recipe.

  • fahad

    oooh nice , just made it and waiting for it to cool cant wait to apply C: thanks for the brilliant recipe , totally recommending the simple yet the best recipe to everyone !!!f

  • fahad

    skip the step where you have to add arrowroot powder

  • fahad

    ok its cooled but its still a bit dry and not sticky , should i add more olive oil ?

    • Christina@TheHippyHomemaker

      Hi Fahad! the stickiness will come from how much beeswax you use, if you would like a firmer hold use more beeswax and coconut oil/shea butter (I use shea butter, jojoba oil, and beeswax in the one that I sell in the shop. my ratios for my recipes for the medium and heavy pomade that I make are 3-2-2. So for my medium pomade it’s 3 shea butter, 2 beeswax, 2 jojoba, and my heavy switched the shea butter and beeswax.) Does that make sense?

      • fahad

        Ohhh OK thanks

  • Guest

    Does the pomade end up super super thick. If not how do I make the pomade thicker. and stiffer. My Hair goes down to my nose and I want it to hold my hair up.

  • jjdt

    Does the pomade come out super super thick? If not how do I make the pomade thicker and stiffer. My hair goes down a little past my nose and I was wondering if it would keep my hair up. Sorry about posting the question three times but it wasn’t appearing on the page.

  • Guest

    Does the pomade come out super thick and stiff? If not how do I make it so? My hair goes a little past my nose and I was wondering if it would keep my hair up.

  • Akash

    can you plz tell the use of arrowroot powder …..??

    • Christina@TheHippyHomemaker

      Hi there! It helps to absorb some of the oils so that the pomade isn’t too greasy, though it’s completely optional and can even be subbed with corn starch if needed! Thanks!

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