DIY All-Natural Hair Styling Pomade That Rocks!

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After I made the Coconut Lime Ocean Waves Hair Spray, the Hippy Husband practically begged me to come up with an all natural styling pomade that he could use on his rockin’ awesome mo-hawk.  I heard from my Facebook readers that they would definitely love for me to make a pomade. With that, I whipped up what I thought would be the most amazing hair pomade ever…but it turned out more like a hard lotion bar. Hmmmm…what was I doing wrong?

It didn’t take too much time before I realized that I needed to change my ratios of wax/oil and to whip it with my electric hand mixer, once it set. That was the trick that did it! The end result was just like the pomade that I had once paid $10+ dollars for.

The Hippy Husband tried this out on his hair and said it worked perfectly! It lasted all day long and had just the kind of hold he was looking for. I chose not to add any essential oils to this recipe, just because the coconut oil and the beeswax have a nice light scent when combined. If you would like to add some scent to this, you could add 10 drops of rosemary or lavender. Both essential oils help to stimulate hair growth and are great for use in hair products.

Rockin’ Awesome Hair Styling Pomade

I have updated this recipe to show my medium and heavy hold recipes so that you can have a better idea how to make both! Most users of the heavy hold pomade love to use it to hold their hair in place, like my hubby’s mohawk. The medium hold pomade is great for a light hold with texture. I like to use the medium hold on my hair to give my curls a little bit of texture and definition!


  • 3 Tbsp. beeswax 
  • 2 Tbsp. Shea butter (you can substitute this with unrefined coconut oil if you like, but shea butter is less greasy)
  • 2 Tbsp. jojoba oil (you can use almost any other carrier oil here, such as olive, almond, apricot kernel, or even coconut oil.)
  • 1 Tbsp. arrowroot powder or non-gmo corn starch (optional, takes some of the grease out from the oils. If you like a little bit of glossy shine then don’t worry about this option, I left this out and the Hippy Husband loves it.)
  • 2 vitamin E pills (optional)


  • 3 Tbsp. Shea butter (you can substitute this with unrefined coconut oil if you like, but shea butter is less greasy) 
  • 2 Tbsp. beeswax 
  • 2 Tbsp. jojoba oil (you can use almost any other carrier oil here, such as olive, almond, apricot kernel, or even coconut oil.)
  • 1 Tbsp. arrowroot powder or non-gmo corn starch (optional, takes some of the grease out from the oils. If you like a little bit of glossy shine then don’t worry about this option, I left this out and the Hippy Husband loves it.)
  • 2 vitamin E pills (optional)


  1. In a double boiler, (I usually use a pyrex bowl in a sauce pan of boiling water as my makeshift double boiler) melt the beeswax and shea butter, stirring every so often.
  2. When the beeswax and shea butter is melted, allow to sit on heat for 20 minutes to process the shea butter.
  3. Mix together arrowroot powder and jojoba oil in a small bowl, until arrowroot is dissolved into the oil. If using Vitamin E to lengthen the shelf life of the pomade,  poke the vitamin E pills squeezing the contents into the bowl and let cool until hardened.
  4. Remove shea/wax mixture from heat, and add arrowroot/jojoba oil mixture.
  5. Using your hand mixer, blend the hair pomade until it begins to turn into a pudding/taffy like texture. (It shouldn’t take too long, since there is a decent amount of beeswax in the recipe!)
  6. Scoop into your designated container and store in a cool dark place.
  7. Use only a small pea sized amount on hair. A little goes a long way!

What other hair products do you want me to hippify? 

Don’t feel like another DIY project (or don’t have the time)? You can purchase this Head Trip Hair Pomade, in my Etsy Shoppe! By shopping in my store you are supporting an eco-friendly home based small business. I personally handcraft every single item that leaves my shoppe!


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  • Jen

    What a find! Thanks for this post…in the middle of making it now 🙂 Would it be possible to add some therapeutic grade essential oils to it? Do you know which ones/how much? Thanks!!

  • Reny Thomas

    I am having the same problem..ever figure out what the issue was?

    • shea butter can tend to do this! Try replacing the shea butter with mango butter or cocoa butter! They don’t have this same problem!

      • Reny Thomas

        I was actually using coconut oil haha
        I’m starting to think its the beeswax but it is all natural so I’m not sure. I didn’t use arrowroot powder. Maybe I should try that?

  • Mark Tennis

    I ONLY use natural products. I now have been using Made from Earth’s Valencia Orange Lotion, and I like it. It has alot of Beeswax in it. Will try it for another week and let you know how it goes. So far so good and it smells great! I used to use Burts Bees products, but they were not moisturizing enough – and the overall quality not where I wanted it to be.

  • you sure can!

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  • this made my whole day to read! I am so happy to hear that he loves it! Maybe he’ll come around to more of your natural products 😉

  • Veronica

    Hello, im interested in making A water based pomade that holds great but washes out easily too. Example; upper cut. Made in Australia

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  • Ben F

    Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been frustrated by how unnatural most hair products are. I noticed that around a point in my life when I switched to showering in the morning and leaving hair gel in overnight, I actually started losing my hair at an increasing rate (genetics had already started that unfortunately). I recently made a greet tea and tea tree oil agar hair gel, but was looking for something with more hold…and now I found it!!

  • Totally! Unfortunately your hands just can’t do what a mixer can, but you can simply get a hand mixer (like the kind you use for mashed potatoes) I use mine for that ALL the time!

    • Joseph Migrala

      thanks, just bought a cheap mixer for $20. Just finished mixing and will try it out tomorrow!

  • RapiciousWriter

    If you only add water, it will not combine with the beeswax and emulsion. Typical beeswax emulsions are made with combination of borax. The water will separate everytime…..

  • Geronimo

    Could you work on a High Shine Pomade? Similar to Woody’s Pomade. It’s high hold but with awesome shine for a great slick back product.

    • funny! I am actually working on that for a post this next week! you must be reading my mind! Keep your eyes peeled!

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  • Kurutteru Nezumi

    Hi, thank you for this awesomazing recipe. Is there a way to replace some of the ingrdients to make a water-based pomade? Can I use aloe vera gel instead of jojoba oil? Haha

  • Marcus Moncevais

    I may have missed this, but what’s the shelf life of the end formula?

    • Being that it’s not made with water (that’s when you need to worry about preservation), this can easily last you 9-12 months if you don’t get any water or bacteria in the container!

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  • Hi there Karen, yes you would use more beeswax for more hold. If you use a normal sudsing shampoo, it should come out just fine. We use a natural no sudsing shampoo from morrocco method and my hubby uses the heavy hold I make him to put his mohawk up. It only takes very little at that strength, to work so he doesn’t haven’t a problem getting it to wash out. If you made this like a lotion, with a small amount of water or hydrosol, this would be even easier to wash out without soap

    • karen

      Thank you very much for your answer! For the first batch, I guess I didnt mix it throughly?! So it wasnt that smooth then I melt it again and let it cool down, yet it became really hard to take out and use. Should I add more jojoba oils? or shea butter? ( I would like to keep it a strong hold though.)

    • Andy

      Hi Christina, related to this comment, I’m looking for a hair pomade that is more just a soft hold for his medium length hair. I suspect beeswax will provide to much hold and stickiness. Would you suggest anything with more of a cream consistency? Thanks!

  • ash

    Are you using pure beeswax or the white beeswax?

    • I use just the plain beeswax that is yellow, I don’t have a problem with the color, but if you want the final product to look whiter, you can use the white beeswax!

  • Raegan

    Hi! This is my first time finding your page, and I have to say I can’t wait to see what else you have! I’m wondering, though, about how many and what size tins do you use in one batch?

  • Buzz

    hey Christina, firstly thanks. i had a go at this using beeswax (40grms), kokum butter (40 grms) (because shea butter was very hard to get, is this ok?), 30 ml jojoba oil, 1 tbsp coconut oil and 10 grms arrowroot, and 1 tbsp spearmint oil. I followed ur steps and it turned out pretty good. Although i prefer a little bit more matte look as with the above its a little to shiny for me. so i was wondering how to make it a little less shiny. (using more arrowroot ? or other places i ve read that some clay can be also used? any ideas for me? ). thanks in advance

    • both clay and arrowroot will work to make it more matte and less oily, coconut oil and olive oil are two oils that can cause a greasier look though because they are heavier oils. i would suggest trying a dryer oil like hemp seed oil, you will likely find that to be a lot less greasy looking!

  • Kevin

    If I am not entirely happy with the hold, could I melt the current mixture and just add more beeswax to the recipe…or would I have to make a new batch. Not to sure if reheating the mixture would cause for something not to work to well once complete. Please advise. Thanks

    • yup you can totally melt it and add more beeswax for a firmer hold! It won’t ruin it at all! If you added essential oils to it, you may have to add a few more, as the heat will evaporate them so they aren’t as potent smelling, but other than that you can always remelt and cool and of the butters/salves/pomades!

  • joshua

    Hi there!

    I was just reading through your blog and wanted to ask you a few questions via .. I hope you see this.

    A friend and I decided to make some pomade at home and we ran into a lot of problems with the different batches we tried.

    1.End product was too hard to do anything with.
    2.End product clumped too much.

    Aside from the clumping, we managed to emulsify most of it and it actually provided a pretty good hold!

    What are we doing wrong here :(?

    We used 3 ingredients, beeswax, castor oil, and essential oil.

    After melting the beeswax, we then add in the castor oil and essential oils and let it sit till the mixture is fully clear.
    We then pour it into little jars and let it cool.

    Is there an ingredient we are missing that will help the pomade be more easily emulsified in the hands before application to the hair? Or are we just doing something wrong here…

    I would reaaaally appreciate your help and I hope you read this.. 🙁


    • Christina

      the amount of beeswax that you use is going to determine how hard your pomade is. A basic 1 Tbsp. of beeswax to 1/4 cup oil will get you a hardness that you can further customize with more or less beeswax, depending on what kind of hold you are looking for! I am not exactly sure what you are asking when you say emulsify, because beeswax and castor oil are both of the oil side so there is no emulsification needed because there’s no water based ingredients involved. If you are wanting it to be less chunky, I suggest you whip it (like in this recipe) before and during it’s cooling, this will help change the consistency so that it’s not so chunky before melting on your fingers.

      • joshua

        Couple more questions..

        1) Does room temperature or climate affect the homebrewing process?
        2) How does castor oil/ jajoba oil/ olive oil/ coconut oil interact with the beeswax in terms of hold/shine/etc?

        Cause I’ve noticed where I used only beeswax and castor in the ratio 1:4, we had a pretty nice hold despite it clumping a fair bit..

        While olive oil+coconut in the ratio 1wax:1olive:1coconut was easy to spread but had problems holding the style up.

        Will coconut oil help to prevent clumping?

  • bonnie cheung

    Hey. I was wondering if i can skip the whipping step and pour the concoction while it is still in it’s liquid state into the container. (I’m planning on making multiples as gifts). I read through the comments and from what I gather, the jajoba oil is the culprit in the lumpiness due to temperature change. If I opt for the coconut oil rather than jajoba oil, can I avoid the lumpiness? Thanks in advance.

  • Kevin

    Good day. Could one use hemp seed oil instead of jojoba?

    • Christina

      yes absolutely! I love hemp seed oil!

  • slickback

    Using this recipe how much pomade can I make? I really would like try this. Thanks for the great article.

  • Reuben

    Hey there, it looks good. One thing about home-made pomades though… they are hard to wash out, is this one hard to wash out? Any tips on making pomade that can wash out easy (ideally with water or just a little bit of shampoo)? But I think those versions have a lot of chemicals.. Thanks

    • Christina

      if you made a pomade using water along with the beeswax, butters, and/or oils, and them emulsify it the same way you would make a lotion, it would wash out of your hair easier, though my hubby uses this particular pomade daily and has no issues with it washing out of his hair!

    • I love this pomade. I have a short, spiky thick hair in a pixie cut. What you’ll find is that you don’t have to use as much product, so that makes it easy to wash out. Hot water will “melt” it away, literally. Plus it’s good for your scalp in terms of nutrients.

  • What ratio of ingredients should I use if I want a strong hold? I realize this has been partly answered before, but I couldn’t find a straight-forward answer. I will be using the “standard” ingredients, but liquid vitamin E oil rather than pills. Hope you find time to answer this soon, since I will be making this later today.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Christina

      Hi there Ronny!

      For heavy hold I use more beeswax than shea butter! for this recipe 5 Tbsp. beeswax 3 Tbsp. shea butter, 3-4 Tbsp. jojoba oil should do the trick!

  • james

    Hi Christina,

    I just checked out your etsy link and I wanted to see if you’ll be selling your pomade anytime soon. Thanks for sharing some knowledge.

  • I’m vegan. Just wondering if I can substitute Candelilla wax for beeswax? Many thanks!

    • Christina

      Yes you sure can, in ANY recipe that calls for beeswax in fact! I would use a tad less of the Candelilla wax, because it is a bit harder than beeswax, but after experimentation you can find the right texture that you are looking for!

      • Deb

        Thank you Christina. Love your enthusiasm and willingness to share your knowledge.

  • Any suggestions on essential oils to add to this recipe?

    • Christina

      I love to use rosemary, lime, and vanilla in this recipe!

  • Phill

    Hi. I can’t wait to try this. I’m slowly gathering the ingredients this weekend. I just picked up some beeswax at the farmer’s market this morning. I’m wondering how much vitamin E oil you would recommend in place of the vitamin E pills?

    • Christina

      1/2 tsp. per batch should be plenty fine!

      • Phill

        I just wanted to let you know that it turned out great and I love it. I’ve been using it for two weeks and it’s way better than any store bought hair paste. Thank you!

  • Meg

    Does it matter if one uses unrefined shea butter or is it better to use regular shea butter?

    • Christina

      I usually use unrefined myself, but you can of course use either one. The unrefined has more of the nutrients in it than the refined does!

  • brianna

    Hello! I whipped this up today and let it cool on the counter before whipping it. Once whipped however it was still a little runny, unlike your picture shown here. It’s definitely a pudding consistency but I was hoping for more of the taffy consistency you described. Did I not let it cool long enough maybe or should I add more beeswax? I put it in the fridge for now to cool more and then I’m going to re whip it and hope it helps. Thanks!

    • Christina

      Hi there! It can take hours for it to set to it’s true consistency. I always find it set the next day! I whip it while its cooling because it can tend to cool quickly and with the beeswax it’s much harder to whip when it’s cooled. Body butters whip easily when cooled but that is because they usually don’t contain beeswas. The heavier hold that you want (i.e. more beeswax) the harder it will be to whip when cold. To get the best consistency I like to whip it while it’s warm, until it turns into a taffy state and then put it in the containers and let it cool on the counter over night to come to its final consistency! I hope that helps!

  • Jimmannix

    I find your blog very interesting. My dad is a beekeeper in the Caribbean, and he just throws his beeswax away after harvesting; so this could be a potential revenue stream for us. My question is , can we replace the coconut oil with castor oil ?

    • Christina

      you would want to replace the jojoba oil with the castor oil. It’s best to replace the liquid oil with a liquid oil!

  • Gethin

    Hey Christina,

    I’m after some advice, I mixed up a batch of pomade yesterday roughly using your recipe and now it’s cooled it seams to have small hardish lumps in it. Have you ever had this before? Everything had combined before placing into the contain, it was 100% in a liquid state. I just used 1/3’s, bees wax, shea butter and coconut oil.



    • Christina

      Hi there Gethin! I can tell you exactly what it is lol. Shea butter is a grainy butter. When it goes through temp changes (like change of seasons or change of house temps) it gets gritty. To try and avoid this as much as possible, leave the melted butters/beeswax mixture on the heat for 20 minutes after it’s completely melted. I actually take this a bit further with the pomade that I make in my shoppe, just to avoid little lumps. As soon as I am done melting I use my hand mixer in a bowl and hand mix it like a whipped body butter until it’s like a pudding consistency. Then I scoop it into containers. Whipping it helps the shea butter to be more consistent too BUT if your tin goes through any temp changes your shea will get lumpy again. It’s not gone bad, it’s just the shea butter. It is totally safe to remelt it and rewhip it if you just can’t stand the lumps. Let me know if you need any more help!

  • Chuck

    Hi Christina,

    I’d love to try out this recipe, but I’m a vegan so beeswax is not a option for me. Could you suggest any substitute with the same effects and characteristics as beeswax?


    • Christina

      You can use CARNAUBA WAX in place of beeswax! I haven’t personally used it myself, but I do know from reading that it’s a harder wax than beeswax, so I would do a test batch with less wax than is called for in the beeswax recipe, to get the right texture!

      • Chuck

        Thanks a lot Christina! Will be trying that out soon.

  • Glenn

    Loved the recipe! Thank you!!! I added about a 1/4 tsp of bentonite clay loved the added texture.

  • I made some of this yesterday after running out of my old hair stuff. I’ve only only used it one day so far, but I’m already loving it! I have chin length hair and need something to “dirty” it up, for lack of a better term, so my hair doesn’t get too pouffy. Thanks for posting the recipe! I’ve also used some on my hands and it’s really nice an not overly greasy.

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  • kayleigh

    How many grams of pomade will this recipe make. Also for a strong hold should i apply more beeswax?

    • Christina

      yes, if you want a stronger hold use more beeswax than the rest of the recipe. I would also suggest trying shea butter instead of coconut oil, that’s what I use in my shoppe. It will give a stronger hold and still condition the hair nicely! Happy crafting!

  • Amy

    Howdy! Just wondering how much does this make? Trying to find a container that’ll hold all of it (:

    • Christina

      Hi there Amy! This makes a little over 3/4 cup so either three 2 oz. tins or just get a 8 oz mason jar! those jars work great for salves, butters, and whatnot!

  • Petteri Pesonen

    Hi, I’ve been using different kind of pomades and finally found the right one, Beeswax. But living in Finland there isn’t many providers and prices are 3-5 times so finding out that making it by my self is so easy is a relief to me. 😀 So thank you for this recipe! I just need to acquire some beeswax from friend of mine, who is a beekeeper and I’m ready for some cooking. But to the question, if I use shea butter, do you think that vitamin E from it is enough to lenghten the shelf life? And what do you think how long does this last (stored in dark and cool place) before going rancid, with or without vitamin E?

    Best regards,

    Petteri Pesonen

  • AHy

    Can you make some and let me buy it from you?

  • Eric

    My wife made this when she developed a fragrance allergy. We have been using for over a year now and we love it!! We have not experienced the buildup described, so I assume it is the lighter ratio described above. We have never done the mixer step, but will try on our next batch. Thanks!

  • Akash

    can you plz tell the use of arrowroot powder …..??

    • Hi there! It helps to absorb some of the oils so that the pomade isn’t too greasy, though it’s completely optional and can even be subbed with corn starch if needed! Thanks!

  • Guest

    Does the pomade come out super thick and stiff? If not how do I make it so? My hair goes a little past my nose and I was wondering if it would keep my hair up.

  • jjdt

    Does the pomade come out super super thick? If not how do I make the pomade thicker and stiffer. My hair goes down a little past my nose and I was wondering if it would keep my hair up. Sorry about posting the question three times but it wasn’t appearing on the page.

  • Guest

    Does the pomade end up super super thick. If not how do I make the pomade thicker. and stiffer. My Hair goes down to my nose and I want it to hold my hair up.

  • fahad

    ok its cooled but its still a bit dry and not sticky , should i add more olive oil ?

    • Hi Fahad! the stickiness will come from how much beeswax you use, if you would like a firmer hold use more beeswax and coconut oil/shea butter (I use shea butter, jojoba oil, and beeswax in the one that I sell in the shop. my ratios for my recipes for the medium and heavy pomade that I make are 3-2-2. So for my medium pomade it’s 3 shea butter, 2 beeswax, 2 jojoba, and my heavy switched the shea butter and beeswax.) Does that make sense?

      • fahad

        Ohhh OK thanks

  • fahad

    oooh nice , just made it and waiting for it to cool cant wait to apply C: thanks for the brilliant recipe , totally recommending the simple yet the best recipe to everyone !!!f

  • Melissa Dolgetta Owens

    Hey Christina! I made your pomade, and I’m having a few guys test it out for me. So far the feedback is that they can’t get it out of their hair in the shower. I’m guessing it’s the beeswax mostly. What do you recommend for helping wash this stuff out? Thanks so much.

    • Hi there! Beeswax breaks down in hair if you use olive oil in your hair! You would of course want to rinse it with hot water and then shampoo a couple times to get the oil out and in the end you’ll have very conditioned hair! It’s best when using beeswax based products in your hair, to use a minimum amount because if this. my husband uses my pomade every day on his mohawk and it works really well, but it does build up over time because of beeswax.

  • Grady

    I’m a guy growing my hair out. I’m in my 40s and work in a business professional
    environment so I have to keep it pretty tidy which is proving tough as
    it grows out (thick and wavy/curly). I like this pomade so far. My hair is a tough customer and this pomade is doing OK … my hair ends up winning by the early evening. I really like how it is conditioning my hair. My old pomade and no-poo combination were going a bad direction — hair was soft and felt nice but was looking really dry after it was rinsed and dried. So I “rebooted” and started using this. I haven’t done my first wash since starting to use this but I have rinsed it in the shower and that, as expected, really did nothing. So I’m guessing I’m going to need to clarify weekly to get this stuff out and would like to do that as no/low poo friendly as possible. I’d like to know more about how you or your husband have adapted hair routines after incorporating this pomade. Thanks!

  • Troy

    Hi Christina I was hoping if you could help me make a pomade of my own. My goal is to make a pomade that smells like sweet potato pie. Do you think it would be alright to put sweet potatoes and cinnamon in my pomade mixture?

    • Hi Troy! HMMMM….that will be one you’re going to have to play around with. If you want to use sweet potatoes in it, you’d have to use dried/powdered sweet potatoes (water introduced to the recipe would mean you would need a preservative as well as an emulsifier)….the only thing I would be concerned about is whether or not it will stain because sweet potatoes have a high amount of beta carotene so they can stain stuff orange sometimes. You’ll want to strand test with it after you are done making it. If you have a dehydrator you can slice the sweet potatoes and then dehydrate them. After they’re done drying out, just throw them in your food processor/blender and turn them into powder. I would hypothosize that that powder could be substituted in where the arrowroot powder is in this recipe. For the essential oils, a combo of cinnamon leaf, nutmeg, and vanilla absolute would probably give you the spicy sweet scent that would come from sweet potatoe pie. You will have to tell me how it works out because I am now curious lol. I imagine that all the vitamins and minerals in sweet potatoes (if it doesn’t stain your hair) will be really good for your scalp and hair.

  • marksison602

    I also made my own recipe for homemade pomade using different hair products but im not sure if its ok to use those mixtures

  • cait

    Hey! really looking forward to making this. If i sub the coconut oil for shea butter how much should I use?

    • You can sub them for the same amount because coconut oil is considered a hard oil since it hardens at 76 degrees. In the summer you may need to add a tad bit more beeswax though!

  • jul

    Do you know how to make waterbase pomade? I have search it but cant’t get the anwser

    • making a water based pomade would require preservatives which most people who read my site don’t want to use or have to purchase. An oil based pomade doesn’t require any preservatives because there is no water in it! Makes it last a whole lot longer and is easier for people to make at home! Thanks so much for your question 🙂

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  • Troy

    CORRECTIONS, SORRY 🙂 I really like a pomade called “Fiber” by American Crew because it’s super thick and works very well on my fine hair. Since I prefer really thick pomades, should I skip the hand mixer step?

  • Troy

    I really like a pomade called “Fiber” by American Crew because it’s really think and world well on my fine hair. Since I prefer really thick pomades, should I skip the hand mixer step?

    • fahad

      skip the step where you have to add arrowroot powder

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  • Steven

    Couple of problems.. The pomade itself is great but its greasy as hell to make and its nearly impossible to clean up your kitchen tools due to the beewax. And its also difficult to get out of your hair. I don’t think it’s worth the mess.

    • I discovered that if you put all the ingredients in a small mason jar and use that as the container for the double boiling — there’s no clean up! I actually put the mason jar in the microwave and with 30 second increments (watch it until the beeswax is just melted), everything was combined just fine. I think it’s stated — a little goes a loooong way. I don’t have any problem washing it out of my pixie (sometimes spikey) hair cut. I skipped the arrowroot and then added lavender essential oil. This is a most excellent recipe.

  • I want to see this mohawk! 🙂
    Do you know of any good hippified leave in conditioner/detangler? I use an organic spray for my daughter’s curly hair but just saw on the Skin Deep site that some of the ingredients could be a problem. I was thinking about something with rosemary and chamomile in it, but I haven’t started mixing anything up yet. Thanks so much, I love your blog!