DIY Aromatherapy Shower Steamers – For Congestion, Illness, Sleep Issues, & More

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Some people just don't like to take baths. I can understand that. Sometimes I get too hot and usually run the risk of dropping whatever it is I'm reading whether it be a book or a tablet. Sometimes a shower can be the perfect healing apparatus. Especially when you have your own homemade aromatherapy shower steamers on hand!

There is an ancient history to medicinal steam baths

Herbal steam baths have been popular all over the world in many ancient civilizations and cultures. From the Mongol's to the Mayans, and the Romans to the Native Americans, steam baths have been used for more than just beauty and luxury; they were originally utilized for the healing properties that these steamy, fragrant baths provide. With the steam, ancient herbalists were able to extract some of the fresh plant's healing constituents into the air (pretty much the plant's essential oils), to be breathed in. During times of illness, steam was used along with other herbal concoctions to help relieve congestion, loosen muscles, and soothe the mind and soul.

Shower steamers give you an aromatherapeutic experience

You can harness the healing benefits of the ancient ritual of steam bathing, in your own shower by making your own aromatherapy shower steamers! Aromatherapy shower steamers are small fizzy discs (or other shapes, I don't discriminate!) that you put at the end of your shower, out of the stream of water. As it fizzes and effervesces, the essential oils on them float up into the steam, giving you an aromatherapeutic steam that can help with congestion and stuffy nose, combating illness, help calm and soothe you, or even wake you up. The best part is that you can customize your experience with your essential oils, no matter what you're needing, you can make a blend for it!

DIY Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

I like to make these individually rather than a large batch of just one scent, that way I can use them for whatever use I want or give them away as personalized gifts. This is why the essential oil blends below, are to drop directly onto the dry/cooled shower steamer discs, rather than mix into the mix. If you choose to bake your discs, do not add essential oils to them until they are dry and cool because they are volatile oils and will evaporate, not to mention the heat would destroy the therapeutic properties of the essential oil! Aromatherapy shower steamers aren't just for congestion blends, you can add to these all sorts of blends to achieve the healing and relaxing benefits of aromatherapy. Below I have given several of my own favorite essential oil blends to use on your shower steamers!

I searched the web high and low for aromatherapy vapor discs and shower steamers and nearly all of them are just baking soda and water for the recipe, but all of the comments and complaints talk about them crumbling to pieces, and not making a solid firm shape. From making both bath fizzies and dishwasher tablets, I knew the key secret that they were missing in all of their recipes; citric acid and arrowroot powder. Citric acid, when combined with baking soda, has the same reaction as vinegar and makes the fizzy action happen! I spent an entire day making shower steamers with all sorts of ingredients and this is my final recipe that seemed to make the firmest shape! Now, I have a lot of shower steamers on hand for later!

I like to use silicon molds and mini muffin pans to make these in all sorts of shapes! Many blogs talk about using muffin liners, but you do not have to use them! If the mixture is not fully dried/hard, it will not come out of the pan or it will crumble out in pieces. All you have to do is allow the mixture to dry for a few more hours, and then turn the pan upside down over a cloth. Knock on the bottom of each of the muffin cups, to help release them from their cup.



  1. In a bowl, combine baking soda, citric acid, and arrowroot powder, mixing until no lumps are present.
  2. Add water to the bowl, only 1 tablespoon at a time. Stirring the mixture together with each Tablespoon, you'll know you've used enough when it sticks together/packs down just like making a snowball. It will still look kind of dry, but if you take a handful of the mixture and squeeze it, it should turn pack easily into a ball. Too much water will make the mixture continue to react and continue puff up more.
  3. Once you get the “snowball” consistency, begin to fill your molds, pushing down the mixture into the mold and compacting it into place.If you used too much water in the mixture, it will continue to fizz and rise while it is drying. You can counteract this by adding a bit more powder to the mix if it is too wet.
  4. Leave the molds out overnight to air dry. (Don't worry, just like with bath fizzies and dishwasher tablets, it can take a couple tries to really learn the right amount of water to hold these together without them over-reacting. Once you get the hang of it, it'll be a breeze every time afterward!) When they are sufficiently hardened, they should release from your molds fairly easily, if they are still wet, they will not fall out with ease.
  5. Drop essential oil drops directly onto the top of your cool and dry shower steamers. If giving as a gift, store in a nifty jar, such as a mason jar. For the ones that I keep at home for family use, I like to add the essential oil blend right before using, so that they don't evaporate from sitting in a cabinet for a long period of time.


Drop one aromatherapy shower steamer at the far end of the bathtub, away from the stream of water. You can sprinkle a little bit on the steamer to get it started, but it will fizz away too quickly if you put it directly under the water stream. Sit in your steamy shower, breathing in the awesome aromatherapy benefits of the blend you chose to use!

diy aromatherapy shower steamers

Congestion & Stuffy Nose Blend (safe for use around 10+yrs)

Congestion & Stuffy Nose Blend JUNIOR (safe for use around babies and children 6+ months)

Medicine Woman Anti-Germ Blend (safe for use around children 10+ yrs)

Medicine Woman JUNIOR Blend (safe for use around babies and children 6+ months)

Good Night Sleep Tight Blend (safe for use around children 2+ years)

Rise N' Shine Blend (safe for use around children 6+ years old)

Take a Chill Pill Blend (safe for use around babies and children 6+ months)

Hair of the Dog Hangover Blend (safe for use around children 6+ years….but I hope it's for tummy troubles and not a hangover)

 Don't Worry Be Happy – Stress Relief/Anti-Depressant Blend (safe for use around children 

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