Awaken Your Inner Yogi With 5 DIY Disinfecting Yoga Mat Sprays

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It’s no secret how much I love to practice yoga. In the past 6 years, yoga has done more for my mind, body, and soul, than the combined efforts of a pain doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, a psychiatrist, a guru, and any other professional that could be inserted here. My journey to a healthier and hippier lifestyle hasn’t just included herbs, essential oils, and healthy whole foods. It’s also been about reviving my body after a lifetime of damage and helping me to cope with the many aches and pains that go along with everything that my spinal cord has been put through. (You can learn more about my medical journey here.) Yoga has been the catalyst for reshaping the way that I look at health and exercise. It has become more than a passion, but a way of life. 

My yoga mat is key to my own practice

The yoga mat is not vital to the practice of yoga but is definitely one tool I can’t live without. A good yoga mat helps to soften the ground that the yogi practices upon, gives grip to the hands and feet even when practicing under extremely sweaty conditions, and even helps to create your own “sacred space” no matter where you practice. Just like the rest of your other sports gear, it’s important to take care of your yoga mat and clean it after each practice. You can easily disinfect your mat and more with a DIY yoga mat spray! Though you can easily buy a yoga mat spray from many different places, it’s SO EASY to make yourself, I prefer to save us the money and DIY, especially since I usually have all the ingredients on hand and I can tailor my recipe to my own preferences.

Essential oils can do more than just disinfect your yoga mat

Most essential oils have some sort of disinfecting properties to them, making them perfect for use in cleaning. Tea tree oil isn’t the only highly antibacterial/antifungal/antiseptic essential oil out there. In fact, lavender, a better smelling essential oil (in my opinion), has all of the same disinfecting properties as tea tree oil, without the tea tree scent (I find it to be quite pungent and medicinal). The awesome thing about essential oils is that they have so many uses beyond aromatically tickling your senses. Many essential oils have esoteric properties to them that can help aid you in furthering your practice of yoga, meditation, and life.

Awaken Your Inner Yogi With 5 Disinfecting Yoga Mat Sprays -

5 DIY Disinfecting Yoga Mat Sprays

I have created the blends below by combining essential oils medically known to help aid in calming, focus, energy boosting, etc. with essential oils esoterically known to help cleanse, purify, unmask, and open the heart and mind’s eye. I love to switch up my yoga mat spray each time that I make it! These are my 5 favorite blends to use in my own yoga mat sprays, but you can feel free to experiment and substitute essential oils that you might have on hand, into these recipes!


  • 1/4 cup witch hazel
  • essential oil blend (see BELOW)
  • filtered water or hydrosol to fill
  • 4 oz. glass (or PET plastic) bottle with sprayer

Mindful Meditator Essential Oil Blend

This blend is great when you want to go deep within and explore your inner mind. The essential oils in this blend are great for focus, concentration, and grounding, helping the mindful meditator to get more out of each moment.

  • 5 drops MRH frankincense essential oil or PT frankincense eo
  • 5 drops MRH atlas cedarwood essential oil or PT atlas cedarwood eo
  • 20 drops MRH lavender essential oil or PT lavender eo
  • 3 drops MRH sandalwood essential oil or PT sandalwood eo
  • 15 drops MRH bergamot essential oil or PT bergamot eo

Peaceful Yogi Essential Oil Blend

This blend is great to help calm the mind, body, and soul, leaving the yogi peaceful and content. Enjoy each calming moment and find your inner peace.

  • 20 drops MRH lavender essential oil or PT lavender eo
  • 8 drops MRH roman chamomile essential oil or PT roman chamomile eo
  • 15 drops MRH tangerine essential oil or PT tangerine eo
  • 3 drops MRH vanilla absolute or PT vanilla absolute

Namaste Ninja Essential Oil Blend

This blend is an uplifting assault on your senses bringing out the fluid movements that only a namaste ninja could perform. Find your inner ninja and finally feel balance during your practice.

  • 15 drops MRH grapefruit essential oil or PT grapefruit eo
  • 15 drops MRH lavender essential oil or PT lavender eo
  • 3 drops MRH coriander essential oil or PT coriander eo
  • 3 drops MRH lemongrass essential oil or PT lemongrass eo

Happy Hippy Essential Oil Blend

This blend brings a new meaning to “Don’t worry be happy”. Calming, stress relieving, uplifting, and mood enhancing, with this blend you are sure to find your inner happy hippy in no time.

  • 15 drops MRH grapefruit essential oil or PT grapefruit eo
  • 10 drops MRH sweet orange essential oil or PT sweet orange eo
  • 5 drops MRH clary sage essential oil or PT clary sage eo
  • 10 drops MRH lavender essential oil or PT lavender eo
  • 5 drops MRH roman chamomile essential oil or PT roman chamomile eo

Energize Your Bunny Essential Oil Blend

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of a boost to keep your practice going. This blend is a refreshing blend meant to renew and energize any yoga space during practice. Wake up and breathe! Your breath is waiting for you!

  • 10 drops MRH eucalyptus essential oil or PT eucalyptus eo (if for use around children under 10 yrs. substitute with Rosalina essential oil)
  • 5 drops MRH peppermint essential oil or PT peppermint eo (if for use around children under 6 yrs. substitute with spearmint essential oil)
  • 15 drops MRH sweet orange essential oil or PT sweet orange eo
  • 15 drops MRH lemon essential oil or PT lemon eo


  1. In your spray bottle, combine witch hazel, water, and essential oils. Store in a cool dark location when not in use.
  2. Shake well before each use. Spray your yoga mat down, after your practice, and wipe clean with a towel or cloth.
  3. Hang your mat to dry before rolling back up for storage.

These yoga mat sprays are not just great for your mats but also great to freshen the room you are practicing in or for on the yogi doing the practicing!

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