DIY Gidget’s Ocean Waves Hair Spray

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Before going “hippy”,  one of my favorite hair products was Garnier Fructis beach waves spray to help my naturally wavy hair look like it's beachy fresh all the time. When I began transitioning to a more natural lifestyle, I was scared that I wouldn't have anything to replace my favorite hair texturizing spray. I began trying experimenting with hair nourishing ingredients and different combinations of salts until I came up with my Gidget's Ocean Waves Spray. During the summertime, my favorite scent is coconut lime. Every year I associate that scent with warm days in my bikini and water to splash around in. If there's one scent that I like to keep around all summer long, it's coconut lime! Especially in my ocean waves hair spray!

Minerals, Magnesium, Moisture, oh my!

This spray is not only fantastic at texturizing your hair, but it's also good for your hair too! Loaded with all kinds of  hair healing ingredients, my ocean waves spray also:

  • provides your hair and scalp with a drink in mineral magic!
  • boosts your magnesium intake
  • softens your hair
  • helps to lock in the moisture
  • balances your scalp's pH
  • works as a hair spray
  • tames frizz
  • soothes itchy scalps

My secret ingredient to customize your hold

Not everyone is blessed with wavy or curly hair, but that doesn't mean that can't get curls with hold! Sugar is a great addition to your Ocean Waves Spray that can help give your hair the extra hold that it might need!  Adding 1 Tbsp. to this spray will give you a medium/normal hold and adding 2 Tbsps. sugar to this spray will give you a heavier hair spray hold.

Add a little bit of color to your spray

One of my favorite parts about making my own hair care is customizing my products to my own hair's needs. I love adding different herbs to not only get nourishment but also color! I have been known to add all sorts of hair coloring herbs to my haircare concoctions! To enhance blonde hair, chamomile tea can be substituted in place of the water in this recipe. To enhance brunette hair, black tea or coffee can bring out the brown colors in your hair. To enhance red hair, hibiscus tea can bring out the pretty reds! If using tea instead of clean Berkey Filtered Water, be sure to store in the fridge up to a week!


Gidget's Ocean Waves Spray


Gidget's Ocean Waves Scented Options






  1. In an 8 oz. spray bottle combine 1/2 cup hot water, salts, conditioner, aloe, vegetable glycerin, and sugar (if using). Cover the bottle with the lid and shake until everything is mostly dissolved into the hot water. If you are using Dr. Bronner's conditioner, I find that it takes a little bit longer for the conditioner to mix in fully, don't worry it WILL mix in!
  2. Add the scented blend of your choice and then water to fill.
  3.  Shake well before use! Can be used on wet or dry hair. I love to spray it on my hair after I get out of the shower when my hair is still wet. I then scrunch my curls with my fingers, up towards my scalp, and either blow dry with a diffuser or let air dry!


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  • Emily

    When I put this in the fridge the coconut gets hard and floats to the top. Is this ok?

    • yup! coconut oil gets hard below 76 degrees! To use it again, just run the bottle under warm/hot water in the sink until it’s melted, like you would with salad dressing!

  • Amy Crawford

    Do you heat this or just mix together??

  • Yes! This will be back in the shoppe soon enough! Keep your eyes peeled, we have a lot of spring/summer stuff that will be going up in the next two weeks or so, once we get all our ingredients/supplies in for them!

  • Laney

    What’s the purpose of the sea salt, and can I omit it?

    • Christina

      Though the sea salt is more texturizing than the epsom salt is, you can omit it and substitute more epsom salt if you like.

  • Just made this and it was lovely. Didn’t have the Epsom salts and used grapefruit instead of coco lime as I didn’t have those essential oils and it was still delightful. Good recipe thank you!

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  • Hi Christina! I was wondering whether this would work without the dead sea salt? Maybe replacing it with extra Himalayan Salt? And do you think I could replace the conditioner with some nice oil, like Jojoba or Coconut? You mentioned Lavender as a good hair-conditioning essential oil, do you have other tips? Really looking for something super hydrating as well as nice soft waves – sun is hot here in Australia and trying to counter UV damage. Loooooove your blog by the way, reading for the last 2 hours!

    • Hi there Elle! I am so glad you love my blog! Happy to have you here 🙂 You can TOTALLY interchange the dead sea salt for the himalayan, those two are completely interchangable and I in fact use both in the one that I sell in the shoppe. You can also exchange the conditioner with an oil, just use a little less oil than you would conditioner and always make sure to shake before use so you mix it up well. ALSO, if you are looking to counter UV damage I would suggest that the oil you pick be Red Raspberry Seed Oil because it is the highest spf of all the carrier oils (up to 50), also if you use some carrot seed essential oil, it not only is extra moisturizing (for face and hair) but also contains great uv protection. Lavender essential oil would be a great addition to this (and you can add all kinds of different essential oils, you don’t have to just use the blend I give!) I hope that helps!!! <3

      • Oh wow you are awesome! I’d never heard of Red Raspberry Seed Oil but it will now be added to my face oil as well – been looking for a UV factor in my face oils and this sounds perfect! Would you know, just to pick your brain, how much to add to say 50ml of face oil to create an SPF of around 15-20?
        I just ordered some carrot seed EO, so I’ll add some of that also (My, is it expensive though!)

  • Connie

    Could you leave the conditioner out of this?

  • Debbie

    I have just made this with a little bit of a difference. My epson salts on hand have lavender oil in them. Soooooo I am leaving out the lime this time. I will have buy some regular epson salt next month.

    • Awesome! The essential oils are optional, so you don’t have to put them in but Lavender is a great option to put into a hair spray though, because it will help revive hair luster and speed up growth! It also repels and kills lice…you know just in case lol

  • Ooo…this sounds delish! Plus I’ve got naturally wavy hair too and have been trying to find something nontoxic to use on it. Totally gonna try making this this week…thanks! Oh, newbie to your blog, and LOVE it by the way 🙂 <3

    • Thanks so much Dawn! I am so glad you found my blog! It really does smell delicious. I am all about smelling tasty lol, come to think of it, the hippy husband makes fun of me because I say flavors instead of scents lol!