Wow Him This Holiday Season With These 10 DIY Natural Gifts for Guys

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There are so many great ideas for all sorts of adorable DIY Gifts for Her, but it can be a bit underwhelming out there on the world wide web when you search for awesome DIY gift ideas for guys. Today I am giving you a list of my absolute favorite homemade natural gift ideas for guys, and there are way more than you thought! When I sat down to think about this post, I had so many great ideas, I had to whittle it down to just 10 DIY Natural Gifts for Him.

Homemaking a gift can mean so much more

I love to handcraft all of the gifts I give out throughout the year! Whether I am invited to a baby shower or a wedding, I always seem to find something awesome that I can put together and give to my loved ones. The look on their faces when they open up a gift that I made with my own two hands, is always worth it. It always seems to mean so much more when it is homemade! This holiday season is no different than the last few! I will be making all of my gifts to give to my favorite people in my life! These are just some of my favorites to make and give away! These are also mostly fool-proof gifts that anyone would love to receive, especially if they are handmade by you!

10 DIY Natural Gifts for Him That He'll Love!

  1. Peppermint Tea Tree After Shave – For those who like to keep a clean shaven look, this aftershave is very healing and smells really good! The best part? You can easily customize this with any scents that you want and this alcohol-free aftershave will leave his face feeling smooth and moisturized without the sting!
  2. Shaving Cream – For the shaving man, good shaving cream can be hard to come by! Now you can make him a luxurious natural shaving cream that will help him stay smooth!
  3. Beard Oil – Does your man's whiskers itch you when he comes in for the kiss? No worries, I have totally been there! I designed this beard oil with you in mind! With a ton of different scent options, these recipes are based on the beard oil that I used to sell in my old Etsy shop!
  4. Cologne – Ditch the Axe cologne with all it's toxic ingredients and make him a cologne that will make him feel rugged, but smell amazing! There are several scent options to choose from as well as both oil-based and spray based versions, depending on what your man likes!
  5. Salve Kit – This would really be a fantastic gift for just about anyone, but any guy would be stoked to get a healing kit that can take care of his boo-boo's just like his mom used to but without all the fuss! Any guy would be lucky to get a salve kit including homemade Antiseptic Calendula Owie Cream (for all those cuts, scrapes, and other pains that guys like to ignore), a Fungus Amungus Anti-Fungal Salve (for all the athlete's foot and other fungal issues that can arise), and my favorite the Muscle Mender Salve (for aches, pains, strains, and muscle pain relief).
  6. Body Butter – You may think that this is just a girl thing, but you would be totally wrong! Everyone has skin and during the wintertime season, guys can get extremely dry and cracked skin just like women! It usually sucks for guys to have to use their lady's scented lotions and butters, but you can give him the gift of his own manly scented body butter to use whenever his skin gets too dry! To get those wonderful manly scents, try using the scents from my cologne post to give him a matching butter and cologne kit!
  7. Hair Pomade – My guy LOVES to style his hair up all the time, but when we made the switch to more natural products, he was at a loss as to what to use! That's when I designed this fantastic pomade just for him! I make it in big batches so I only have to worry about it once a year!
  8. Cold & Flu Kit – You know how guys can be when they get sick. Yes, I'm saying it, but it seems to be true for every guy in my life. A cold & flu kit would be a fantastic gift to give them, for those times in the future that they fall ill! I like to fill this kit with homemade Elderberry syrupVapor rubCough drops, and Aromatherapy Shower Steamers!
  9. Memorabilia – This on is great for the new dad! One year for Father's Day I made Syfy's Dad a heart-shaped clay decoration that I had put Syfy's tiny little hand and footprints in, hardened in the oven, and then painted! Making your own oven bake clay is really easy too!
  10. Yoga Mat Sprays – Girls aren't the only ones who love yoga! For the male yogi in your life, a homemade yoga mat spray could make their practice that much more special! With 5 aromatherapuetic scents to choose from, you can't go wrong making this for your favorite yogi!
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