DIY Natural Medicine Cabinet

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As I have progressed through my educational journey with herbs and essential oils, I have begun to build my own natural medicine cabinet and also shared those recipes with you. I have organized the many natural health recipes that I have written over the last couple years so that you can find what recipe you are needing for whatever your ailments might be. As I post more health related recipes, I will update this and add in those links as well, to keep you up to date with whatever remedy you might be trying to find! 

Natural Immune Boosters and Cold & Flu Remedies

Essential Oil Blends for Health & Wellness

Coughs, Congestion, Sinus Infections & Stuffy Noses

Sore Throats & Strep

Ear Infections & Ear Aches

Skin Healing, Fungus, Burns

Muscle Pain, Nerve Pain, Strains, Sprains, and Bruises

For Women ONLY

For Men ONLY

For the New Mom



Bodily Hygiene

Oral Hygiene

Herbal Academy Affordable Courses Online

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  • Joelle

    Do you ever use the company Plant Therapy for your essential oils? They claim to have 100% organic therapeutic grade oils but are less expensive than Mountain Rose and I can get free shipping thru Amazon. I want good quality but trying to keep the cost down especially for oils like Roman Chamomile. Thank you. You truly are a wonderful resource. Many of my Christmas gifts this year are coming straight from your DIY recipes!

    • Christina

      yes! When MRH is out of something I actually buy Plant Therapy! Robert Tisserand (the author of Essential Oil Safety and the leading guy on testing and safety with essential oils right now) actually just took over overseeing their essential oils this last summer so that really made me decide to start purchasing from them as well! I love plant therapy!

  • Joelle

    So many wonderful ideas to try. Can’t wait to get started. I’m looking for a source of witch hazel with no alcohol. I noticed that in your easy shop you advertise your products with witch hazel are alcohol free. The Mountain Rose company’s witch hazel is low alcohol but not completely free. Do you have another source for that product? Thanks.

  • Megh

    Who won the giveaway? Thank you.

  • Renee Schuhmacher

    I am so excited to try the cool vibes vapo rub. My daughter has asthma and colds always go to her chest. I’m always looking for ways to make her more comfy.

  • Tammy

    I am excited to try all of these home remedies. I have just recently started switching all of my personal care items to more natural items so I would love to try all of these.

  • I would first try anything that can help me sleep, I can have a hard time and took myself off all my meds so anything that helps I try

  • Chelise Mrdalj

    Excited to try all of these amazing herbs! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Kelly C

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    I’d love to make some tooth paste and tooth powder for my family!

  • Courtney

    I hope I win!! I have been collecting herbal recipes over the past few months but it is so hard to get started when living on a tight budget 🙁

  • cynthia hankin

    I have only used herbs and flower essences in all my home remedies. Never oils. This will be a first for me. I am especially interested in the sunscreen recipe since I just had a skin cancer removed. Thanks for sharing such healthy information

  • C. Miller

    Would love to try the different herbs as teas and tinctures. Great giveaway!

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    Amazing! Definitely will help me on my herbalism studies journey!

  • I Love mountain rose herbs products. Thank you so much for all the information. You can never have too much.

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    I have just started learning about Eluthrero root. It would be cool to win it 🙂

  • Wonderful blog and giveaway! You always have such valuable information. I am pregnant with my first child, whom I hope to raise as naturally as possible. Your tips have and will continue to help greatly. Thank you!

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    I would love to try any and all elderberries especially!

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    I’d be excited to try all of it lol

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    I would love to win! Can’t wait to make Fire Cider!

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    I would so love to win this for my family! I’m always trying to do things naturally whether it be cleaning or medical remedies, but sometimes it’s seems difficult financially mainly for the health remedies.

  • rosehips and elderberries oh my I would cry if I won this ha <3 much love

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  • Josilyn Trestain

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  • Audrey

    I have heard so many great things about Mullein Leaf lately that I am really interested in using it. Apparently it is really good for lung health and hubby has asthma so I would like to be able to do something to help him.

  • Carley

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  • Samantha

    I’d love to make Elderberry Syrup….I just purchased two baby plants but it will be a year or two before I get enough berries to make any.

  • Michelle Lee

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    All of them! Really trying to get rid of my OTC medication and going natural.

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    I love treating my family with natural remedies! It helps me feel more self sufficient

  • Adina

    the vapor rub for a remedy, but I also want to make creams, toothpaste, hair care, etc.

  • Meridith G.

    What a great giveaway! Recently started following this site. I’ve only made the dishwasher tablets so far, but have plans to do more. I was already making my own cleaning products. I’ve bought a few essential oils to get started and have shared info with a coworker. Directed a couple people here who I knew would get a lot from this too! Excited to try the throat spray next as that’s the worst part (to me) of getting sick. Thanks for all you do!

  • Julie T

    Elderberry syrup. Have the fixings. Just need to do it. Also would like to find something to help with allergies.

  • Stacy Iery


  • Tracy

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  • Dustin Hollis

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    Awesome Giveaway!!! You have some wonderful recipes that I can’t wait to make! Mountain Rose Herbs is the only place I buy my herbal supplies from.

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  • As a budding student of herbs, I appreciate the info you share here. Fingers crossed about the giveaway and many thanks for the chance. Blessings!

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    I am going to try your toothpaste recipe. I haven’t switched any of my products over to natural ones yet. I really want to start! I used to work in a pharmacy (I know, totally opposite of what this blog post is all about) and two of the pharmacists told me that I shouldn’t give my kids the multivitamins with fluoride.

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