Keep the Toilet Fresh – A DIY “Poo-Pourri” Spray

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I live with a LOT of dudes. The Boyfriend, my son, my dog, and even two of my cats. It's a lot of stinky dudes for me to be cleaning up after. The worst is how stinky the dudes can leave a bathroom. Do ya feel me? Fed up with their smells, I realized I needed something to combat the stink in my bathroom and toilet. So, I made up my own  AMAZING essential oil spray that can be sprayed around the bathroom and in the toilet to keep all of those foul offensive odors from bothering your nose AND keep the bathroom germs at bay!

Keep the bathroom fresh for your guests

The holiday season was full of parties, friends, and family coming into town. The last thing that I wanted to worry about when hosting a party or family for the week, was how my bathroom was faring in the wake of all its new visitors. Now you can take the bathroom back and give your guests a lovely bathroom experience. This spray is also great in your bathroom at work. Your co-workers will thank you for bringing it in and then ask you how you made it so that they can make more at home.

How does this spray work?

It may sound too good to be true, but this spray actually works, and you have science to thank for that! The magic behind this spray goes down to the basics, oil and water don't mix. When you spray this spray directly into your toilet bowl before you do the deed, it creates an essential oil layer on top of the water. This protective barrier traps odors under the surface, allowing you to go No. 2 without all of the embarrassing smells! 

There Are MANY Scent Options You Can Go With

You do not need to be limited by the scent option I've provided in the recipe below. Using your favorite essential oil blend, you can create a space that feels like home…without the stench! Some of my favorite essential oil blends from Plant Therapy make great options for putting those Hippy Vibes into the bathroom:


If you don't have these individual essential oils on hand, you can substitute all of them for 100 drops of Plant Therapy's Deodorizing Synergy Blend or another favorite essential oil blend!



  1. Fill the spray bottle with the essential oils, gently swirling the bottle to combine.
  2. Fill the rest of the bottle with witch hazel and shake before use, to emulsify contents.
  3. BEFORE going to the bathroom, shake and then spray into the toilet bowl four times. The essential oils will disperse over the water creating a protective wall of scent, preventing any foul odors from escaping.
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