Fall Into The Season With Fall Essential Oil Blends

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Pumpkin pie lattes, cooler weather, red/orange/yellow leaves, my birthday…what do all of these things have in common? Fall time! My favorite time of year! I absolutely love it when the temperatures drop and the leaves start falling to the ground! It makes me want to fill my home with the scents of the season and enjoy pumpkin pie EVERYTHING! 

It's time to spice up your life

Nothing evokes the feeling of fall more than walking through my home and smelling the spicy scents of the season. As soon as September 1st hits, all that I can think about is getting out all of my favorite fall decorations and essential oil blends and filling my home with the comforting scents of pumpkin pie. I know I am not alone! If you are a pumpkin hater though, there are still tons of delightful fall blends for you! 

Not in the mood to blend your own?

Plant Therapy has got you covered! Last week they released this year's fall essential oil synergies and I am in LOVE!!! They designed three awesome fall inspired blends, and I am not even sure which one I love the most! You can either buy your favorites individually, or you can save money and purchase the 3-piece set and try them all!

  • Pumpkin  Pie Pumpkin and fall just go together, so this year we have added Pumpkin Pie to our fall blends! This wonderful blend will evoke memories of gathering around the dinner table for a Thanksgiving feast. Spicy and warm with a hint of sweet, the only thing missing from this yummy blend is the whipped cream.
  • Harvest Moon – Bring the crisp, clean smell of fall indoors and freshen up any room with this uplifting aroma. Blending Bergamot, Cedarwood and Cardamom with Fir Needle and Juniper, Harvest Moon has a forest-fresh scent with a hint of spiciness. This outdoorsy blend can help to ease congestion during times of seasonal illness and soothe sore muscles due to overexertion.
  • Spiced Orange – Spiced Orange conjures the scent of warm spices simmering on the stovetop, the smell of your favorite seasonal tea and cider, and the feeling of family-filled nights by the fire. This blend beautifully mingles bright, citrusy Orange Sweet, spicy Clove Bud, and warming Cinnamon Cassia and Cinnamon Bark. These essential oils come together to create a warm, festive feeling in your home.

Medicine Flower flavor extracts

Who doesn't love the fruity smell of apple, pineapple, peach, or mango? Unfortunately, for essential oil aficionados like me, these aren't plants that we are able to make into essential oil form.  After some extensive research, I found the answer to our problem, Medicine Flower Flavors! They have a proprietary cold process to extract the scent/flavor from the actual fruit, not using any synthetically lab-created flavors. They are also certified organic, and can be used in your water, your ice cream, your coffee, and more, to flavor them! I also love to use these flavor extracts to make delicious lip balms, diffuser blends, and even awesome smelling body and room sprays!

Fall is my favorite time of year! Nothing says fall more than spicy, warm essential oils diffusing throughout my home! Today we're talking fall essential oil blends! How to make them, what to use them for, and Plant Therapy's newly released fall essential oil synergies! For recipes and more: http://www.thehippyhomemaker.com/fall-essential-oil-blends/

Posted by The Hippy Homemaker – Christina Anthis on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Hippy Homemaker's Fall Essential Oil Blends

If you are as into DIY as I am, mixing up your own essential oil blends can be very cathartic. It's always nice to know how to blend your favorite scents whenever the need arises! These are my very own fall blends, some of which I used to sell in my Etsy shoppe before I stopped running it. I like to mix up my blends undiluted so that I can use them all around my home in all sorts of recipes! These recipes reflect that! You can either use old cleaned out essential oil bottles or pick up a few empty bottles to house these blends, just make sure they are glass and not plastic because the essential oils will corrode the plastic! These blends are not to be used undiluted on the skin, please dilute before using topically!


  1. Combine the essential oils in an empty amber glass essential oil bottle.
  2. Gently swirl the bottle to combine. (Swirl, not shake!)
  3. If using a European dropper cap, top the bottle with the cap.
  4. Label your blend and store with the rest of your essential oils, in a cool dark location.

Pumpkin Pie Latte'

Twilight Dancer

Harvest Moon

I was so entertained by one of the Plant Therapy's fall blend's name this year because I too have my own fall blend that I call Harvest Moon! This is not the same blend as theirs, so please don't confuse them!

Oranges & Clove


Celtic Faerie

Moroccan Moonlight

Indian Summer

How to use fall essential oil blends

DiffuserAdd 8-10 drops to your favorite essential oil diffuser
Scented Pine ConesAdd several drops to dry pine cones and store in a lovely bowl on your living room table!
Room SprayCombine 45-50 drops essential oil blend, 1 Tbsp. vegetable glycerin, and 3.5 ounces water to a 4 ounce spray bottle. Shake prior to each use
Body SpraysCombine 60-65 drops essential oil blend, 3 oz everclear (highest proof possible), and 2 Tbsp. fractionated coconut oil in a 4 oz. spray bottle. Shake well prior to each use.
CandlesMelt 5 cups beeswax pastilles, remove from heat and stir in 50-70 drops essential oil blend. Slowly pour melted candle mix into candle jars and center the wick. Allow to cool and harden before use. Trim wicks prior to use!

Essential oil SAFETY

All of these blends contain essential oils that would not be safe to use topically on young children. If you would like to make these child-safe, omit the nutmeg and clove essential oils from these blends! Do not use any of these blends undiluted when applying topically!

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