Fostering an Herbal Lifestyle Through Play – A Simple Gifts Toys Review

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As an aromatherapist and herbalist, I somewhat cringe at all of the kid's doctors kits on the market. They only cater to one type of doctor, but there are many types of healers out there and I would like my child to know that not ALL medicine comes from conventional places. Don't get me wrong. Doctors have their place and I revere them for it, but our generation has become so out of touch with taking care of minor problems, that many people have been raised to go to the doctor for EVERY SINGLE THING, whether it warrants a doctor's care or not. I can understand this sentiment because I used to be one of them myself. Before I went on this herbal learning journey, I really had no idea that there were so many uses to the spices that sat in our kitchen pantry. If you asked me as a kid, what honey is good for, I would have said pancakes, just like my Dad. Now, I know that raw unfiltered honey is good for a plethora of ailments (including coughs!) and Syfy is also very aware of this fact. I have made it one of my missions, to teach him how to take care of himself and others, using natural methods, because health does not come from plastic bottles.

I want Syfy to have a toy that teaches him the value of herbs

Last Christmas I bought Syfy a nice wooden doctor's kit that came with band-aids, a bottle of wooden pills, a thermometer, and even a wooden shot (that hurts to get stabbed with by the way). While I found this set to be fairly cute and well made, I had thought to myself then, how wonderful it would be if I could find a set of toys that taught children to harness the use of natural healing methods too. Imagine my surprise when, on my search for awesome Waldorf/Montessori types of toys for our natural #HippyHomeschool, when I found this hidden gem on Etsy, in a shop called Simple Gifts Toys.

The amazing handcrafted wooden apothecary kit that we are talking about today, is made by Lisa over at SimpleGiftsToys (You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram). I was generously given this apothecary kit to review and giveaway, but my opinions are my own! I will only share with you products that I myself love and use personally! 

Fostering an Herbal Lifestyle Through Play A Simple Gifts Toys Review -

A wooden apothecary kit to replace your conventional kid's first aid kit

I really didn't even know that this apothecary kit existed until I happened upon it on Etsy, on accident. I was so excited to receive the kit that I actually kept going back to her site to look at it while I waited for it to get here. I was over the moon when the box finally arrived and I was able to give Syfy what I knew was going to be one of his favorite open ended toys to play with. Silas is very interested in what I do for others with herbs and healing. He is always asking me about everything I am doing when I am in the kitchen concocting herbal remedies, and now he can pretend to mix up his own herbal preparations too! I was very pleased to find that this kit includes (pretend) essential oils, herbs, and even salves! These are all familiar items in our own medicine cabinet and Silas instantly knew what they were. This kit contains everything you need to heal up any simple boo-boos, it includes:

  • Simple salve jar with lid
  • Herbs jar with lid
  • Aloe vera
  • Chamomile herb jar
  • mortar and pestle
  • lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus essential oils
  • elderberry tablets
  • honey pot with lid and honey stick (is that what you call it??)
  • Large pot with first aid cross on the front and a lid

Let me mix you up a potion your Highness….

Let me tell you….trying to get solo photos of this kit was very difficult because Syfy was so excited to play with it, he kept trying to jump into “just grab one piece to look at it really quick.” Yeah, I know your game kiddo, one minute isn't really a minute. After finishing my solo pictures, Syfy was beyond excited to get the chance to create potions like “mommy does”. That's what he thinks I do. Create potions. He LOVES that kit. He mixes up healing potions for the dog and the cat. He even mixes up potions for the queen, to make her younger. I'm the queen, of course! If only the potions were real too! Hours of imaginative fun have already been had with this beautiful handcrafted toy, I am thoroughly looking forward to many more!

Fostering an Herbal Lifestyle Through Play A Simple Gifts Toys Review - thehippyhomemaker.comNatural handcrafted toys made with love

Lisa McSpadden is the definition of today's modern hippy mama. “I am a musician in my soul, a mother and wife in my heart, a peacemaker in my ideals, a naturalist in my feet and a toy maker in my hands.” What began as a small hobby, in 2011, to create gifts for her friends and family, and then later to trade for cloth diapers, has turned into a full-time business that supports her family of four while they “homeschool, homestead, and otherwise evolve each day.” Lisa's shop Simple Gifts Toys, has a plethora of small eco-friendly Waldorf inspired toys, all of which I want to add to our own homeschool (including these ADORABLE kitchen additions that I think we may need for our own wooden kitchen!). Extremely conscious of the environment and the need for Green-friendly businesses, Lisa is leading the way in natural toys by using natural sustainable wood and non-toxic paints. She strives for 100% recycled packaging, donates monthly to non-profit organizations and participates in reforestation programs. Even the beeswax is local! That's a small family business that I can stand behind!

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