9 Fun DIY Natural Gifts For Kids of All Ages

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There are so many great ideas for all sorts of adorable DIY Gifts for Her and DIY Gifts for Him, but what about DIY gifts for the kiddos? The kiddos love homemade gifts too! I might have even included a DIY gift idea for the furry kiddos as well!

Handcrafting a gift can mean so much more

I love to handcraft all of the gifts I give out throughout the year! Whether I am invited to a baby shower or a wedding, I always seem to find something awesome that I can put together and give to my loved ones. The look on their faces when they open up a gift that I made with my own two hands, is always worth it. It always seems to mean so much more when it is homemade! This holiday season is no different than the last few! I will be making all of my gifts to give to my favorite people in my life! These are just some of my favorites to make and give away! These are also mostly fool-proof gifts that anyone would love to receive, especially if they are handmade by you!

9 Fun DIY Natural Gifts for KIDS!

  1. Block & Stick Wax Crayons – Did you know that you can make your own wax crayons? I was so excited about making crayons for Syfy, that I ended up making him both a stick set as well as the Waldorf style block crayons last Christmas. They made fantastic stocking stuffers and even I love to break them out and color with them! The powders that you use to color each of these can also be used to color play dough, earth paints, and oven bake clay!
  2. Holiday Scented Playdough – Who doesn't like play dough? This amazing play dough lasts FOREVER, has the same texture as the real stuff in the yellow containers, and smells AMAZING!!! Seriously, I can't help but sniff the dough over and over again, when I am playing with it! I have given these as gifts to all sorts of kiddos in my life and everyone including the adults LOVED them!
  3. Earth Paints – I was blown away when I learned just how easy it is to make your own paints at home just like the greats! I hadn't realized that some of my favorite paintings were painted using ingredients that I already had around my home! These Earth paints make great gifts in their dry form! Just attach an instruction sheet or print out the instructions from my blog post and give them a big container of dry powder earth paints! They won't go bad either, since there won't be any water added until the time of use!
  4. Herbal Ink & Feather Pen – I am an adult and I find the act of writing with a feather pen and ink, just like the old days, to be super fun! The kiddos love it too! They can practice their handwriting AND pretend play they are in the 1800's (or whatever time they deem worthy)!
  5. Felt creations – This link isn't instructions, just my story of how I made my kiddo the cutest felt mailbox with felt envelopes that he could put “mail” in and then put into the mailbox! While I didn't use any sort of pattern to create this, there ARE a ton of patterns out there on Etsy and elsewhere, that you can purchase; to make all sorts of adorable felt creations for your kiddos!
  6. Oven Bake Clay – This is fun to play with because you can bake it in the oven, paint it, and play with it! We love to make pretend tea set and other items that our dolls might want to play with! The sky's the limit with this stuff!
  7. Kid's Lip Balms – Who doesn't remember Lip Smackers Lip Balms? I remember getting whole necklaces full, in my stocking every year! Now you can make your own natural version without all the artificial stuff! I love the Mango Pineapple! It's my absolute FAV!!!
  8. No-Sew Blanket – Every year for Christmas I go and buy some flannel fabric (2-pieces, one for the top and one for the bottom) and make Syfy a new blanket with just a pair of scissors. I love how easy it is to make a no-sew blanket, and I can customize it to whatever he is into at that time!
  9. Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Treats – Ok….I know that these are for dogs, but I couldn't leave them out because many people out there consider their furry family members just as much their kiddos as your human kiddo. I understand this sentiment, and thought to add these in here for you too! These are always a hit with every furry family member I have made them for! No one has yet to complain! 2 paws up!
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