DIY Natural Dry Shampoo For Light or Dark Hair

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Have you heard about dry shampoos yet? They seem to be all the rage among my friends, but I had never actually thought about using them. I am not sure why I hadn't tried dry shampoo yet, it's not like I take a shower every day…or even every other day. Shhhh….don't tell! You wouldn't know it because I smell like I have very peaceful pits (hehe), but making my hair look like it has been washed, when I clearly haven't had the time to wash it, sounds like a dream to me!

I had not ever used a dry shampoo before now. If you have never heard of them, they are essentially a powder that you can apply to your dirty/greasy/unwashed hair to absorb and “clean” the excess oils from your scalp, making your hair look like it has just been washed. I was very excited to have a reason NOT to wash my hair, but then again who has the time to wash their hair every day? Not this busy Hippy!

Many of the Popular Dry Shampoo Brands Contain Toxic Chemicals

I did my homework and started looking into the ingredients in the more popular brands (such ash Garnier Fructise, Aveeno, and Got 2b) that are sold at stores near you. It wasn't pretty. I found a large majority of them contain flammable chemicals such as propane and butane; not to mention fragrance, phthalates, and parabens! I wasn't dying to put butane and propane on my scalp, so I went on a search to see what I could make.

You Can Find Many Nourishing Ingredients Around Your Home

I didn't realize it at the time, but I already had ALL the ingredients I needed to make a fabulous dry shampoo. The basic recipe that floats around the web is cornstarch or arrowroot powder for light hair and cocoa powder combined with arrowroot powder for dark hair, but I wanted to make an exceptional dry shampoo that would help condition my hair and provide much-needed nutrients too. After looking through my cabinets, I came up with a list of things that can be used in your dry shampoo recipe;

I'd Choose Cinnamon Over Chocolate No Matter the Reason

Whether it's for breakfast or which dark powder I am about to sprinkle upon my head, my first love is always sworn to cinnamon. It is exotic and delightful to the senses and has so many amazing antibacterial and healing properties, that I tend to favor it over other choices. Now don't get me wrong, in its raw form, cacao is chock full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, but I just can not help but add cinnamon to everything. My love for cinnamon runs really deep. If you do not have cocoa powder handy, cinnamon powder is a fabulous substitute AND smells Ah-MAZE-ing.

My Hair Looked Like It Had Been Freshly Washed

With no knowledge of how awesome dry shampoos really can be, I was completely shocked to find that my hair turned out totally oil free and soft as can be. Not only that, it smelled absolutely delightful. I was most impressed by how clean my hair looked afterwards. I had half expected to see remnants of the dry shampoo in my hair, but instead, my hair looked clean.

dry shampoo 1

All-Natural Dry Shampoo For Dark Hair



  1. Combine powdered ingredients until well blended. If adding essential oils, stir them in until combined.
  2. Using an old makeup blush brush, dust the dry shampoo onto the roots or oily parts of your hair. If you don't have an old makeup brush, you can just comb this dry shampoo through your hair.
  3. Store your homemade dry shampoo in a repurposed container.

All-Natural Dry Shampoo For Light or Blonde Hair



  1. Combine powdered ingredients until well blended. If adding essential oils, stir them in until combined.
  2. Using an old makeup blush brush, dust the dry shampoo onto the roots or oily parts of your hair. If you don't have an old makeup brush, you can just comb this dry shampoo through your hair.
  3. Store your homemade dry shampoo in a repurposed container.
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  • definitely! I use coconut milk because I use non-dairy products, but you can sub any other powdered milk in my recipes as well!

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  • you don’t have to brush it through, you can always turn your head upside down and run your fingers through your hair from scalp to tip! It will work just as well on your hair too!

  • ML Carver

    So, you don’t brush it out? Can’t wait to try it!
    Also, I love Plant Therapy essential oils. 100% organic & GMO free. Great prices on Amazon too.

  • amanda

    can i use all arrowroot powder and cinnamon for the mixture?

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  • tere

    i tried the All-Natural Dry Shampoo For Dark Hair,
    and it did not work very well for my hair. 0_0 yes, it disappeared easily, but my hair felt clumpy, and stuck together. it did not feel freshly washed. also, even though i tried both adding a little/adding a lot to see what worked better. in both cases, i would run my hand through my hair and my nails would have brown powder, making my nails look dirty.

    i tried simply using cornstarch and my hair became soft and felt like i just cleaned it, it was amazing. i wanted to post this for people like me with very particular hair. lol i have extremely oily hair.

  • Jen L

    Once upon a time, I had a glorious head of hair…thick, shiny, long and wavy/curly. By my late 30’s, it was noticeably thinned, frizzy, dull, grey, lifeless. I had every test known to see if there was a medical problem…..zilch. Stress, age, and genetics were left to blame.
    At 45, now I have the added menopause to blame as well.

    I saw this “no ‘poo” movement on FaceBook and tried it. I stopped using shampoo about a month ago….just the occasional conditioner and a bit of shampoo in the length once. I also started taking a multivitamin with extra zinc.
    My hair has REALLY improved!!!! Thicker and so much healthier looking…and even regrowth! I get comments all the time on how much better it looks. It also makes the hair dye last longer.

    But I’m going to try this dry shampoo; hopefully I won’t need to shampoo the length anymore!

  • Lauren

    Holy ‘poo! This works! I just mixed up a batch and tried it because my bangs were getting clumpy and yucky and I didn’t want to wash my hair until after tomorrow morning’s workout. I tried this out and my bangs are all poofy and light again along with the rest of my hair. I sound like a cheesy infomercial, but this actually worked and I’m so excited! Thank you!

  • Monica

    Signing up for a email subscription

  • Riley

    What brands have you found that make the most efficient conditioner?

  • Cami

    I wish I didn’t have a sensitive scalp! 🙁 I’m allergic to oats and sometimes almonds.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been so happy since I made your recipe and tried it yesterday! I am a busy mom
    and work full time and now I can jump in the shower and be out the door soooo quickly and not feel ashamed of my hair! I have been thrilled. Sheila

  • Caroline

    This was so helpful! I have tried everything to solve my oily hair problem, and nothing has worked as well as this dry shampoo. I put it on about 24 hours ago, and my hair does not look the slightest bit greasy. Thank you so much for this!

  • Diana

    I have fine, thinning, oily hair and have struggled with trying to make my hair not look greasy by mid-day! I just tried this and it’s amazing. I made the brown hair version using cacao powder. After washing and drying my hair I applied it to my bangs and around my part. By the end of the day there was no trace of grease in my hair including my bangs. Once I applied it I didn’t try to remove it because I wanted it to stay in hair. Once I applied it you could not tell it was there. I cannot tell you how happy I am!!!

    • I am SO glad to hear how well this worked for you! I too love the convenience of this dry shampoo and I def love the smell of it hahahah <3

  • Carnette

    Thank you for your dry shampoo recipe. Will this work for naturally curly, dry hair? My concern is that it will make my hair dryer and frizzy/fly away. By the way, do you have a natural mascara and eyeliner recipe? Thanks again!

    • I am so glad you loved the post! I have curly and this does not affect my curls at all. This will not make your hair frizzy or flyaway

  • ScarletGranny

    Christina, your recipes for dry shampoo just made my day. I’ve struggled with oily hair since adolescence, and never did like what the spray type dry shampoos were doing to my limp, tired-looking locks. I have fair hair so I made my own concoction following your advice and it works; it really works!
    Thank you SO much for helping me add this to my lineup of chemical-free soaps and cleaning products. <3

    • I am so glad to hear how much you loved this! I have even been known to use mine as my face powder, in a pinch too lol. Keep up the natural living! I am so glad to help!

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  • Xynarah

    I adore what you are doing here to create more awareness about the chemicals found in products that are harmful and diy replacements for a healthier lifestyle. Have subscribed to your newsletter now, such a wealth of awesome info. Thank you!

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  • Christine @ Mama Papa Barn

    I have got to try this! Thanks for the recipe.

  • Amanda

    Ohh I have never tried dry shampoo before. I bet the dark smells FABULOUS! I am sharing this on my page. 🙂

  • Gretchen

    Awesome! I’ve been looking for a dry shampoo that isn’t toxic and doesn’t break the bank!

  • Chrystal @ Happy Mothering

    I totally want to try this! I definitely don’t shower every day either 😉

  • ThePistachioProject

    Great post. I love that you have recipes for both light hair and dark hair!