Homemade Holiday Scented Play Dough For The Little Ones In Your Life

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I love playing with play dough. I have always been one of those artsy types of people; as a child, anything that my mom would suggest, that had to do with crafting, I was on board. Now, as a mom myself, I am always turning to the arts and crafts on those rainy days, and pretty much every day in between! One of Syfy's favorite things to do is play with play dough! What kid (or adult for that matter) doesn't like to mold and sculpt their every whim into playdough? 

Fantastic DIY gifts for any child in your life

Every holiday season I like to homemake at least one item to each of my family members, my kiddo included! This is one of those gifts that I can give every year and he still gets excited over! I have also given sets of this holiday scented play dough to all of my nieces, nephews, and best friend's kiddos and every single one of them have thoroughly enjoyed many hours of play dough joy! You can make this in big batches, split it up between all the kiddos you're making gifts for, and make it in their favorite “flavors”! For other great DIY Gift Ideas for Kids, check out our holiday edition of the Bohemi Babes Show!

Studies show that sensory play can enhance your child's learning experience

There is a lot of talk of sensory play and how it can enhance the learning experience for the young child when you play to more than one of your child's senses at a time (like smell and touch). By adding scent to the play dough, you are giving the child an extra brain workout! I am more inclined to believe that the workout is more for the parent trying to keep the kid from eating these delicious smelling handmade toys. (Nearly every time Silas and I have played with the play dough, he has tried to eat the “Hot Cocoa Brown” one. I can't seem to keep him from wanting to try just one more time, in hopes that this time, it might actually taste like the Tootsie Roll that it looks like!)

Homemade Holiday Scented Playdough

To get the scents that I created I used a combination of the teas that I had on hand, essential oils, and spices from my personal spice rack. Some of the scents  are so delightful that I wish I could in fact taste them (but don't, it may be all natural but it's LOADED with salt!)



  1. In a medium saucepan, mix together all of your ingredients except scents, ground herbs, and colors
  2. Heat mixture over medium heat, stirring constantly while it heats up. It will eventually start getting lumpy and then a minute or two more of stirring will produce a ball of dough.
  3. Once you are sure that your dough is cooked enough, let the dough cool, mix in color/scents/powdered herbs and then play away!
  4. Store in a sealed container when not in use and this dough will last for ages!


ORANGE & SPICE This one is my all-time favorite!

Tea: Orange Tea
Essential Oil: 20 drops MRH Sweet Orange essential oil or PT Sweet orange essential oil
Spices: 2 tsp. ground Cloves

RED APPLE CIDER This one comes in a close second to my favorite!

Tea: Apple Cinnamon Tea
Flavor extract: red apple flavor extract
Spices: 2 tsp. ground cinnamon


Tea: none
Essential Oil: 1 tsp. vanilla extract,
1 Tbsp. extra vegetable oil (to compensate for the chocolate powder)
Spices: 1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder


Tea: Lemon Tea
Essential Oil: 20 drops MRH Lemon essential oil or PT Lemon eo
Spices: none


Tea: Chamomile Tea
Essential Oil: 1 tsp. vanilla extract
Spices: none


Tea: Peppermint Tea
Essential Oil: none
Spices: ground peppermint leaf


Tea: Lavender and chamomile tea
Essential Oil: 10 drops MRH Lavender essential oil or PT Lavender eo
Spices: none


Tea: Ginger tea
Essential Oil: none
Spices: 1 tsp. ground ginger root, 1 tsp. ground cinnamon

I re-purposed my old play dough containers! I made my own labels on the computer, glued them onto the containers, and filled with dough to give away as gifts to the little toddlers in my life!

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