Inspire Creativity Using Aromatherapy – DIY Muse Essential Oil Blend

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I spend a lot of time on here writing about the virtues of health from the things that we put on our skin and in our bodies,  to the cleaning products that we use around our homes, but I haven't touched as much on the spiritual aspects and benefits of opening up to the real you, and learning to love yourself. I have always wanted to talk more about the power of truly loving yourself and how that love will bring everything else that you are looking for in your life. It probably sounds a little hoaky to you, but part of my success here on The Hippy Homemaker comes from the happiness I get from fulfilling my dreams and living in my own skin, daily. I won't settle for less than those two things. EVER!

Inspiration can come from anywhere

As a creative person, I like to delve into more than just writing. I am a musician, a fiction writer, photographer, and even try to dabble a bit in painting (though I am not at all great at it lol!). Every creative person out there knows what it's like when your muse has left the building! It can be difficult to come up with great creative ideas and projects, and to the creative person, this feels like we've been cut off by our soul. When I first got into aromatherapy, I got the idea to create a blend, when I was trying to journal one evening, but nothing was coming to me creatively. I thought to myself “if I can inspire my meditation practice using essential oils, why not my creative writing too?” and from this thought, my Muse essential oil blend was born!

Inspire Creativity Using Aromatherapy – DIY Muse Essential Oil Blend (Plus a FREE GIFT!) -

DIY Muse Essential Oil Blend

I designed this blend to be an easy, effective, and natural method of boosting your creativity. Muse can be used by painters, dancers, writers, musicians and even the everyday worker. If you need a boost of ideas for that next work project, Muse might be able to help! Muse is my creativity boosting, inspiration building essential oil blend!



  1. Combine essential oils in a 15 ml amber glass bottle. Swirl the bottle gently to mix. Label and store in a cool dark place with your other essential oils, when not using!

How to use the Muse essential oil blend

  1. Aromatherapy Inhaler – Aromatherapy Inhalers are perfect to keep on hand in your back pocket or purse, for whenever the need to1 take a whiff arises! The best part is you’re the only one who smells your personal inhaler, so the essential oils used will not offend anyone around you! To use, place 25-30 drops of the essential oil blend into a small glass bowl. Add the cotton pad to the bowl and roll it around (using tweezers, not bare fingers) until it’s soaked up all the essential oils. Using tweezers, remove pad and place in inhaler tube. After closing the inhaler tube, be sure to label it so that you don’t forget which blend it is! You can pull the inhaler out and take a few deep whiffs whenever you need inspiration!
  2. Smelling Salts – This is just another way to keep a sniffer around with you on-the-go. In a 10 ml (1/3 oz.) glass bottle, add 30 drops of the essential oil blend and fill the remainder of the bottle with either fine or coarse sea salt. Waft the bottle under your nose while taking deep inhalations whenever you feel the need to inspire creativity!
  3. Diffuser – This blend works really well in the diffuser when you are at home or in your office, using the recommended amount of drops for your diffuser, diffuse this blend throughout the space that you are occupying. Diffuse for 30 minutes ON and 60 minutes OFF so as not to get oiled out!
  4. Body & Room Spray – With Febreze being toxic and Bath & Body Works containing just as many toxic ingredients, creating an essential oil body & room spray is “essential” to still having the fun you used to have with all those toxic sprays! I LOVE my body & room sprays so much! I use them all over my furniture, on clothing I am about to throw in the dryer (to get the wrinkles out), and of course on my pillows at night before bed! Following the instructions here, add 40-80 drops Muse essential oil blend to your Body & Room Spray blend!
  5. Diluted in a Roll-On BottleMany times, I like to keep roll-ons on hand to use topically. I add the essential oils with a carrier oil (my favorite carrier oil for roll-ons is usually fractionated coconut oil) to a roll on bottle and then massage this onto the pressure points, such as your neck, cleavage/chest, and wrists. You can also use these like the aromatherapy inhalers and just open them up to take a whiff as well! Combine 1 Tbsp. carrier oil with 8-10 drops essential oil blend.
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