Forgive Me For Being Absent, Life Got The Better Of Me

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I know, I know. I have been absent far too much over these last few months.  I have thought about you guys often, but life has gotten the better of me and I needed to take a mental health break to be able to process all of the life changes that my family is going through.

We didn't plan for this…

Life is messy, and you really can't plan for the curve balls that are thrown your way. I certainly didn't think that Andy and I would be divorcing, but as it turns out, we are standing in this exact position. While all the details will forever be private, I feel the need to tell you guys about my life, in hopes that my journey will resonate with others in the same position. While I am now a single mother, I am still the Hippy Homemaker and plan on continuing to educate others on healthy living! I will not go away! I promise! Now, more than ever, I need to focus on my work here on the blog so that I can continue to support my son and myself!

I am moving forward

This process has been heartbreaking, heart-wrenching, and tiring, to say the least. I found myself sitting in a hole and no way to dig myself out, so I sat there for awhile and allowed myself to ruminate on the changes ahead. It's not going to be easy moving forward (is it ever?), but the only way to move on is to keep moving and don't look back. I love every one of you, and I hope that even though I am going through these life changes, you will still come around here for my Hippy advice!

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