Homemade Spiced Mayan Hot Cacao Mix in a Jar

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‘Tis the season to start making those homemade holiday gifts! Last year my series of posts on making your own holiday gifts went over really well, so I thought this year we could continue the tradition with a few new homemade holiday gift ideas that I have come up with for this year. First up on the list? Mayan Spiced Hot Cacao Mix in a Jar! Pretty much everyone in my life that is awesome, loves hot cocoa.

More antioxidants than any other superfood

Every year I recieve hot cocoa mix as a gift, but it's always the same kind. Plain ol‘ chocolate. I wanted to make something a little different to give this hot cocoa a boost of awesomeness…nothing says awesome like chocolate and spicy hot peppers. The Mayans loved to combine hot and spicy peppers with delicious raw cacao (Raw Cacao is the purest form of chocolate before they start roasting it and taking out all of the highly beneficial antioxidants. In its pure form, cacao is the leader in superfoods, containing the highest amount of antioxidants over any other superfood in the world. Cacao also contains sulfur, magnesium, and vitamin C.)

This hot cacao is non-dairy, vegan, & grain-free

Unless you are allergic to chocolate or diabetic, this Mayan hot cacao mix in a jar is totally safe to give out as gifts because not only is it dairy-free/vegan, it's also grain-free too! So many people these days have all kinds of diet restrictions, but even with these diet restrictions, you can make one tasty cup of spicy hot cacao!

Homemade Mayan Spiced Hot Cacao Mix



  1. Combine all powders. If you do this in a bowl with a spoon you can add chocolate chips as well, but if you blend it in a blender or food processor, add the chocolate chips after you are done blending.
  2. Pour the powder mix into your gift jars and decorate with nifty holiday decorations!


Combine 2-3 Tbsp. of cocoa mix with 8 to 12 ounces hot water or milk.

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