Monsters-B-Gone Spray – banish fears for a good night’s rest

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Last weekend we moved into a new place! You know the joys of moving two adults, but what about moving a 4-year-old? At first, he was super excited to move because he now gets his very own bathroom connected to his bedroom! To him, this was a step towards growing up. The very first night in our new home, I put him down to sleep as I always do. We did the stories, we did the teeth brushing, and we even did our nightly routine of “looking at the stars”, but something was still bothering him that night. At first, he didn't tell me that he was afraid. He uncharacteristically told me in a meek voice “good night mommy” and I cringed at the thought of what that meant for my sleep that night. When I went to leave the room, Silas asked me softly, “Mommy, can you leave the light on? The monsters in the new closet don't like it!”

To kill the monsters I had to be smarter than them

I immediately responded to him with “there are no monsters in the closet, sweetie, what makes you say that?” as he began to whimper from his bed. I knew that I wasn’t going to get anywhere arguing with a four-year-old over the monsters in the closet, so…I did what any sane mother would do for the sake of bedtime to commence….I came up with a plan to rid Syfy’s room of these nasty mean old monsters once and for all! I created Monster-B-Gone spray and I made it extra special so that it would fight those monsters and keep them away while soothing my child to sleep.

To make it seem extra real like I do when I make bug sprays for us to kill fire ants with, I made sure he watched me as I added my requisite essential oils to the bottle as well as a few other things he knew just HAD to get rid of monsters. When I was done, I took our new essential oil concoction into his room and together we sprayed his room and around his bed and closet. We even sprayed in his closet (which probably could have used a nice fresh-scented boost anyway).

A blend to calm the mind and relax the body

After we were done making sure to cover every inch of the room with our Monsters-B-Gone spray, my little Syfy laid down to sleep and didn't make a sound until morning. This spray’s essential oil blend is based on my Take a Chill Pill blend. It's meant to calm the child and help them to fall asleep faster and deeper.

Monster-B-Gone Spray



  1. Combine witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, essential oils, and water (to fill) in your spray bottle. Put the lid on and give a good shake.
  2. Spray all over bedroom especially in places that monsters like to hide the most; under the bed, in closets, behind doors etc. Don't forget to get their pillows while you're at it for the natural aromatherapeutic qualities!
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