Keep Your Furry Family Members Clean With Morrocco Method’s New Pet Hair Care Line – for dogs, cats, & horses

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I don't know about you, but my animals are my babies, right along with Syfy. As such, they are not left out when it comes to the natural products that I choose to use on them. I care deeply about their health and well-being, and will not use products on them containing toxic ingredients. Just like with all the rest of the bath and beauty products that I switched out in my home, my furry family member's previous shampoo was put on the chopping block.

Many pet shampoos on the market contain toxic ingredients

It might come as a surprise that just like human shampoos, many dog shampoos also contain a whole list of toxic ingredients that should be avoided. Not only that, many of the flea/tick shampoos also contains pesticides that are toxic to humans and dogs alike! According to Dogs Naturally Magazine, “These “top 14” ingredients can be a litmus test for determining whether a product is natural, safe and non-toxic. If the shampoo contains ANY of these ingredients you should NOT use the product on your dog.”

Morrocco Method saves the day with their new line of pet shampoos

When I went “no poo,” Morrocco Method became my only source for natural “shampoos” without all the suds and toxic ingredients. While I love to make all of my own products, there is only so much time in the day and it's much easier when I find a company that follows the same standards in their products as I would in my own products. I have found great success using Morrocco Method's hair care products on my own hair. I haven't found a product out there that compares to the awesomeness of Morrocco Method on my hair. That's why, when they let me know that their new pet line of hair care products had come out, I was extremely excited to get the chance to review them and also to naturally cleanse my dog and cat's coats. The best part of their new product line is that they have made 3 custom shampoos that cater specifically to the needs of dogs, cats, and horses:

  • Volcanic Dry Powder Cat Shampoo – Cats are sensitive creatures and need something different than that of humans, dogs, and horses. With much thinner skin and the ability to self-clean, I was very happy to see that Morrocco Method's Cat Shampoo was made in a dry shampoo form! Cats are natural groomers and because of this, shampooing with soapy shampoos can destroy the natural oil cycle they have on their skin. Not only that, who wants to bathe a cat in water? At least not without a protective suit first…Morrocco Method 5 Elements Volcanic Dry Powder Cat Shampoo combines clays, minerals, and botanicals from around the world to gently absorb excess oils and toxins, giving their coat a natural glow without dusty residue. Its unique formulation dynamically assists in repelling fleas and ticks.
  • Foam Free Dog Shampoo 16 oz. – Dogs are man's best friend, but not when they are stinky and dirty! That's when bathtime is needed, but dogs were never meant to be washed with soap to cleanse. Just like with humans, soap can be very harsh on the skin and hair and can destroy hair when used over long period's of time, due to the high pH. Dog's have an oil cycle on their skin, much like ours, and washing it away with soap can make the dog's hair/skin overcompensate and become even oilier. Morrocco Method 5 Elements Foam Free Dog Shampoo combines green tea, minerals, and botanicals from around the world to gently cleanse skin and coat removing excess oils and toxins, giving their coat a natural luxurious shine. Its unique formulation dynamically assists in repelling fleas and ticks and alleviate symptoms of dermatitis and other skin ailments.
  • Foam Free Horse Shampoo 40 oz. –  Horses and dogs can be shampooed with similar shampoos, though their living conditions make them have slightly different needs. Morrocco Method 5 Elements Foam Free Horse Shampoo combines clays, minerals, and botanicals from around the world to gently nourish and soothe skin, leaving coat with healthy luxurious shine. Its unique formulation dynamically assists in helping to alleviate symptoms of dry itch, dandruff, and seborrhea.

My fur babies loved their luxurious baths

All of my animals thoroughly enjoyed a great bathing along with a brushing to get all of their winter undercoat out. Both the cats loved the cat shampoo, but Leela loved it so much that she even used the bottle as a toy for her own personal amusement. I applied the dry shampoo just like I apply dry shampoo to my own scalp, and it quickly absorbed any extra oils, making their fur look lustrous and soft. Sirius is a big fan of baths, so when I pulled out the dog shampoo and said “let's go take a bath,” he jumped up and ran to the bathtub excitedly. As I bathed him with this new shampoo, I noted something that other soapy shampoos just couldn't do that Morrocco Method managed to easily manage. Normally, Sirius' hair has a very waterproof and rough quality to it. That's how it has been since the day that we adopted him, but not any longer. When bathing him with Morrocco Method's Foam Free Dog Shampoo, I noticed that his hair instantly began to soften. As it dried, it felt so soft I couldn't believe it was the same dog's hair! His hair is now much softer and he has completely stopped leaving dandruff everywhere.

Morrocco Method is giving Hippy lovers a discount off their new pet line!

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