Make Your Dog’s Coat Shine Like a Show Dog – Natural Pet Hair Care with Morrocco Method

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2014 has truly been my year of hair care. I have learned so much about hair care and what my hair really needs to be healthy, and am seeing results I have never seen in my hair before. As I have gone on this hair care journey, I have come to realize that I am not the only family member with hair care needs. Our dog, Sirius, also takes baths to wash his coat and is in need of a natural solution to keep his coat shiny and beautiful.

Natural raw vegan hair-care for your dogs, cats, and horses

I have never had to clean a horse, and cats I avoid giving baths unless medically necessary, but my dog I bath regularly (as in once a week…I don't even have time to wash my own hair more than once a week, let alone the dog). It hadn't occurred to me to switch Sirius over to my Morrocco Method products until they asked me if I would like to review them for my dog. (They can also be used safely on your cat and horses too!)  It was one of those “Oh yeah!” moments. How could I refuse after the results I have been seeing with my own hair! Look out show dogs, there's  a prettier dog on the block!

The hair care products that we are talking about today are from the good folks over at the Morrocco Method (You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter). Sirius and I were generously given these hair care products to review, but my opinions are my own (and Sirius’s)! I will only share with you products that I myself love and use personally! 

Make Your Dog's Coat Shine Like a Show Dog Natural Pet Hair Care with Morrocco Method -

First to get muddied up properly…

What is a dog bath if you can't first get good and dirty while having a ton of fun? We love to play fetch until one of us can't breathe any longer (usually, Sirius is the one out of breath, I am pretty lazy, I must admit. If he drops the ball too far  from me, he knows he has to go get it again, it's pretty funny and the looks he gives me makes me giggle.). Before we took the fated bath of cleanliness, we made sure to get good and muddied up first!

Make Your Dog's Coat Shine Like a Show Dog Natural Pet Hair Care with Morrocco Method -

A bath turned into a dance party really quickly

Syfy washed Sirius with great care, and then as soon as he figured he was done cleaning the dog,  it turned from a bath into a dance party with the shower head, I should have known….

Make Your Dog's Coat Shine Like a Show Dog Natural Pet Hair Care with Morrocco Method -

One dog's opinion now that he's clean (with a few words from his human too)

I went into this bath knowing that I was going to be impressed with the results afterward, and as usual, Morrocco Method did not disappoint! Sirius came out of his bath with infinitely softer hair. For you to understand how amazing this is, you have to know that his hair is like that of a German Shepherd's hair; thick and coarse with a waterproof-like texture. It's never felt silky soft before, at least not until I used Morrocco Method on his coat. It was so unbelievably silky soft and smooth. When I brushed him, it was easy to brush through and his coat had a shine and luster to it that it didn't have before.

Sea Essence Shampoo – This shampoo works so well to moisturize and cleanse the hair and scalp. It really helped to clean and soften Sirius coat.

Pearl Essence Conditioner – This is my favorite conditioner by far. Not only does it soften the hair so well, but it also is my favorite smelling product in the Morrocco Method line. The smell is so delightful that I couldn't stop sniffing my pup for a whole day! This conditioner also made his hair super soft and easy to comb through. 

Large Scalp Massager – Sirius thinks that anything that promotes more petting is awesome! He thoroughly having his scalp massaged.


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