Soothe Itchy Irritated Eyes Naturally With Calendula & Coconut Oil

Recently we've been dealing with all sorts of eye issues in my home. Everything from conjunctivitis to infection, and not just in the humans in our home. When Syfy became ill with pneumonia and strep throat, he also managed to spread the strep to his eyes, getting conjunctivitis too. Our pediatrician prescribed $60 eye drops, saying that they likely wouldn't work because most of the time conjunctivitis is viral, but just in case we should use the eye drops. I am not one to overuse antibiotics and am not willing to use them unless they are absolutely needed. Out of desperation, I began investigating all my herbal books, looking for the best herbs to use to help soothe Syfy's eyes and get rid of the infection. That's when I realized that I already had everything that I needed to help my family and pets with all their eye irritations!

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Chewy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

What is better than coming back from playing at the park on a Saturday afternoon to put delicious chewy vegan chocolate chip cookies into the oven? Nothing. As the amazing smell of freshly baked cookies filled my home, I realized that we had totally had the best Saturday afternoon as a family. I had thought of the idea while showering that morning. We could make up our cookie dough before we headed out the door, that way when we got home we could bake up a batch to enjoy after all the fun we had at the park. Out of love, Syfy and I decided to share how we make our vegan chocolate chip cookies LIVE on Facebook! For his first LIVE video, he did so well! He said that he wants to make banana cookies for our next episode, so I guess we are!

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Boost Your Energy Naturally – 5 Maca Energy Bar Recipes For Athletes

I have never loved running. I couldn't understand why anyone would want to run unless they were being chased by a creepy clown or zombies, but it seems that I have a thing for pain. Or maybe I just like accomplishing things that sound totally outside of my comfort zone. Either way, I have decided to put aside my dislike for running and train for a 5K marathon. Who would have thought that me, of all people, could be heard saying “I want to train for and complete a marathon!” Certainly not the Hippy Hubby!

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Going Beyond My Limits – My Adventures At The First Ever REI Outessa Summit Part 2

I went to the REI Outessa Summit in hopes of making new outdoor loving girlfriends, to learn more about the outdoor sports I already love, and to find new passions to put my time and energy into. I went to this event with many hopes in mind, but I came home with so much more than I had anticipated. I came home already counting the days until next year's summit because I will totally be planning to go EVERY  year! At the end of part 1 in this two-part series, I went to bed sweaty, dirty, and extremely happy from all that I had experienced so far. I couldn't imagine how the weekend could get any better, but it totally would.

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Pumpkin Pie Turmeric Breakfast Smoothie – Vegan+Gluten-Free

Pumpkin season has arrived in the Hippy household, and I am already dreaming up all the pumpkin recipes that I want to come up with for you guys! I can't deny my pumpkin-love every fall. I like to indulge in pumpkin everything….except maybe those pumpkin Oreos. During the fall season, I am a glutton for pumpkin pie any time of day. I don't care that it's a dessert, it makes the best breakfast, but sometimes I am in a hurry and don't have time to make a pie. That's where my fantastic Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Smoothie comes into play. Not only is it delicious but it's also nutritious, so ditch the guilt and indulge your pumpkin season cravings!

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Finding My Tribe Out In The Wild – My Adventures At The First Ever REI Outessa Summit Part 1

As we pulled up to the Dallas Love Field Airport, I kissed the Hippy Hubby goodbye and loaded all of my camping gear onto my back. I was ready for a weekend of summiting mountains, kayaking, camping under the stars, and most of all making friends with other badass outdoor loving chicks at the first ever REI Outessa Summit. I stumbled clumsily towards the airport check-counter with my huge load of gear and smiled at the Southwest Airlines representative, happy to relieve myself of the massive weight that all my gear was putting on my small frame. I couldn't help but speculate how my weekend would go. Even though I had been putting my schedule of classes together for months before this event, I still spent all of my travel time looking over the hundreds of classes I could take that weekend. Before I even landed in Salt Lake City, Utah, I had once again rearranged my schedule for the weekend to fit my changing moods.  Continue reading “Finding My Tribe Out In The Wild – My Adventures At The First Ever REI Outessa Summit Part 1”

Making Mega Friends At the MegaFood Factory This Summer

I have always wanted to visit New Hampshire, but never had the chance to go, that is until this summer! Last May, I was chosen among many health and wellness bloggers to be one of the MegaFood MegaBloggers “Brand Ambassador”. I was completely stoked about this opportunity to learn even more about health and wellness and to dig deeper into a product that I was completely excited to know more about.
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Getting Down to the Gut of the Matter Why You Should Be Taking Probiotics Daily

Have your Hippy friends been talking about getting their daily probiotics, but you're still not sure what this “good bacteria” really is? That's ok! Today's the day to learn! I remember when I first heard of probiotics, it seemed like yogurt was the only way to go to get them at the time, but since then the options have vastly improved. Everything from water and milk kefir to kombucha and even supplement forms of probiotics are available. There are many ways you can improve your gut health with probiotics*, but what you eat and ingest can also affect your digestive health over time. Continue reading “Getting Down to the Gut of the Matter Why You Should Be Taking Probiotics Daily”

Help Your Kids B-Centered With 3 Savory Kid-Friendly Dips For Healthy After School Snacking

After school gets out, the kiddos are ALWAYS hungry! This year Syfy is starting public school and I am looking for all kinds of healthy ways that I can sneak nutrition in with his lunches and after-school snacks. What's a better snacking tool than sneakily healthy kid-friendly dips? Syfy is such a picky eater that I decided to come up with some more of my sneaky mom recipes that don't taste like they are sneakily filled with veggies and nutrition!   Continue reading “Help Your Kids B-Centered With 3 Savory Kid-Friendly Dips For Healthy After School Snacking”

It’s NOT an E-Cig! It’s A Personal Essential Oil Diffuser – MONQ Therapeutic Air

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you should know by now that essential oils are one of my favorite topics! While studying Master Aromatherapy through Demetria Clark at the Heart of Herbs school, I found a love for the science behind aromatherapy and what is truly in a smell. While aromatherapy has been around for a lot longer than many of our modern pharmaceuticals, many people still don't understand the science of smell and how it can work with our bodies to change our mood, help to support our immune system, or even help us to drift off to sleep. While I usually use a roll-on or my living room diffuser to utilize my essential oils, I have always wished that there was a better way to inhale my essential oils personally. Apparently, I had been missing out because there totally is! It looks like an E-cig, but it's NOT! It's a personal essential oil diffuser made by MONQ, and it's totally awesome!

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