Are those chicken nuggets? NO! They’re CAJUN FRIED CAULIFLOWER NUGGETS

My husband used to tell me that he hated cauliflower because it was so “bland tasting”. Before we became vegetarians, Andy was obsessed with fried chicken, so what better way to help him get over his fears of cauliflower than to cook it the way he used to love his chicken? After eating the entire first batch of fried cauliflower, my husband is now obsessed with it. He even asks for it when we pass by the cauliflower in the grocery store. Continue reading “Are those chicken nuggets? NO! They're CAJUN FRIED CAULIFLOWER NUGGETS”

First post and it’s for those HOT summer days, CANTALOUPE SORBET the easy way

I already have a lot of things to write about, but the first post is going to be about something to keep us all cool during these long hot summer days (and nights!!!), cantaloupe sorbet. Sorbet is one of my favorite iced treats because what it lacks in milk, it makes up for in dynamic palate shaking flavors. I have always felt that milk can take away from the effectiveness of an iced treat when the temperature is above 100. Continue reading “First post and it's for those HOT summer days, CANTALOUPE SORBET the easy way”