DIY Natural Oral Healthcare With the Bohemi Babes – Episode 9

Oral healthcare is something everyone should be practicing, if not, it’s time to get on it! If you have been wanting to learn to make all of your own oral healthcare products with natural ingredients, you are not alone! After news started spreading about the ingredients going into the toothpaste we buy at the grocery stores, […]

Mudmasks & Mimosas With The Bohemi Babes – Episode 8

It’s almost Halloween and in honor of one of my favorite holidays, I thought we would party it up tonight on the Bohemi Babes show!!! I know you’re in agreement with me, when I say that Mudmask & Mimosa night is totally one of my favorite parties to host with my girlfriends. I have so many […]

Managing Pain Naturally With The Bohemi Babes – Episode 7

If you have read through my personal story at all, you are familiar with the plethora of surgeries, nerve pain, narcolepsy, and more that I have dealt with over the years. At this point, I feel like I am an expert in nerve pains. muscle spasms, and every kind of back pain imaginable. My cohost Kylie […]

Beauty From Your Pantry The Bohemi Babes Top 11 Favorites – Episode 6

There’s food on your face…that’s pretty much the theme of my entire natural beauty routine! Today’s Bohemi Babes blab show is going to blow your mind! We’re talking all about the MANY uses of items in your kitchen pantry and fridge! Today’s episode, we are focusing on our top 11 items from your pantry to […]

Upgrading Your Bathtime With The Bohemi Babes – Episode 4

Bathtime is not just for beauty queens and small children! Used for centuries, for medicinal purposes, baths have been used to help soothe and heal many different conditions from skin conditions (such as eczema, psoriasis, wounds, etc.) to muscle and joint paint, and more! In tonight’s episode of The Bohemi Babes, we are talking all […]