Safely Painting With The Earth, A Kid’s Natural Earth Paint Review – #HippyHomeschool Giveaway

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What kid doesn't like to paint? It's creative, messy, and so much fun, but it can also be hard to find paints that are totally non-toxic and made from natural eco-friendly materials. I can understand if you don't have enough time to make all of your paints yourself, so you must be wondering what's safe to buy instead? While Crayola and Roseart coloring supplies are labeled non-toxic, they're all made with petroleum-based ingredients that we are trying to avoid in our own homeschool. 

The natural kids paints and pigments that we are talking about today, are from the good folks over at Natural Earth Paint (You can also find them on Facebook & Twitter). I was generously given these kids paints, pigments, and paint brushes to review and giveaway, but my opinions are my own! I will only share with you products that I myself love and use personally! 

Safely Painting With The Earth, A Kid's Natural Earth Paint Review -

Non-toxic eco-friendly paints & pigments made from the Earth are hard to find

Did you know that children's art supplies are not regulated the same as children's toys and that they are exempt from consumer paint lead laws? Most art companies don't even put their ingredients on the label, leaving you with little known about what's inside the paint bottle. Most artists pigments are made using synthetic petroleum based ingredients that have never been tested for toxicity, many of which contain lead, cadmium, and even formaldehyde (a cancer-causing carcinogen).  This knowledge led me to go on a search to find art supplies that were not only natural and of the Earth, but also safe for use for EVERYONE. I knew I had found just what I was looking for when I found Natural Earth Paints. Leah, an artist herself, realized this while she was pregnant with her first son, and from there Natural Earth Paints was created!

A family operated company looking to change the world one tree at a time

After having her first son, Leah Fanning Mebane, an amazing artist, saw the need to create Natural Earth Paints and provide children with paints that are 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly, and totally usable by adults too (we love to do art too!!!). She accomplished that and more when she came out with her Children's Earth Paint Kit as well as her Earth Oil Paint Kit. Located in Southern Oregon, Natural Earth Paint products are made in the USA with biodegradable and post-consumer recycled packaging. They even plant a tree seedling with every single order that comes in!

Safely Painting With The Earth, A Kid's Natural Earth Paint Review -

We painted to our heart's content and then painted some more

Though we're probably on the same level of ability, Syfy and I both love to paint. Needless to say, we were both very excited to get to try out anything that Leah was willing to offer from Natural Earth Paint. Everything we were sent, was put to great use, beyond just the paint they were intended for;

  • Children's Earth Paint Kit – This awesome earth paint kit was the best time for both Syfy and I! We put his desk out on the back patio so that we could paint the pretty park that our balcony overlooks. After painting to our heart's content, I decided we should try using the powder to color our own homemade play dough! After kneading the powder long enough to mix the color evenly, our play dough was beautifully colored!
  • Natural Earth Pigments – I asked to try these pigments so that I could try using them in our other DIY art projects and they did not disappoint! Syfy and I had a great time using these pigments in our Natural DIY Wax Crayons, homemade play dough, and all of our homemade paints (as well as for these and these paints too). If you don't want to make your own herbal pigments, these natural Earth pigments are definitely the way to go! They were simple to use and performed far better than I could have hoped!
  • Set of 3 Eco-Friendly Paint Brushes – These paint brushes were just the right size for Syfy's hands and they painted beautifully on the paper! We loved that they were made out of sustainable wooden handles and with natural bristles too!

I loved being able to use the pigments and paints for all of my other art project ideas! Nothing says eco-friendly like having multiple uses! We will be keeping our homeschool art supply shelf stocked with Natural Earth Paint pigments and paints to color all of our on-demand art projects.

Safely Painting With The Earth, A Kid's Natural Earth Paint Review -

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