Make Your Pits Peaceful – DIY All-Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant Paste

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With all of the information out there now about the extremely damaging effects of aluminum in our deodorants, many people are changing over from their antiperspirants to more natural deodorants.Some are willing to fork over the cash to try each of the natural brands until they find one that works for them, but others would like to make it themselves. I receive a lot of messages from your guys, asking me what my secret recipe for my Peace Pits Deodorant Paste is. It's true, it works better than any of the other natural deodorants that I have tried. Peace Pits is so effective it beats the stink ALL DAY LONG! I can totally understand why you want my recipe.

Most recipes on the internet didn't work to my liking

When I first went on the hunt to find recipes to make deodorant at home, I made a whole bunch of recipes. All of the recipes but one were just not as effective of a recipe as I was looking for. The common denominator for me was beeswax. Every recipe containing beeswax left nasty sweat stains on my white shirts didn't hold the stink at bay ALL day and didn't apply cleanly. The only DIY recipe left was the simplest of all of the recipes. It contained only 4 ingredients that I always have in my house; coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot powder, and essential oils. Simple sometimes really is the answer.

The secret is in the process

The Hippy Hubby and I used the simple version of this recipe for a little over a year before I finally decided to make it better. The difference was in adding the shea butter and a specific process in how I create the final product. The secret lies in this process. Whipping the final blend, like my whipped body butter recipe, creates an airy product that sinks in better and is much easier to apply. I don't ever make this deodorant without whipping it! It just doesn't work as well if you leave this process out!

Peace Pits was created from this simple recipe

DIY Peace Pits All-Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant Paste

The secret to my Peace Pits deodorant paste is in whipping it like a body butter! If you do not want to go the extra mile (trust me, you totally do!!!) you can just pour the melted mixture into the containers to harden and use it that way, but I find that the whipped version is much easier to apply and incorporates the powders evenly throughout the mixture! If you want to make an even easier version of this, omit the shea butter for a no-heat easy deodorant that works really well by itself! For ultra-sensitive skin, try using my baking soda free Peace Pits recipe instead!



  1. In a double boiler, melt the shea butter and coconut oil.
  2. In a separate large bowl, stir the baking soda and arrowroot powder together.
  3. Pour melted shea butter and coconut oil mixture into the baking soda/arrowroot powder mixture, and stir until completely combined.
  4. Allow the mixture to cool and harden, preferably over an ice bath for faster cooling.
  5. When it looks like the deodorant is half way hardened, meaning there is still a small pool of liquid on top, remove from the ice bath (if using), and take out your electric hand mixer or emulsion blender.
  6. Blend the mixture until there are no chunks of hardened deodorant left. This can not be done by hand. I usually take a spoon and chip away the bottom pieces first to make it easier to blend in the final result.
  7. If you blended the deodorant too soon and it’s still not solid enough to pour into your containers, put the bowl of deodorant onto the ice bath for a minute or two more then blend with it there in the ice bath.

NOTE: When switching from chemical filled antiperspirants to natural deodorant, you may experience a very sensitive detox period. Some people experience rashes in their armpits and even some pain, though this severe of a reaction is uncommon. If you experience a painful rash due to detoxification, try making using my baking soda free version of this deodorant until the rash subsides.

Deodorant Essential Oil Blends

These blends are made for 4 oz (or 1/2 cup) of Peace Pits all-natural deodorant paste! I like to use 4 oz. glass jars when making these for other people! You can simply add the unscented deodorant to the jar, add the essential oils straight to that jar, and then stir with a chopstick until mixed completely together! This makes it so that you can make several different scents for different people, in one big batch!

Grapefruit Lavender

30 drops MRH lavender essential oil or PT lavender eo
30 drops MRH grapefruit essential oil or PT grapefruit eo

Lime & Vanilla

15 drops MRH lime essential oil or PT lime eo
4 drops MRH vanilla absolute or PT vanilla absolute

Lavender Lemongrass

30 drops MRH lavender essential oil or PT lavender eo
3 drops MRH lemongrass essential oil or PT lemongrass eo

Flower Power 

15 drops MRH lavender essential oil or PT lavender eo
5 drops MRH Roman chamomile essential oil or PT Roman chamomile eo
5 drops MRH rose absolute or PT rose absolute
2 drops MRH ylang ylang essential oil or PT ylang ylang eo

Tea Tree & Chamomile

10 drops MRH Roman chamomile essential oil or PT Roman chamomile essential oil
20 drops MRH tea tree essential oil or PT tea tree eo

Lavender & Cedar

20 drops MRH lavender essential oil or PT lavender eo
10 drops MRH Virginia cedarwood essential oil or PT Virginia cedarwood eo

Cedar & Clove

10 drops MRH Virginia cedarwood essential oil or PT Virginia cedarwood eo
10 drops MRH clove bud essential oil or PT Clove bud eo
6 drops MRH lime essential oil or PT lime eo

Bay Spice

15 drops MRH Bay West Indies essential oil
10 drops MRH clove bud essential oil or PT Clove bud eo
6 drops MRH sweet orange essential oil or PT sweet orange eo
4 drops MRH lime essential oil or PT lime eo

Man of the Woods

6 drops MRH scotch pine essential oil or PT pine eo
8 drops MRH cypress essential oil or PT cypress eo
8 drops MRH juniper berry essential oil or PT juniper berry eo
10 drops MRH Virginia cedarwood essential oil or PT Virginia cedarwood eo

Mountain Man

4 drops MRH peppermint essential oil or PT peppermint eo
8 drops MRH cypress essential oil or PT cypress eo
6 drops MRH scotch pine essential oil or PT pine eo
8 drops MRH juniper berry essential oil or PT juniper berry eo

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  • Beth Prost

    I usually measure ingredients by weight. I’m not sure how to measure shea butter as it comes in chunks. Can you help me?

  • Jennifer Oliver

    Hi there – question for you…if I don’t have a double boiler at home is there any other way to still make the deodorant paste or shaving cream?? Thanks for your help in advance!

    • you can make your own double boiler by using a sauce pan for the bottom where you fill with an inch or two of water and either use a glass bowl that is big enough to sit on top of the pan above the boiling water or alternatively you can put a pyrex measuring cup in the water/pan!

  • Anne Marshall

    I made this a few weeks ago and it has set beautifully. Now I am making some more as a gift and it will absolutely not set. It sets in the fridge and just goes liquid when I take it out. It’s not weather related because my other one is still hard. Help I swear I am doing exactly what I did last time. What do I add to make it set.?

  • I’m so happy to hear how well it’s been working for you!

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  • Lisa Harris

    I am so glad I got to looking for something Peppermint-and found this!! Definitely trying, a good friend was just diagnosed with breast cancer and highly advised using natural deodorant. This sounds perfect and I have everything I need! Thank so much! Love & peace…

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  • the ratio of coconut oil/shea to the powders in the recipe is definitely what causes this! I have tried others recipes myself and found stains in my own clothing as well! I can tell you from years of use and thousands of reviews on Etsy that this recipe does not stain clothing! I spent time working on this recipe for just that reason!!!

  • Annie

    I just recently found your blog within the last week or so and I’ve already found such useful stuff. I’m somewhat new to natural/eo lifestyle, but I started diffusing about 2 weeks ago and already I have less headaches (which I have them almost every day, among other health issues) and sleep so much better. I am wanting to change everything my husband and I use over to natural because I feel like all the chemicals we use probably have a lot to do with my health issues.

    As soon as I saw this post (and your cramps & muscle salves) I just wanted to immediately make them. I got my shea butter today and didn’t waste a minute. The ingredients made enough for (2) 4 oz mason jars – one for me and one for my husband yay! They both smell great – one citrus-y and the other woodsy. This deodorant definitely has a unique texture…I love the whipped creamy feeling but when I rub it between my fingers it feels king of grainy, however when I rub it on my armpits it feels really good! It doesn’t feel greasy at all. The other thing is that I live in FL and when it gets hot (24/7) I sweat and my armpits feel slick and I hate that so I wipe off the deodorant and reapply. I have only been wearing this one day but so far I haven’t felt sweaty under my armpits and that need to reapply. Sorry, long post…anyway, the one thing that I’m not a big fan of is that it’s kind of liquidy and have to use my fingers but once it’s on it feels fine, plus we are moving to CO in a few weeks and I have a feeling it will be much more solid there! So thanks for your ideas! I’m excited to try more : )

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  • Kristen

    I am exceptionally sensitive to baking soda on my skin. Is there a way to make it without any baking soda? Would it still work? How much of other ingredients would you add?

  • Kristen

    If I were to add mica to this before it cooled, would it tint it a pretty color or would I run the risk of also coloring my body when putting it on?

  • Meg

    Just wanted to say how awesome this recipe is! It’s only day one, so I want to do a few more trials (like exercising) but its so exciting to finally find an aluminum free deodorant that WORKS. I’ve even tried Toms of Maine which left me stinky and slimy. I work in a hot kitchen in Florida no less, and it kept me dry and fresh! So impressed. And it’s super easy to make. I had everything on hand except the Shea. Went to buy some and it was a little expensive, but if this last as long as Christina says, it probably works out to about the same cost as traditional deodorant. I was a little nervous about applying something so liquid (we have the ac set to about 80*, again, Florida) but it didn’t feel damp or mess up my shirt. So so excited! Thank you!

  • my 2 oz. jars filled with this deo lasts me 2-4 months depending on how much i scoop (only a small amount is needed) and what time of year. In the winter this works so well that I don’t have to apply but once ever 2-3 days when I shower, but in the summertime i need to use it every day.

    • Kristen

      Thank you so much! I’m so excited to try this.

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  • Janelle

    This works great in those click-up semi solid deodorant containers! I had my husband save an empty one and I pried it apart and cleaned it up and now I don’t have to rub it on with my hands 🙂 The recipe works great and I love the soft texture from whipping it!

  • Toni

    Can you sub the baking soda out for bentonite clay powder?

    • Christina

      sure can! I would use a small portion of the baking soda and the rest the bentonite clay, that way you still get some more stink protection!

      • Ton

        Perfect! How much does this usually make?

  • Anna

    Hi Christina,
    I have 2 questions:

    1.) Would i be able to put this deodorant recipe in one of the deodorant containers like this:

    instead of a regular jar/container? Im thinking it would be easier to apply on.

    2.) How long will this last? Will it be necessary to add colloidal silver or citric acid to preserve it?

    Thanks a lot!I’m making this for my husband along with the shaving cream and aftershave recipe from your site as his christmas present 🙂 Im so excited i cannot wait

    • Christina

      Hi there! Great presents!!! Here’s my answers 🙂
      1) You could try putting it in there, during the winter it will likely do very well but in the summertime it is too soft for that kind of container. Maybe try adding a Tbsp. of beeswax to make it a bit firmer!
      2) You do not need to add any citric acid or colloidal silver. Those are what I add for water based products or any products with water in them. Since this recipe is made with only oils/butters, as long as no water is introduced to the product, it can last 9-12 months! To keep the oils from going rancid longer, you can add an antioxidant such as vitamin e which also happens to help heal skin too!
      I hope you have a fabulous Christmas!!! I love your present ideas!!

  • Victoria

    Hi! If I’m not using the shea butter, should I double the coconut oil or no?

    • Christina

      either replace the shea butter with another butter or double the butter you are using!

  • Michelle wakefield

    Hi Christina. I was wondering if you have experienced your clothing (mostly t-shirts) coming out of the wash looking black under the armpits? I have made this recipie as well as ordered from your etsy store and wondered if you ever had this come up before? I have also noticed my armpits look darkened as well – if I don’t use for a couple of days that goes away. Hmmmmmmm?….

    • Christina

      Some people sweat more acidic than others and are more sensitive to baking soda type deodorants. I’d say about 25% of the natural deodorant users have a sensititivity to baking soda. Try halving the amount of baking soda and replacing it with more arrowroot powder and def use the shea butter in the recipe. That sensitive version works very well for most people who are sensitive to the amount of baking soda in the recipe. If you still break out with the sensitive version.
      As far as the black under armpit stains in your clothing, I have not experienced that at all nor have I had any customer complaints over that. In fact this recipe came about after trying many other natural deo’s and realizing that beeswax was causing my clothing to show stains. It is likely that your sweat stains are dark because of your sweat. It could be because you are detoxing, or maybe that you are having some other issues with diet or medicines. The whole purpose of sweating is part of the process to get toxins out of your body, so if your sweat is overly stinky/stains clothing/etc. it tends to mean an imbalance in the body somewhere! I hope that helps!

  • Linda L

    Hi Christina,
    Just an update for you. I have been using your recipe now for almost a year. I even got my husband to switch. I work 2 jobs….an elementary school and a high paced, coffee shop. No going back to store bought stuff! This deodorant is the bomb! I love it. I sometimes have consistency issues, even though I don’t change the ingredients, but it still works. Thanks again for all your information and the recipe!


  • Britt


    I was wondering what your best method of application was? I made some deodorant with my mom recently and we were finding that digging it out with our hands is unpleasant. I’ve considered purchasing those brushes sold to men to lather their face with, before they shave. Suggestions?

  • Amy

    I’m running out of my “natural” deoderant I bought at the store and have all the ingredients on hand to make this. I’m super excited!!! How much vitamin e oil would you add to the recipe? Thanks 😀

    • Christina

      just a dash of it is all that is needed! It’s more for helping extend the life of the oils than anything else!

      • Amy

        Excellent! Thank you so much 🙂

  • Jessica

    Hi Christina,
    I’m new to your blog and can’t wait to try out all your amazing recipes!!
    I wanted to start out with this deodorant. I just want to make sure I’m adding the right amount of Shea butter. You mentioned that you use the same amount of Shea as you do Coconut oil. Does that mean that you use 1/2 cup Shea and 1/2 Coconut or 1/4 cup of each? And also, how much does this recipe make?

    Thank you in advance 🙂

    • Christina

      Hi Jessica! yes I do use equal amounts in my peace pits recipe that I sell on Etsy! For added awesomeness whip the end result like in my body butter recipe! That’s the secret to my peace pits in my shoppe!!!

  • I’ve been using this recipe for many months now. My armpits have darkened. Have you experienced this and is there a solution? I’ve slightly lightened them with witch hazel but they are not fresh looking like they were before I began using this recipe. (FYI I saw this recipe on another blog and made some, so I’m not bashing your blog)Thanks

    • Christina

      I once experienced this a year ago and learned that I was having ph issues in my body so it was reacting. To fix this and ph balance your pits, make up a spray of 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp. aloe vera, water to fill in an 8 oz spray bottle. Spray your pits with the mixture and let them dry then apply your deodorant. It will balance the ph for you and the dark spots will go away. Your ph can change too based upon what foods you are eating/drinking. Some foods are alkaline producing while others will make your body more acidic. There is actually a diet out there that caters to this thought process, I think it’s called the alkaline diet or something along those lines.

      • Elizabeth

        Thanks so much. I eat a lot of fruit and veggies, make many beauty products, drink only water and organic teas, switched to using the diva cup, and use a variety of organic products so I don’t know why my PH is off. I’ve been like this since a young age. I’ll try the spray. Thanks again.

  • Kristin Arrington

    i just made this. i have been having an issue with my tops, particularly my chiffon tops, having purple stains under the arms. i read that it was the aluminum in antiperspirants so i purchased just regular deodorant (old spice because i couldnt find a women’s deodorant) and after a week of using it i wound up with an intensely itchy rash under my arms. i have a ton of skin allergies and frankly i am tired of having allergic reactions to things like this so i looked up diy recipes and found yours. im going to an exercise class tomorrow morning so i will know tomorrow how well it works for me! thank you for posting this.

  • Jessica

    So I just got all the ingredients to make this. I want to add in the shea butter, do you have to melt it with the coconut oil like in your body butter recipe? Thanks!

    • Hi there Jessica! Yes, I melt the Shea butter first and just like the body butter recipe you want to let it sit on the heat after it’s melted for 20 minutes to process it so it doesn’t turn gritty in temperature changes. I hope you love it!

  • Haley

    I’m a big-time Lavilin fan! Christina – do you have any experience with the brand? This is their website:

    • I have not personally used their products though just by looking at the site and at the ingredients of their product I’d say that they look to be a decent product. The only real concerning ingredient in the deodorant paste of theirs is the fragrance which I opt to avoid

  • Linda Linton

    Without giving your Peace Pits formula away, can you tell me about how much shea butter to add to this recipe? I do have another recipe that has shea butter in it, but i would like to try yours first as other recipes of yours have worked so well for me.

    • Hi Linda! I usually use the same portion of Shea butter as coconut oil and I do not change any of the other ratios. I am so glad that my recipes work so well for you! I most definitely use and try all of my recipes…so I usually see if there is a problem with them lol. I find that SOME bloggers just re-post recipes that they find online without ever even trying them….I have tried quite a few failed recipes lol

      • Linda Linton

        Thank yo so much for the info. As for other products, I love your Dishwasher Tabs and Christine Shine! I finally found a dishwasher recipe that works here in CO. It made so much too! I look forward to trying your deoderant recipe. The one I am using currently ( which does work for me) does have beeswax in it. I have not noticed stains yet and so far no smell. Keep the recipes coming. Oh, I also liked your break down of esseintail oils. I loved all that info!