It’s NOT an E-Cig! It’s A Personal Essential Oil Diffuser – MONQ Therapeutic Air

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If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you should know by now that essential oils are one of my favorite topics! While studying Master Aromatherapy through Demetria Clark at the Heart of Herbs school, I found a love for the science behind aromatherapy and what is truly in a smell. While aromatherapy has been around for a lot longer than many of our modern pharmaceuticals, many people still don't understand the science of smell and how it can work with our bodies to change our mood, help to support our immune system, or even help us to drift off to sleep. While I usually use a roll-on or my living room diffuser to utilize my essential oils, I have always wished that there was a better way to inhale my essential oils personally. Apparently, I had been missing out because there totally is! It looks like an E-cig, but it's NOT! It's a personal essential oil diffuser made by MONQ, and it's totally awesome!

The MONQ Therapeutic Air personal essential oil diffusers that we are talking about today, came from the good folks at MONQ (You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram). I was generously given 7 different blends to review, but my opinions are my own! I will only share with you products that I myself love and use personally!

MONQ Therapeutic Air | Personal Aromatherapy from MONQ on Vimeo.

Is that an E-cig? No! It's a personal aromatherapy diffuser!

You might have already seen this video (above) floating around Facebook lately, and you are not alone! The first time that I came across MONQ, I was highly intrigued by the idea of personal aromatherapy diffusion. Every time that I have watched Syfy lean over my diffuser and take a couple large inhales, I have thought how genius it would be to have an aromatherapy diffuser that you could use personally, just like that. Imagine my excitement when MONQ contacted me wanting me to share their brand with you. I couldn't resist the chance to try out this new modern way of using essential oils and plant extracts. It's therapeutic air that you can bring with you anywhere!

It's NOT an E-Cigg! It's A Personal Essential Oil Diffuser MONQ Therapeutic Air -

What is MONQ Therapeutic Air?

If you haven't heard of MONQ Therapeutic Air yet, you are totally in for an aromatherapy treat! MONQ is a recyclable aromatherapy diffuser that promotes mood change and various effects through their custom blends of essential oils and the ancient practice of aromatherapy. Made with you in mind, MONQ is the simplest aromatherapy device in history! You don't have to know a thing about essential oils because they do everything for you. All you have to do is pick the way that you want to feel, flip the top on your MONQ container, and breathe in a tasty blend of essential oils and wild plant extracts!

Free of all the icky stuff, made from Mother Nature

Because it's NOT an E-cig, MONQ is free of tobacco, nicotine, and artificial chemicals. Made with certified organic ingredients sourced from reputable US companies, each MONQ blend is made with a unique blend of essential oils and wild plant extracts blended into certified organic vegetable glycerin. Starting with non-GMO organically grown and/or sustainably harvested wildcrafted plants (from the United States when possible and from elsewhere in the world when required), the plant material is processed in the United States into essential oils and whole plant extracts. All US-grown ingredients are sourced from Oregon-Tilth Certified Organic processors, and all internationally grown plants are verified organic by region-specific organizations and vetted by Oregon Tilth once in the US. The majority of the oils are produced via steam distillation or CO2 extraction, without the use of alcohol. Each MONQ blend is a handful of custom-blended essential oils diffused into an organic soy-based vegetable glycerin base. Each blend indicates three prominent ingredients but includes around a dozen herbal ingredients total.

It's NOT an E-Cigg! It's A Personal Essential Oil Diffuser MONQ Therapeutic Air -

7 Different blends, one for every mood

With 7 different custom created blends, there is a MONQ diffuser for any mood that may strike you. Though my absolute favorite blend was the Happy MONQ, I still loved each of the other ones as well. Each one is a custom blended combination of essential oils and herbal extracts. No matter what you are feeling, you're likely to find a favorite from these seven blends:

Zen  (Frankincense, Orange, Ylang ylang) –Breathe natural clarity. Find purity, sharpness, and coherence with this mentally relaxing blend made from raw plants used throughout history for meditative practices.” This blend was very tasty and gave me a great sense of calm when I used it right before an intense yoga session. I love using this blend before meditating as well! It helps me to focus better and find my center when everything else around me is chaotic.

Healthy (Cinnamon leaf, Turmeric, Marjoram) – Breathe natural wellness. Feel stable with classic medicines.” A big fan of cinnamon flavors, I was delighted at how delicious this blend is. I have used this blend many times now when I know that I need to boost my immune system and keep my body going strong. Every time the Hippy Hubby comes home from work telling me about someone else coming to work ill, I send him to bathe and I pull out my Healthy MONQ!

Sexy (Patchouli, Jasmine, Lime) –Breathe natural temptation.” I LOVE the taste of this one! I was afraid that the patchouli would be very evident in the smell/flavor but it was not too hippy tasting at all! I love to use this blend before a night of romance with the Hippy Hubby. He likes this one as well!

Sleepy (Lavender, Lemongrass, Valerian) – Breathe natural rest. Ease into a peaceful slumber with natural relaxants enjoyed by Greeks and Romans in antiquity, and used in sleep-aid teas in modern times.” I am a big fan of lavender and valerian at bedtime! They are staple herbs in my bedtime routine. This blend was a fantastic aid to utilizing my favorite herbs from my sleepytime tea.

Happy (Vanilla, Thyme, Fennel) – Breathe natural bliss. Feel better with natural plants known to make you smile.” This is definitely my favorite of all of them. I absolutely love the flavor and always feel a bit brighter after diffusing the Happy blend. The vanilla in this blend really brings a smile to my face!

Active (Orange, Sage, Black pepper) – Breathe natural energy. Pick up the pace with natural energizers that make you feel fresh.” I have used this blend right before yoga and found a certain focusing energy that helped me to get through the entire workout without feeling like it was dragging on. I was so surprised when it was over because I felt as if I could keep going far longer than usual.

Vibrant (Lemon, Ginger, Spearmint) – Breathe natural inspiration. I love to use this one when I have indigestion issues. I find that it aids in digestion and always helps me to keep nausea at bay. I love the sweet and fresh flavor! This one is another favorite! 

It's NOT an E-Cigg! It's A Personal Essential Oil Diffuser MONQ Therapeutic Air -

I'm in L.O.V.E. with MONQ Therapeutic Air

I love innovative technology that pushes the fold and that's totally what we have here with MONQ Therapeutic Air. Not only do I love the flashy blingin' light at the end of the recyclable device, but I also love the vibrant colors too! I love that these compact vaporizers carry everything that I need to change my mood with the puff of aromatherapy. I am still trying to decide which flavor is really my favorite. It sometimes changes daily. I am loving the convenience that each blend brings me, saving me the time of having to put something into the diffuser and wait for it to waft my way. I am seriously in L.O.V.E. with MONQ! You can bet I have at least 2 or 3 of them in my purse. You know how I like to be prepared!

It's NOT an E-Cigg! It's A Personal Essential Oil Diffuser MONQ Therapeutic Air -

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