Easy DIY Pumpkin Pie Spice Cold Brew Coffee

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Are you in love with cold brew coffee? Living here in Texas, I have come to really appreciate cold brew coffee, especially on all those hot summer days! The summer heat can go all the way through October here, making me feel torn between wanting a pumpkin spice latte' and trying to avoid hot beverages. Well Hippy Lovers, I have solved this conundrum for us all with my homemade pumpkin pie spice cold brew coffee! It's SUPER easy to make and saves you a TON of money! 

Cold brew coffee is easy to make

If you are already a fan of cold brew coffee, you know that one can, can cost upwards of $5! That's just as expensive as going to Starbucks. I don't know about you, but that's hard for me to justify on a daily basis! Wanting to save money and still get my coffee every day, I decided to learn to make my own cold brew coffee. It turns out, making cold brew coffee is as easy as steeping coarsely ground coffee and water in your fridge overnight! That's it! The BEST part, you ask? Not only can you tailor your cold brew coffee to your tastes, but making it yourself saves you a ton of money!

Mason jar cold brew coffee filter

While you could make your cold brew coffee without the use of a fancy mason jar filter, I stumbled across this awesome stainless steel Mason jar cold brew coffee filter with a handy pouring lid, and it's made the process super simple and easy! The greatest thing about this kit is it comes with everything you need (except the coffee beans) to make your own cold brew coffee, including the half-gallon Mason jar! 

Mountain Rose Herbs organic pumpkin pie spice

I have made my own pumpkin pie spice blends before, but sometimes a girl likes to buy it already made. I only buy organically grown spices/herbs and my favorite place to buy all of my organic, sustainably harvested herbs, Mountain Rose Herbs, also makes all sorts of spice blends for culinary purposes. While I pretty much want their entire catalog of spice blends, I couldn't pass up the chance to try their organic pumpkin pie spice blend, and I was not disappointed! It's the perfect blend of organic & fair trade cassia cinnamon powder, ginger root powder, nutmeg powder, allspice powder, clove powder, and cardamom powder! I made the happy mistake of buying a whole pound of it, and now I will NEVER run out! LOL. You can use this spice blend in all sorts of ways, including adding it to your coffee grounds when steeping your coffee! I have also added it to the water I make my oatmeal with (omg….soooo yummy!), homemade pumpkin bread, homemade pumpkin pudding, and of course homemade pumpkin pie! I say turn everything into pumpkin pie flavors!

With Fall upon us, there's nothing better than pumpkin pie spice cold brew coffee! Want to know how to make your own? Come join me while i show you just how easy it is to brew yourself! For the recipe: http://www.thehippyhomemaker.com/pumpkin-pie-spice-cold-brew-coffee/

Posted by The Hippy Homemaker – Christina Anthis on Monday, September 24, 2018

Pumpkin Pie Spice Cold Brew Coffee



  1. Grind your coffee beans the same coarseness you would use for the French press. Roughly the coarseness of raw sugar. This will still work with coffee that's been pre-ground finer for a drip filter, but for the absolute best flavor, coarsely ground coffee works the best!
  2. Combine the ground coffee and pumpkin pie spice in the cold brew coffee filter and place it into the mason jar. 
  3. Add filtered water to the jar, swirling to get all the grounds soaked. The cold brew coffee filter + 2QT Mason jar that we are using in this recipe holds roughly 7 cups of water with the coffee filter in the jar.  There will be roughly 6 cups of concentrated cold brew coffee after taking the filter and coffee grounds out of the jar.
  4. Cover the mason jar with the given lid and put your brew into the fridge to steep overnight. For a stronger brew, steep 24-30 hours and give the jar a gentle swirl/shake a few times during that period. Alternately you can add the ground coffee and water to the jar and place the filter over it, for a deeper steep. It will still filter the coffee when you pour it out.
  5. When your cold brew coffee is done steeping, remove the filter from the jar, allowing as much of the concentrate to drip into the jar as possible. 
  6. Top your jar with the pouring lid and store in the fridge for up to two weeks!
  7. When serving, pour over ice and dilute with water and/or creamer to taste! I prefer to add just the creamer and skip the water but that's up to your own tastes!
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