Rock YOUR Inner Mama (or Papa) and Find Peace in Mindful Parenting

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I had fallen into THAT trap. The one where I can only seem to get through to my kid by yelling all the time. I don’t know how it happened. One month we’re having a blast and pretty much every day is a continuous breeze, and then 3 1/2 hit and the emotional roller coaster began. I don’t blame him, and I totally know what he’s going through is normal as he learns to reign in his emotions; but, because both of us are sensitive empaths, we end up feeding off of each others misery during those moments of high intensity.

I know that I am not alone. We (parents) can’t help but want to take total control of everything, because we think it gets done faster and will turn out the way that WE want. I think that is the ultimate lesson in parenting, learning how to step aside to allow our little ones the proper amount of space to learn and grow so that they will eventually grow into adults that we can’t even fathom them becoming.

It was all of the constant yelling that made me stop and realize, I needed someone to help bring me back down from this pre-schooler tantrum that I was experiencing. It was at JUST the right moment that Rachel Sklar and ViaParenting came into my life for a review for the EXACT thing that I needed; guidance and coaching from someone who could help pull us out of the emotional roller coaster Syfy and I were starting to ride . (Just for disclosure’s sake, I did receive this product for free to do this review, but regardless I would give it the same review! ) 

When you buy the “Rock Your Inner Mama; Guidance for Mindful Parenting” album, you are getting WAY more than just an album filled with  meditations. Rachel Sklar brings you peace of mind in those moments that you have literally found yourself going crazy! There are nine tracks, all of which I found helpful in many different moments throughout my day (and week!).


I must admit, the one that has the most amount of play time on my Mp3 player is No. 4 “At Your Wits End”. By the end of one week of using this album, and trying to focus on Rachel Sklar’s “Rock Your Inner Mama Mantras”, I was already starting to find an inner peace BEFORE I even needed to turn on the music and her soothing voice (I admittedly turned it on just to listen to her soothing voice, several times!).

My affirmation wall! I made it to remind myself to always be "as cool as a cucumber in the heat of the moment"
My affirmation wall! I made it to remind myself to always be “as cool as a cucumber in the heat of the moment”

When you purchase the “Rock Your Inner Mama” CD (or digital download), you also get a chance to try a free 45-minute parenting strategy session with Rachel Sklar herself. I have read just about every parenting book/ebook/blog you could imagine, trying to find the secrets to unlocking the mommy rock star I KNOW is in there. I can be a bit stubborn sometimes, and the thought of being told by someone else how to parent, really kind of scared me. I was totally excited to get a free coaching session and I knew, just from listening to her CD, that she was going to have some great answers to my problems, but I still had a bit of pride inside of me that told me I didn’t need a parenting coach…I am the only person who knows what’s right for my son.

After just 5 minutes with Rachel, any fears I might have had, were squelched. She instantly made me feel comfortable and before I knew it, she had a ton of light bulbs going off above my head. Her help with realizing how much like myself my son is, and using my own personal goals and values to lead me through the muddle of my problems, was invaluable. She helped me to realize I already had the tools to parent my son the way that I had been wanting, I just needed to connect more.

After our eye-opening session, she sent me a wonderful recap of our conversation, including my own two personal mantras:

  1. “I choose connection before correction.”
  2. “I’m cool as a cucumber in the heat of a moment.”

I am really partial to the second one because it helps me to remember to keep my calm and to just breath. Now, after some time to practice putting the pieces of the puzzle together, I am already feeling calmer, yelling less, and connecting more. The meditations have helped to rejuvenate my belief in my skills as Syfy’s mommy and to calm the dragon that sometimes rears its head when my patience wears thin.

Are YOU ready to “live each day as an extraordinary parent?” If you are interested in learning more about the Rock Your Inner Mama CD and/or parenting coaching you can check out Rachel Sklar and all of her sage wisdom at

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