Search Once. Find the Best Reviewed Stuff Using Comparaboo -

Search Once. Find the Best Reviewed Stuff Using – A Comparaboo Review

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Online shopping can be such a pain! Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to find the best product for what you are looking for, at the cheapest price? It’s not as easy as it sounds. It would seem like just a simple google search would be the answer to finding the right brand and model for you, but in the end, you find yourself with MORE options than you started with; and no idea which one is the best pick for you. I am an avid online shopper, and I really love to read reviews so that I can find the absolute best of what I am looking for. Up until now, I had been wasting hours of my time googling and reading reviews on many different sites, for the things that I was looking for. This was getting old, fast. There had to be a better way to find the best, without wasting so much time searching the entire web! There is! It’s called Comparaboo.

Search once, and find what you are looking for

Technology today is ever growing, making things easier and easier for us every day. No longer do you need to spend hours scouring the web, comparing products you want for your home. You can find all the information you are looking for on one site, Comparaboo is a shopping comparison site that allows users to look at top 10 lists of anything (and I do mean ANYTHING), and everything on the web. These top 10 lists are formulated by user opinion and editorial tips from around the web, and Comparaboo has aggregated the best of the best for their users. All you have to do is type in what you are looking for and they’ll do all the work for you! To learn more about how Comparaboo searches for you, go here.

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Search Once. Find the Best Reviewed Stuff Using Comparaboo -

Moving is never easy for anyone, even a military brat like me

I started moving all over, at a very young age. With my dad in the Army, my sister and I found ourselves moving around, and experiencing all sorts of different cultures and people. Even with all of my moving experience and my super powers to pack my house practically overnight, I still find moving to be one of the most stressful parts of life. This move we made, really started in March when we moved in with my parents and put all of our stuff in storage for two months, to save money. A two month long move is more stressful than one can imagine! This move, I decided I needed to finally replace a few things that have been holding onto their last leg. I also wanted to finally get rid of most of the plastic in my kitchen and replace it with glass, stainless steel, and bamboo. When I was done, my list of things to acquire for our new home seemed to have tripled overnight. I needed to replace all sorts of things, some of which I couldn’t just buy right away, without researching them first. I was beyond overwhelmed at all of the tasks I had ahead of me, and almost ready to throw in the towel. Then I found Comparaboo and everything instantly became manageable. It took me less than 10 minutes to pick out each item off my list, based off of their top 10 lists and all their aggregated information. I didn’t even have to search a plethora of sites how these items were rated by their customers. Before the 10 minutes were up, I had everything I needed for our move, sitting in my Amazon shopping cart. Take that moving stress!!!


Finding a new vacuum is harder than it sounds

For this move, there were three things that I needed to replace very badly, and my vacuum was definitely one of them. My old hoover vacuum was holding on for its dear life with just a bit of duct tape. I didn’t really think that it was going to make it one more move, so I decided to finally break down and get a new vacuum. The search for the right vacuum is seriously hard when you don’t get to test out each one before deciding. The only way to choose a vacuum is to know how it stacks up to it’s competition and what all the customers think of their purchase. It would have normally taken me a few hours to go through all of the reviews and read through all of the latest models, just to find what I was looking for. Using Comparaboo, I searched for a vacuum and found just what I was looking for, the  Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away.

Even thoughser the Shark Rotator had placed at #1 on the Comparaboo top vacuum cleaners, I still wasn’t sure if I should have gone with the Dyson instead. I actually got the chance to test the Dyson out, before getting my Shark Rotator in the mail. My mom had decided to get the Dyson and I put it together for her and vacuumed her house with it. I liked it, but my fears were eased about my choice. I didn’t like the size of it and how it felt when I used it, it was a bit heavy for my liking. The day that my Shark Rotator came in, I had just vacuumed my apartment with my old vacuum cleaner, I thought my carpets were clean. I put together my new vacuum and decided to use it anyway just to test it out. I was in love with the first push of that vacuum cleaner. I love the ease of use, the portability, and how quiet it is. Most of all I love the suction. Even though I had just vacuumed that morning, my Shark managed to fill it’s canister with dirt and hair, STILL. It’s become my all-time favorite vacuum, and I didn’t even have to spend hours trying to pick it out!

Search Once. Find the Best Reviewed Stuff Using Comparaboo -

Apartment living doesn’t mean you can’t still grill

Grilling is one of my favorite ways to cook food. I grew up grilling food over charcoals, alongside my dad. I learned how to cook a fantastic steak and even how to smoke a turkey on Thanksgiving (seriously, it’s the only way to go!). One of the bummers about living in a second floor apartment, is being told that you can’t grill on your patio. Seriously….what’s a girl to do? I decided to upgrade my old school George Foreman grill and get a family size indoor grill that could do just about anything with. I loved my old little grill, but it was only good when I was cooking for just one. Using Comparaboo, I looked through their indoor grills list and instantly knew that I wanted the Breville Smart GrillI have a Breville juicer already, and it’s by far one of my favorite appliances in my kitchen. They rate very high in my book. This grill is no exception, it has so many uses, I am stoked to make everything from grilled burgers to pancakes using my new smart grill!

You can search for anything you need and get the best price

Using Comparaboo, you can compare just about anything from oil diffusers to the trash cans. I needed a new trash can and wanted to upgrade to a step trash can that also was sleek, kept the smell out of the kitchen, and easy to clean. Using Comparabo, I found the Simplehuman Trash Can and my kitchen couldn’t smell prettier! They even showed me how much it was selling for on different sites, so that I could purchase all of my items at the best possible deal! Comparaboo helped me to find everything we needed on my list and at the best possible deal online!

Enter to win your very own aromatherapy diffuser!

Comparaboo and The Hippy Homemaker have teamed up to give away one Deneve Sublime Whisper (a $40 value) to one lucky winner! This giveaway is open to US residents 18 years of age or older!

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  • Maggie Colletti

    I’ve been in the market for a diffuser for ages. I can just never seem to decide! I love using oils, I always make salves and other things, I just need to make the leap to diffusing!

  • Janelle

    I’d love another diffuser so I could put one in my bedroom.

  • Ellie

    When are you going to make the posts about essential oil safety with dogs and the aromatherapy blends? I’m so ready for those.

  • Becky Miller

    There’s a tiny lolcat in my head that’s going, “Ooooo! I has a new shiny!” Thanks soooo much for this! I’m going to tell everyone I know about this site. I just found sheets and a diffuser for me and, for a friend, the computer she’s been looking for. I’m so excited, because I too, waste hours and hours comparison shopping online. Thank you again!!!!