Start the New Year With Clear Skin – DIY Detoxifying Herbal Goddess Face Mask

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It's the dawn of a new year, and I am feeling the yearly need to detoxify myself inside and out! I know I am not alone, so this year I have a whole slew of detoxifying posts to help get you through this first month of the new year. Really, though, you could choose to detoxify yourself at any point during the year! I love to try and focus on detoxification once a month!

Water is the #1 BEST skin detox secret

It may seem like a redundant fact, but one of the best secrets out there, to clear hydrated skin, is to drink enough clean filtered water daily!The effects of simply making sure you get enough water daily can be drastic for many, taking years off of the face. After going through the holiday season in such a rush, eating foods that we might not normally indulge in, and drinking more alcohol than normal, a good detox is needed to get your body back on track. When you are going through a detox, make sure you are hydrating properly every single day and you will see your face clear up, your waistline shrink, and your energy levels soar!

Detox your skin through diet

Just like water, what you eat can have a great effect on your skin's luster and clarity.  Foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants will help your skin glow, look younger, and keep the blemishes away. When you have indulged in too many greasy or sugary treats, stressed to the max, or hormones out of whack, a detox diet can really help to reset your skin. You can help your detox go the furthest if you follow these key diet tips:

  • Drink lots of water – helps to flush your body and keep it hydrated.
  • Eat a plant-based diet for 30 days – It takes a lot more energy for your body to break meat products down than veggies. If you eat a plant-based diet while going through detox, it will help your body flush the toxins from it faster.
  • Cut out refined sugars – sugar is one of the harder things to cut during detox. I find it is much easier when I sub in healthy sugars such as fruits (dates, bananas, etc.), maple syrup, raw unfiltered honey, and coconut sugar.
  • Cut out dairy – All dairy products are mucous producing and thus stimulates the immune system to work in overtime when it needs to be helping your body detox and repair muscle from exercise.

DIY Detoxifying Herbal Goddess Face Mask

You can use this mask once a week to detoxify your pores and reduce blackheads! If stored in a dry container and care is taken to keep water out, this herbal face mask will last a year or more.



  1. In a coffee grinder, combine lavender, green tea, and dandelion leaf. Grind until very finely powdered.
  2. In a medium sized bowl, (using plastic utensils) combine all ingredients and stir to mix together.
  3. Wear gloves and mix everything together with your hands to make sure there are no lumps of essential oil left. You can alternately use your Blendtec blender to make sure everything is mixed together properly.

TO USE: Combine 2 Tbsp. powdered face mask mix with enough filtered water (or hydrosol, cooled herbal tea, or even aloe vera gel) to create a paste. Apply the herbal clay face mask to your face, avoiding hair, eyes, lips, and nostrils. Let the face mask sit on your face for 15-20 minutes, misting with your facial toner if it gets too itchy! Wash your face clean and follow with your favorite facial toner and moisturizer!

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