DIY Honey Cinnamon Lip Scrub

Winter has done a number on my lips this year. They have been so dry, chapped, cracked, and peeling that I can't seem to help but to bite the skin off of them, making my lips even worse off. Even though I knew that I needed a lip scrub, I was totally unwilling to shell out the dough
that people were asking for their lip scrubs, when I knew that I can easily make a great tasting one with ingredients from my pantry. Continue reading “DIY Honey Cinnamon Lip Scrub”

DIY Dish Soap That Actually WORKS – It’s Simple, No Melting and No Waiting!

This post has been a LONG time coming. I have been trying to find a recipe for dish soap that ACTUALLY works, for at least a year now. I have tried just about every single DIY all-natural “crunchy” soap recipe that I could find! Every one of the recipes that I found contained castile soap in them, but I was looking for something less alkaline. The cold hard fact of the mater is that castile soap whether in liquid form, grated bar form, or even a combination of the two just wasn't working well enough to cut the grease and clean my dishes effectively. While those with soft water don't see any issues using castile soap, those with hard water find that all their dishes are covered in mineral deposits or spots. Continue reading “DIY Dish Soap That Actually WORKS – It's Simple, No Melting and No Waiting!”

Make Your Pits Peaceful – DIY All-Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant Paste

With all of the information out there now about the extremely damaging effects of aluminum in our deodorants, many people are changing over from their antiperspirants to more natural deodorants.Some are willing to fork over the cash to try each of the natural brands until they find one that works for them, but others would like to make it themselves. I receive a lot of messages from your guys, asking me what my secret recipe for my Peace Pits Deodorant Paste is. It's true, it works better than any of the other natural deodorants that I have tried. Peace Pits is so effective it beats the stink ALL DAY LONG! I can totally understand why you want my recipe. Continue reading “Make Your Pits Peaceful – DIY All-Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant Paste”

The Hippy Homemaker’s Green Cleaning Starter Kit – The Ultimate Green Friendly Wedding Present

I had the privilege of being invited to one of my long-time friend's wedding and reception this last weekend. Though we weren't able to go to Colorado to make the actual wedding, we were able to go to their reception dinner held here in Texas. When our invitation arrived in the mail, my first thought was “what to make them for their wedding present?”  For a little over a year now, I have made all of the gifts that I have given at the parties that I have been invited to.  Each time, I was invited to a new type of party (i.e. baby showers, bridal showers, and wedding receptions), I came up with a new DIY eco-friendly gifts that I could give. This time around was no different. Continue reading “The Hippy Homemaker's Green Cleaning Starter Kit – The Ultimate Green Friendly Wedding Present”

DIY Dishwasher Tablets For Hard or Soft Water (and homemade Lemishine)

In our old house, I was utilizing castile soap in my dishwasher and always getting fantastic results. I had no clue that the difference in my water softness could make such a huge difference in how well some of my natural cleaning products worked. When we moved into our new home, my first load of dishes came out of the dishwasher covered in a white film. I was beyond disappointed.  At first, I had no idea what had happened, but after doing some reading, I found my problem. If you have really hard water, castile soap will turn the water cloudy, and consequently, will cause your glasses to come out cloudy too. I knew that now I needed to come up with a new dishwashing plan for hard water. Continue reading “DIY Dishwasher Tablets For Hard or Soft Water (and homemade Lemishine)”

Ban the Bugs With Essential Oils – DIY Bugs-B-Gone Candles & Spray

It seems to me, that every year I feel like the bugs come out bigger, badder, and stronger. Last year the grasshoppers ate my entire vegetable garden; but this year, I have plans to prevent any bug infestations from ruining any outdoor fun I want to have! I have created The Hippy Homemaker Bug-B-Gone candles and spray. The smell of this spray is absolutely wonderful and refreshing. We have even sprayed this spray on our picnic tables and blankets, to help keep the bugs off of our area. This spray works so well that I carry a bottle of it in my purse, just in case! Continue reading “Ban the Bugs With Essential Oils – DIY Bugs-B-Gone Candles & Spray”

The BEST Homemade First Time Mom’s Kit! (or any new mother for that matter!)

It's springtime in the northern hemisphere and everyone around me is getting pregnant and having babies! It's that time of year for twitterpating and baby showers! The most recent baby shower that I attended, was thrown for a family friend and her impending little princess, Kirbi! I decided it was time that I put together a Hippy Homemaker Homemade First Time Mom's Kit and fill it full of homemade goodies that I figured she would need (and a couple gifts that weren't homemade but I still figured were needed!) The invitation that I received to this baby shower had a really cute owl on it, so I found adorable owl clothes pins at Michael's and used them to add a cohesive theme to my gift's look! Continue reading “The BEST Homemade First Time Mom's Kit! (or any new mother for that matter!)”

The Un-Paper Towel, A Tailored Home Review

I have been using my microfiber cloths for well over a year now, but I still missed having a roll of paper towels. It was always handy having a roll in my cute little paper towel holder! After browsing through Pinterest (of course, pinterest is always a pot full of great ideas!) I accidentally came across the most GENIUS idea! The UN-Paper Towel! There were a couple of different shops that I could purchase these from, but they were roughly all the same price. There was one shop that stood out as far as color choices and design, A Tailored Home. I was super excited to order myself (yes, this is not a review for something that I received free…I haven't gotten that far into blogging to get sweet free stuff yet, lol) a set of these Un-Paper Towels for our kitchen! Laura@A Tailored Home even sent a free gift with them, these adorably cute (and very functional) cloth sponges! They matched my un-paper towels too! Continue reading “The Un-Paper Towel, A Tailored Home Review”

DIY All-Natural Kid’s Paint That Is Even Better Than My Last Recipe

I really do love to paint. My mother was an aspiring artist in her off time and she always did fantastically fun craft projects with us when we were kids. I am a right-brained thinker, so the artsy fartsy stuff was ALWAYS what tamed my wild ways.My son did not fall far from the tree. He is just as active of a kiddo as I was, and sometimes the energy that he exudes is just beyond me! Arts and crafts are one of the ways that I am able to keep him sitting still for ANY length of time. Sometimes, not even that can stop Super Silas! Continue reading “DIY All-Natural Kid's Paint That Is Even Better Than My Last Recipe”