Save Money Making Your Own Herbal Hydrosols and Flower Waters

I have a secret ingredient that I prefer to use in place of the water in ALL of my DIY beauty products and toiletries. Hydrosols, aka flower waters! I first came across hydrosols in my essential oil studies. I had learned that they were a result of making essential oils, essentially a byproduct. I was fascinated by these gentle essential oil infused waters. Along the way, I learned a lot more about them and their many uses and varieties. I wanted to purchase every hydrosol that I came across but was sorely disappointed when I realized that I couldn't afford  to purchase all of the hydrosols that I wanted. What is a DIY loving hippy to do? Make it myself, of course! Now you can too!

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There’s Food On Your Face DIY Natural Facial Care W/The Bohemi Babes – Episode 5

There's food on your face! There is if you are making your own natural facial care products! Tonight on The Bohemi Babes Show, Kylie and I are talking all about natural facial care, why you should be paying attention to what you are putting on your face, why we don't use soap to cleanse our faces, and even all about our own facial care routines (which are slightly different from one another, but both effective!) Continue reading

The Miracle of Cleansing Grains

For years, I had been cleaning my face with the same harsh cleansers that the majority of the population uses to clean their faces. I tried Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Biore, Loreal, Clearasil, and even Proactiv,  but not one of them ever actually made my face any clearer. As we learned in my first post in this facial care series, Cleanse Your Face with a Creamy Soapwort Facial Cleanser,  soap is too drying to our skin because it's pH is much higher than that of the protective layer on our skin, also known as the acid mantle. So what should you use instead? Well, you could use the creamy soapwort facial cleanser OR you could use my favorite natural facial cleanser, cleansing grains!  Continue reading

Naturally Cleanse Your Face With a Creamy Soapwort Facial Cleanser

Living in a beauty driven world can be a really difficult thing for our pimple-riddled youth. Especially with all of the products out there that profess to work miracles at clearing our skin. For years, my sister and I had tried EVERYTHING, from Clean & Clear to Noxema and even Proactive and prescription gels and pills, to clear the acne from our faces. Nothing ever really worked. Now, after years of trying a merry-go-round of products, I was shocked to find that all along, the secret to great looking skin actually lies in what I put in and on my body. Continue reading